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  1. The Bros. Landreth and new Kendrick Lamar!
  2. You might find his blog about his Gibson LP Custom Shop guitar interesting: http://www.billyduffy.com/stories/new-gibson-custom-shop-flame-top/
  3. I like the plain wood better...stuff like a Hamer or Les Paul, I would rather have a trans finish, but over plain maple...weird huh? Like this- http://www.billyduffy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Les-Paul-wood-top-2000.jpg
  4. This exercise has helped me a lot...start at about 6:50 of video one
  5. I just found the Riverdogs record on Spotify, which I had never heard before. I was pleasantly surprised-I guess I expected it to sound a little dated (the drums kind of do) but the writing isn't bad, Viv sounds great and the singer's voice is super cool. It kind of makes sense hearing that and knowing where he was in his career (between Whitesnake and DL).
  6. I might have missed this somewhere in the thread, but apparently that is the same Les Paul he used back in the early Dio days. Band sounds great and I had no idea Phil Simms could play bass like that!
  7. I feel pretty confident that I could grab a Schecter or cheap Squier, do a few setup tweaks, and play a gig with it (and I have), but having said that I definitely feel a pretty big difference between my buddy's Collings 290 and a Les Paul Jr, or the Suhr Pro S1 I played over the weekend and any USA/Custom Shop Strat, and I know which ones I'd rather have...Schecters rule pretty hard by the way! Best out of the box setup of any guitar under $1000 I can think of, better than a lot over $1000 too...
  8. I guess the beauty of what the big brands are doing now is kind of like the same thing as what happened in the 70s-80s...they were out of touch so now there's tons of good stuff from smaller brands. Are brands like Fano, Suhr, and Knaggs the modern equivalent of what brands like Hamer, Charvel, and Robin have done in those years?
  9. They missed the boat on trying to cash in on the Killers guy playing one of these like 10 years ago. Cool to see my bros in Kopecky Family Band in the ad but neither of those dudes own one either haha
  10. That 69 and Big Muff sound totally different from eachother...multiple flavors if you will
  11. I never really liked SGs either...I LOVED them. Here's what always comes to mind for me when I think Robin guitars:
  12. Totally true...I didn't like them til I bought one on a whim and took it to band practice...totally changed the way the whole band sounded compared to how my G&L L2000 did. Instant believer!
  13. My main bass (and only bass) for several years now has been a Highway 1 model Precision...this particular variation of that model came with a stock Badass II bridge, thin satin nitro finish, and graphite rods on either side of the truss rod before that became a standard feature on the American made stuff...and this was really a budget model too.
  14. I have had something of a gear epiphany the past few days. I have been kicking around the idea of a new bass amp lately. You read a lot online about what someone says is great, another guy says is junk, etc-very easy to get caught up in whether you mean to or not, especially if you live somewhere that there isn't a lot of places to try different gear out. Last night I saw a band using all off-the-shelf kind of stuff-the bass player was using two Peavey T40s, a few pedals you could get at generic big box music store, an old Peavey Mace head, and an Ampeg 810...thick, nasty tone that drove th
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