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  1. My favorite non-Hamer shredder might be a Kramer Pacer Deluxe or a Focus 3000 (if modded to different pickups), preferably one of the earlier ones with alder body. The Focus model went for cheap for some time.
  2. Yes, that is what it is said. But the flatwound string didn't give me the sound I was aiming for. I could imagine using flatwounds on a P-Bass would have a nice vintage funk sound. But I spent 1700 Euros on this modern bass, and I bought this model bass, because I loved the fretted version so much. I wanted it to sound modern. I then watched a YT clip of a guy playing a Guild B-301A fretless and he got the kind of sound I was looking for, and I got this more modern bass and wasn't able to get even near the sound I was looking for.
  3. I bought a green Fender Acoustasonic Tele. No, it wasn't cheap, but I like the sound, playability and looks of it. This is the acoustic guitar I have been looking for. Another minor thing, but to great effect, I put on new strings on my fretless Fender Bass. I bought it in 2008, came with flats and they were still on until the change. I almost lost interest in the bass with those flats, then I put D'Addario halfrounds on it and suddenly it was pure joy to play it.
  4. One aspect I like when listening to 70's music is that it mostly has an edgy rough sound. Be it Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, Fusion, Bigband, whatever... the way the music was recorded and mixed was fine to me. When I look at KC from 1972 (Fripp, Bruford, Wetton, Cross, Muir) and compare it to the latest KC performance then the new KC version sounds quite polished. OTOH, the newer bands that still use a raw sound, don't have the songs that turn me on.
  5. I'd love to jam, but Minneapolis is a bit far... does anybody know of any good online jam sites?
  6. This might be interesting for me. The Fender MIM "Jim Root Jazzmaster" would be nice for stuff I used my FB for, I'd eventually put a trem on it, Schaller vintage or Floyd Rose NFT. And I also like EMG's and it even has an bound ebony board with blocks.
  7. I just started listening to the Buddy Rich Big Band last year. I always loved the big band music of the late 60's and 70's. I listen to a lot of stuff nowadays that I didn't give a listen in past years. Recently I listened to Joe Walsh, Dr. John, Traffic, Edgar Winter, Peter Herbolzheimer, Leon Russell and Buddy Rich. That said, my drum heroes are still Cozy Powell, Carmine Appice, Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Narada Michael Walden, Simon Phillips... stuff I've been listening to a felt lifetime.
  8. Funny... I wanted for years my "Jazzbird", now I see that Fender caught up the idea with their... uh... "Spark-O-Matic Jazzmaster". Umm... no, thanks. https://shop.fender.com/de-DE/electric-guitars/other/parallel-universe-volume-ii-spark-o-matic-jazzmaster/0176760700.html
  9. Though I have followed the FR story early on, my only real interest is the Schaller-made Floyd from 1983-on. I'd like to get a german made 2014 non-finetuner FR in gold or/and black. Otherwise I am not that trem-crazy as I have been years ago. I might de-Floyd one of my Kramer Focus with a Schaller vintage trem.
  10. I saw this too. The HM Strat was never that interesting for me. I preferred the Hamer Chaparral then, when the HM Strat came out for the first time. But the article led to something else, that might be interesting for me. The Fender Player Lead III in sienna sunburst. That was my first guitar and I really liked it then. I'd like to get one and put some TV Jones T-Armond/Magnatron pickups in it. Since it always has been a "low budget" Fender, it might not be a big seller anyway. I sure have a nostalgic interest in that guitar.
  11. I also got a green one. I must admit, I am an electric guitarist from the start. Once had an Epiphone SJ-200, but I can't get used to the deep bodies. So, the Acoustasonic Tele is nice to play. Yes, without amplification it doesn't really sound hot, but plugged in it sounds quite decent to me. I had been thinking about a Duo-Tone too, but since I found lots of clips of the Tele on YT and didn't find any nice clips of the Duo-Tone, I decided for the Tele. The acoustic players may not like it, but this guitar is just right for me.
  12. Well, I never really got into the music of RUSH, but their music never sounded dated to me. 67 is far too early to pass away.
  13. Well, I got myself a Fender Acoustasonic Tele last month (year) and I really like it. It is my only "acoustic" guitar. Now, in a band I only play bass and I want a new amp for quite some time (Mesa WD800). I really like to look at guitars and basses, but I don't really need new stuff. I want some small stuff too, Neo Ventilator II, MXR Carbon Copy, A Yamaha Reface CP keyboard, a new PC and a new Cubase edition. Later I might want some new bass cabs too, either two 1x12" or a 2x12". The real hard part might be for me to get rid of gear I seldom use or even don't use anymore, like one of my Marshall amps, the Fender Prosonic, a Fender 72 Pawnshop, two Kramer Focus 3000, A Trace Elliot 715 combo, the Ampeg V4BH, the Mesa Diesel cab, Boss Wah, Phaser and Chorus pedals. I always have a hard time to part from things like these.
  14. I really like the bands that featured George Duke. But I think every line-up from 1970-on to 1988 had something special. My personal favorite was the extended X-Mas 1976 line-up from "Live in NY", that included Ruth Underwood and the Brecker Brothers. The ORCHESTRAL FAVORITES 40th Anniversary Edition is nice too. The FZ/Beefheart/B. Fowler/Duke/Brock/T.Fowler/Walley/Bozzio line-up from spring 1975 was interesting too. I also liked the 1979 band with Mars/Wolf/Colaiuta/Barrow/Cuccurrullo/Walley/Mann/Willis, as they played some interesting renditions of older songs. This was a fine performance too:
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