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    Korina Vector 2004 & 2005, Korina Standard 1995, Archtop Custom 1996, Special FM 1997, Special TV Yellow 1994, Special white 1993, Centaura USA 1990, Hamer Newport Pro 2000, Hamer Newport 2003
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  1. Hello Mr Fuzzy,

    Hope that you are well. Just thought I would reach out and give it another shot at seeing if you are interested in selling me back the maple topped Hamer Newport Pro that I sold to you ten years ago?

    Let me know.

    Thanks, Cam

    (206) 228-0321


  2. Mr Fuzzy

    Mr Fuzzy

  3. Mr Fuzzy

    Brooks in accident

    Brooks, Best Wishes and Get well soon.
  4. Mr Fuzzy

    Slant 27-frets

    I like to summon the dogs with my cheesetastic 31 fret Hondo.
  5. Do not drop the dispute. Keep your money. That Wilkinson should do the trick. Sometimes manufacturers get held up for unforeseen circumstances. That is understandable, but he should ship to you as a sign of good faith and then you can pay him. (my guess is that would never happen) Paypal has a vendor policy that the seller must ship product within 7 days of purchase. MannMade did not hold up their end of the Paypal business agreement. I got hosed by WB Pickups, (14 months and still no PUPS). The king of excuses and unforeseen circumstances. All I can say about his current dilemma is "Karma is a Bitch" Paypal was useless because WB's "back order" was longer that the 45 day dispute period. A situation I have learned, where patience is not a virtue. There is no reason to do business with people who can not deliver product in a timely professional manner after taking your money. This is where credit card purchases are better when they do not actually run the charge until the item actually ships. Paypal is on my shit-list due to their inability/unwillingness too solve the WB issue because it is past their frail 45 day policy. Unscrupulous people can easily take advantage of others through paypal. Paypalsucks.com
  6. It looks even nicer in person, and it plays great and sounds darn good too!
  7. My Newport Stash. I bought the Bigsby Newport from Brooks. The Maple topped one From Camstone.
  8. Mr Fuzzy

    All kidding aside...

    The Basics by the master. Amazon link
  9. Mr Fuzzy

    Rant and warning - Snake Oil Strings

    Luckily I have avoided SOS hype and problems due to heads up threads like these.
  10. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge before sunset, Go to Grimaldi's Pizza under the bridge on the Brooklyn side. Walk back after sunset. Great views. Staten Island Ferry - Ride to SI then stay on and ride back. Nice views and FREE South Street Seaport. Food. and if your not squeamish check out the BODIES exhibit. $26 approx. Creepy and fascinating 55 Bar Thursdays - Wayne Krantz Lombardi's Pizza on Spring St. The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The fee is SUGGESTED donation. Actually you can pay whatever you like. After the Museum hang out in Central Park If you are a carnivore. Hit up a good Steakhouse. Peter Lugers is in Brooklyn. Ben and Jacks on 44th St between 2nd and 3rd ave is pretty darn good without the travel hassle and attitude. Rockefeller Center - The top of the Rock great views - Top of the rock Coney Island - It will be redeveloped soon, Get a taste of the old school carney atmosphere before it is gone. Coney Island Sideshow Ellis Island - Immigration museum Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn. NY Transit Museum
  11. Well I have been mentioned twice in this thread so I'd better throw down. So here are mine. The Newport I got from Brooks and the Newport Pro with the maple top I got from Camstone. Then there is the non HFC aquisition the Newport pro with the spruce top. My friend stopped over tonight and I busted out the Newports for a jam. He wants one now.
  12. I guess because some collector got a boner because it is in the The Original Longbox packaging. Man I gave that CD away years ago. Oh alas the longbox was long gone.. I couldn't stand Vernon Reid's crappy buzzsaw guitar sound. Plus the douchetastic preachyness of "Open letter to a Landlord"