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  1. Funny related story: I was looking at a guitar in one of the aforementioned Daddy's stores, when a guy walked in looking to sell his Hamer Sunburst. They offered him $150 for it (this was 1982). He decided against it and left the store. I followed him out the door and bought it on the street for $300. I still have it! :)

    Similar to a story I witnessed in Rolls Music, where the owner offers a guy $150 on a guitar , and another dood, in the store, says "I'll give you $200"!

    The owner got pissed, and tossed the guy out of his store. Too funny, and quite memorable for those east coast folks that remember Rolls.

  2. Well, Chris...when you wish upon a star and all...

    I've still never heard a note from his album, but I soon will on the Podcast, I'm sure.

    Ace's solo record is pretty good... very dated, yet still very cool.. "I'm in need of love" would be the cut to play, IMHO.

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  3. FMIC is the Harman International of the musical instrument world.

    They swallow up and kill off brands.

    Let The Purge Begin:

    I own 5 Fender basses.

    4 will go bye-bye.

    With the money I get, I'm going to buy Hamers.

    Feel free to add and discuss.

    Unless you are giving away those 4 Fenders, you may be waiting a long time to get the money. I've attempted to sell a few Fender basses in the last couple years. All I will say is... "good luck"

  4. Cool... been on a Chicago kick in the last year, based on Cetera's bass playing. Good to hear UFO, and New England.

    There was some guy near me selling a Fender '51 P (Japanese) that he claims was used on Sound City. It was on CL for ahwile. If it reappears, I'll post the link.

  5. It was a dick move, but are we sure it wasn't just a publicity stunt? I noticed in the latest Sweetwater catalog that Epiphone just re-issued this same guitar...

    Now we're onto something.

    Not for nothing, but that Roots dude is a fairly high profile Gibson endorser. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if that was a stunt.

    We're hoping, but the crazing on this headstock and the chipping of the gold figure in the middle looks more like vintage aging to me. I s'pose it could have gotten surface cracks that way from the fall.


    The smashed white one looks very vintage. The white one posted earlier in the thread was a Gibson CS release from a few years ago. It has P90's. The 50th, just released, has mini hums with vibrato, and appears to only be available in cherry. the white one, in the Sweetwater catalog, is a different model.

  6. Can you say "Jimi Hendrix" ? I went on a mission to buy his 3 ( I think) main releases... I was deteremed that I was going to like them come hell or high water. To this day, I still don't get it.

    I was 17 or so and bought Jeff Beck Blow By Blow. Wish we had U-Tube back then.

    Somewhere in Joisey, Kizanski is having an aneurysm.

    Ha... for many reasons I should have been able to relate to Hendrix.. but in the end.. I was not Experienced.

  7. I think I may have to file for an exemption. I bought the bass to help a friend out. Matthes knows the story. It used to be mine, but it was sold yesterday for exactly what I paid for it. So I was almost acting as middle man/broker. In addition, I sold off another piece from my personal stash.... So I am currently sitting at -1 for the year. That may actually move me to the top of the leader board, eh ?????

    What say ye? Am I back in or what?

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