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  1. I disagree. This is how it's done. If it were a situation where this guy had not had a long history of shady deals like the one he pulled with you, I would think you shouldn't give out the guy's info, but he needs to pay (literally and figuratively), and this is how we get that proverbial ball rolling. It's the reason I never hesitate when dealing with another HFC-er. I don't believe in God, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, but I believe in the power of this group and it's ability to find anyone anywhere. We're like Seal Team 6, and anyone that pulls shit like this guy did des
  2. I do have a soft spot for pointy guitars. I have always loved the Scarabs and all the other interestingly shaped guitars.
  3. this. I havent gigged in years. I just play a lot. Just got a Splawn Street Rod amp which I LOVE...also picked up a Fulltone TTE...talk about classic!
  4. I guess I was just having a senior moment...lol I love Hamer guitars. I would like to have more...now that the wife is gone...time to start increasing the herd...
  5. Lol!...thanks guys, I love the guitar...very hard to replace if I did something stupid!
  6. So...I will be 48 in june. I have a Korina Vector that is...of course a great guitar. Im wondering if I am too old for it now?
  7. eBay used to be a great place to find a bargain, good deal or fair price. They still exist there if you know what you are looking at and use some common sense. However the bidding process has a tendency to over-inflate the price of items due to the competitive nature of the "Game". ...Also eBay is now litterally crawling with fraudulent vendors and crooks trying to cheat people out of their goods and money. When I say crawling I would place a conservative guess at 15-20% of posted items. Some are so obvious as to be laughable (hear me China?) Its what I call a post-appocolyptic market-place w
  8. I love BC Rich, I mean I really love BC Rich, but no way in hell they top Jackson as being the "Most Metal Guitar". Just not happenin'
  9. For "classic" metal, Im a big fan of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, QueensRyche etc
  10. Oh hell yes! 2112...great stuff! "We are the priests....of the temple of Syrinx!"
  11. Funny you should mention it... Im an Assbag and I dont have anything to account for it. I guess I just like being an Assbag...embrace it!
  12. That was great! I can sympathize. I have never traveled with a guitar but I have seen seemingly unbreakable items and luggage reduced to worthless junk. Its bad enough that carelessness could be the cause but In some cases it has to be deliberate since most luggags is dumbass proof.
  13. Lol! I thought since Hockey was a religion up there it would be like a love tap.
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