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  1. Well, being in Europe, there weren't big stadium concerts of those groups over here in Germany in the 70's. Of those bands I mentioned, only deep Purple were big, Black Sabbath started their tour 1980 with Dio as singer here in Germany and they started playing very small locations (also playing in my hometown). Here, there was nothing like California Jam or something like that. The Star Club in Hamburg had lots of big bands in the 60's, Beatles, Hendrix, Bill Haley, Cream, Black Sabbath, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Yes, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Vanilla Fudge, Duane Eddy, Bo Diddley, Everly Brothers, Manfred Mann, Walker Brothers, Spencer Davis Group... yet it was a small club only.
  2. Well, rock music evolved fast. Where was the time when jazz became more popular than classical music? Ever since R'n'R started in the 50's, it always changed every decade. So did social behaviour, politics, technics and everything else. Rock music is dependent on that too. Looking at the cover of that album they couldn't have been as loud as the bands that followed in later years. People in the audience still dressed up nicely. I always liked the raw power of those bands, in the 60 you could find that in bands of any genre, be it jazz, blues, funk, rock, progressive, whatever. That is what I liked about that music. I still try to keep that attitude in my playing. When I think of decades of good music, I think it is just a bit of illusion. Many of the stuff I have always listened to wasn't the radio friendly stuff. When I think of the albums that I always loved, Jeff Beck Group's Rough and Ready, Deep Purple's Made in Europe, Rainbow's Rising, Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell, those bands didn't sell out in those times, small audiences, and they only stayed together for a short time only. Now, look what the 80's had to offer, a band like Motely Crue, Twisted Sister or Guns and Roses is that considered rock attitude? Was Bon Jovi considered rock then? And how did 80's Journey w/steve Perry compare to the band's early beginnings in the 70's? Ah, lost the thread... I hope you still understand, what I mean...
  3. I got the Dunlop GCB-95 which I bought in the late 80's or early 90's. It has seen the pot replaced several times. But somehow when I play it, I am not really happy how it sounds. I did watch some YT clips of wah comparsions and I even liked the GCB-95 in those. Sometimes it even sounds good in some recordings I did. But when I use it, I have the feeling it sounds weak and dull. Here is an example of the wah: Excuse the bad recording quality and playing (the recording is from 2011, the band already dissolved, but it is still the same wah). I used my Hamer Cali Elite maple with the EMG 89 (in humbucker mode) on the clean channel (!) of my Marshall 6100. The distortion coming from the high output of the pickup.
  4. I went the same route. As I grow older I listen to more and more jazzy stuff, also from the 50's. I always loved 70's music, but being a kid then I never got to see anyone of them live, my first concert was in 1987 (Deep Purple). In recent years I "discovered" the 60's/70's Big Band stuff for me too, Buddy Rich, Peter Herbolzheimer, but big band music is not really something that was "new" to me, I always loved the "Streets Of San Francisco" theme, even as a kid, Bill Conti's "Rocky" soundtrack and other film scores. I also loved Zappa's "Live in NY", Studio Tan and Orchestral Favorites albums, Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Apocalypse" and "Visions of the Emerald Beyond". Though I was born already when those albums originally came out, these albums were several years old when I got into them. I never had a problem to listen to music that came out before I was born. We also watched all kinds of old films on TV, even Metropolis, the Charlie Chaplin/Harold Lloyd/Buster Keaton stuff, I read comic books that were older than me. I always loved classic arts and music. If it is good, it doesn't matter how old it is. Unfortunately many people, even my age, think differently. Many people my age got into music far later when they were in their late teens/early twenties. So, many are into 90's stuff. But strangely somehow they don't like much music that came before they got interested in music. I see this behaviour in much of the following generations. A few weeks ago, I was talking to a co-worker who is in her early 20's. When we came to talk about interests, we talked about music. And while she did listen to music, she only listened to it as "background music" when jogging or doin' sports or in the car. She admitted, she didn't know any artist or song by name and she shared the spotify account with her boyfriend. She didn't like old music or films. Though she may be an extreme example, I think, this is not uncommon with younger people. At work, I work as a media designer, there was a young female co-worker who could do some cool handlettering. I can draw well, and I can do okay portraits of people. It is obvious that when the young people saw some of my work, they had nice words for it, but it was obvious that they envied my talent as they couldn't recreate what I did. Now, this talented "handlettering" co-worker gave some who were interested in that craft a few courses. She got a lot of attention and while some of her followers were talented, their work was just copies 1:1 of the co-worker work. Nothing, that stood out, not bad, but not interesting.
  5. That is not the real Jeff Goldblum. The real Goldblum vanished in 1977 and was replaced another organism...
  6. Saw this as advertising on a YT clip. Sounds interesting...
  7. This is my main amp. Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 head and Mesa Thiele 1x12" cab with C90 speaker.
  8. Many have been named here before: Zal Cleminson - Loved his work with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Tear Gas, yet I heard him first on Nazareth's "Malice in Wonderland" album Warren Cuccurullo - of course with Zappa, but also the Missing Persons albums. I also have the Duran Duran albums, but I can't stand Simon Le Bon's singing. Jim McCarty - loved the Cactus albums (even the one that had Werner Fritzschings on guitar), but also his playing with the Buddy Miles Express David Feinstein - I had that first ELF album and also the Rods' "Heavier than thou" Ian Bairnson - I heard the early Alan Parsons Project albums a lot and also have the Pilot albums too Russ Ballard - he could do cheesy stuff, but his playing with Argent was good Vince Martell - original guitarist of Vanilla Fudge David Sancious - not only a fantastic keyboard player, but also fantastic guitarist Doyle Bramhall II - he was a sideman with Roger Waters and Eric Clapton Ollie Halsall - played with Mike Patto, Boxer and Tempest Carlos Alomar - his stuff with Bowie was fantastic Bernie Marsden - with him as guitarist I liked Whitesnake best Warren Haynes - just got into Gov't Mule about 3 years ago Leslie West - with Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing Todd Rundgren - doesn't get enough credit as a guitar player with Utopia Ray Fenwick - I was the guitar player for the Ian Gillan Band, had a nice funky style Ray Gomez - he played on the early albums of Narada Michael Walden Joaquin Lievano - played with the Warriors and Jean-Luc Ponty Buzzy Feiten Some bass players of course too: Clive Chaman - of the Jeff Beck Group and Brian Auger's Oblivion Express Wilbur Bascomb - well, Jeff Beck's "Wired" album Bobby Vega Patrick O'Hearn Alphonso Johnson Douglas Rauch - with Santana, Billy Cobham, Giants and David Bowie
  9. I have the first album of her. Larry Graham and Doug Rauch on bass, Gregg Errico on drums and Neal Schon on guitar...
  10. After I spent some time listening to newer stuff, I recently spent some time to listen to some old 60's/70's stuff, Traffic, Zappa, Cozy Powell, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Buddy Miles Express, Cactus, early (pre-Perry) Journey, Todd Rundgren, Tubes
  11. My GF bought tickets for Hannover, Germany next year. Yes, expensive, but what isn't these days? No need to save the money to the bank with 0% interest.
  12. I'd say, someone like Greg Koch is a hero for musicians. Maybe not in sales, but the guy is a fantastic player, very entertaining and his YT clips get watched. I always look for what gear he uses. While I was watching clips of the Fender Acoustasonic Tele I got aware of the talent of Nathaniel Murphy. But one thing is for sure, all those yesterday's guitar heroes would have been nothing if they hadn't had an equally great band with them.
  13. I watched a few YT clips of these. Hmm, not my thing. If I'd go non-tube, I'd buy a small amp that fits on a pedalboard, like the BluGuitar Amp1 Mercury Edition. and carry a cab only. Why should I play a digital amp of that size. I still have some big and heavy amps, not that I couldn't carry them, but one gets lazy and I don't need a heavy amp to carry around, just to keep it low volume. So I got a Mesa Mark V:35 head, it is small, light and compact, got a 1x12" Mesa Thiele cab (Celestion C90). Even 35W are more than enough. There are other small tube amps that sound great. A Fender Princeton would even be enough for most of my gigs.
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