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  1. Jem


  2. A few years back, pretty sure they wanted £4000 for it or something like that.
  3. That's an indication that it's an earlier one, correct? Probably has the through-neck bolts on the Floyd lock nut? Anyway, if it sold for 2K, that seems like a reasonable price for that. - Austin You're right mate, in the fact that a lot of the early (88/89) maple bodied one's had completely different halves, often with the upper part flamed and the lower part sort of, well, not flamed or less flamed with other shit going on but looking at this one, with my glasses on, I'd say this is definitely post '90 as the strap button's up an inch or so from the centre line and the pic showing the nut area show's the neck is wider than the nut which all looks towards an early nineties one. Mind you, as Hamerhead mentioned, it's not displeasing to look at, far from it and if it was ten or so years ago during my buying frenzy I would have been on it like a rash but I do wonder why it's not matched as by 1990 all the flame one's I've seen and owned have been pretty perfectly mirrored...................................................Jol be 'arty' perhaps LoL, or just trying to look different to Jackson ? Just edited to say: whoever, whatever, $2000 Usd is a very reasonable price, in fact I would have probably held out for the full $2.5k if it was mine seeing how uncommon quilted one's are and also the immaculate condition - it's the sort of thing we've seen some chancers chuck up at $4k !
  4. This, although i'm not gigging any more so i don't play much:
  5. I've seen a number of acoustic's using mango for the backs and sides, definitely an accepted tonewood.
  6. Dunno, what do maple bodied Cali's VS FBII's fetch this week ?
  7. Oh okay - Al still list's them so perhaps he needs to do some website housekeeping.
  8. If you didn't think you could feel worse, they've all become fund managers, and now make 20+ million a year! Problem is, we both know you're probably only five degrees away from the truth
  9. That's sort of what I felt Chris, it was for me that's for sure, I spent far too much time 'being' rock 'n roll than actually practicing to play it LoL
  10. Give her a big line of coke and half a bottle of vodka and then see how she copes - it is, after all, supposed to be rock 'n roll. Not to belittle, I mean, I can hardly hold down a barre chord, but how many of these little buggers have we posted here since I joined in 2000 and how many have we ever heard of or seen again ? Oh, and that's an honest question by the way, anyone ?
  11. Please note that the SFX you are clearly taken with is from the most economical line of the import range, if you buy anything USA made, it'll take your breath away
  12. http://lostartvintage.readyhosting.com/mainframe.asp The owner's a member here, I've had a couple of sets from him.
  13. That's a superb idea Gene, keeping the great man's spirit alive
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