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    Hamer Steve Stevens I '85, SS I '89, Chap w/Sustainiac, Chap Deluxe, Californian Elite, Hamer FB II, Hamer Chap Max Bass, 3 Fender Strats, Charvel 750XL, Gibson RD Artist, Kramer Focus 3000 '85, Gibson Q-80 Bass, 2 Fender Am Deluxe J Basses (fretted/fretless), Gibson Chet Atkins CEC, Gibson RD Artist Bass
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    Fender Prosonic, Marshall 6100 head +1960 4x12" cab, Marshall 6101 combo, Trace Elliot GP7 150W 1x15" combo, Mesa Boogie Mark V:35, Ampeg V4BH, Mesa Diesel 2x15" cab
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    Dunlop Wah, Boss DD-3 Delay, Boss TU-2 tuner, Boss CS-1 Compressor, CH-1 Chorus

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  1. Jeff Beck Group - Rough and Ready Rainbow - Rising Deep Purple - Made in Europe Zappa - Live in NY U.K. Danger Money Tom Waits - Nighthawks at the Diner Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next Black Sabbath - Mob Rules Alan Parsons Project - I Robot Jethro Tull - A King Crimson - Red Queen - News Of The World Winery Dogs - Hot Streak Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions of the emerald Beyond Beatles - Abbey Road So many others...
  2. Hmm, of the 7 Hamers I have I use 3 frequently, and one of them is a bass. I think, my green Cali (see profile pic) would be that guitar. But I am lucky that I don't need to sell any guitars so far. Though I need a new job. It will be tough.
  3. Well, this year had a lot going on in my life. I did move to another house, am going to loose my job I have been in for almost 30 years. At home I don't play a lot anymore, I really kind of feel burned out. While moving I stored most of my instruments at my mum's house. 15 guitars and 5 basses, and I still have 7 instruments at her house, didn't even miss them (there are even my cool ones). My band still does rehearsals (I am the bassplayer in that band). I miss playing guitar in a band, but I am weary to play with people who just want to cover tunes I don't want to play, or those who like to jam but whose music theory is too minimal to even throw in a second chord. Do I still look at other stuff in the net? Yes, I am guilty. I know that new gear doesn't fire a new spark. I need other players to have fun making music. They don't really need me. And if it doesn't fit like a glove the first time, I get the feeling of wasting my time. Maybe I am on the way to other interests in my life, but I don't want to give up music. Ah, depressing sounding post again, what's going on with me? LOL
  4. I didn't get the impact some of you felt when you heard the first VH album for the first time. My first VH album was Women And Children First. But yes, I did like that album and followed the band's works. And I tried some of their songs, tried tapping too. Well, I can't deny, he had an impact on my playing. R.I.P. EVH
  5. He was ill for quite some time. He died yesterday.
  6. I liked his drumming on a Glenn Hughes/Pat Thrall album. RIP
  7. In 1980 I was 11/12. Then, I think, I made the step from kid (playing with toys, reading comic books) to youth (quit playing with toys, discover music, getting interested in guitars and basses, still reading comic books but also music magazines, getting interested in girls). But my mind was still stuck in the 70's and there was still a lot for me to discover. No, not the disco time at the end of the 70's, also not punk or new wave. In Germany there the "Neue Deutsche Welle" just begun, two songs even made it No. 1 in US (99 red ballons by Nena, Major Tom by Peter Schilling), I really disliked that stuff. What I liked was the 80's guitars. It was funny, as I liked Fender and Gibson in the beginning and both companies were sold in the 80's. I tried to keep up with the 80's as they went on. But once I adapted to the 80's, the 90's came. And the 90's I still consider a horrible decade.
  8. Some movie scores get me sentimental, but maybe because of the combination with visuals. Morricone did some great stuff and I love Bill Conti's stuff. Some stuff that really got me: Bill Conti's theme to the movie "Gloria" (1980) Barbra Streisand's "Prisoner" from "The eyes of Laura Mars" J. S. Bach's "Kommet, Ihr Töchter" at the end of THX1138 Jack Nitzsche's piece at the end of "Being There" (based on a piece of Eric Satie) There are many compositions in classical music that move me.
  9. I love that clip. I have seen it several times along with a 1981 live rendition of Joe Walsh's "Turn to Stone". There is a nice live clip from 1972 of Joe Walsh himself playing that song.
  10. To me, he was the definitive producer for Deep Purple and Rainbow. Also liked Sabbath' two albums produced by him ans MSG's Assault Attack. He even did produce a Roger Glover album (Elements) who was an established producer himself by then. Strangely enough, I was listening to Black Sabbath' Mob Rules and asked myself if Birch was still active and then just read the news of his death a few minutes later.
  11. To be honest, most guitars I play I bought used. Of my Hamer's only my first two were bought new ('88 Steve Stevens, 89 pink Chap Sustainiac). All other I bought used, mostly for less than what a MIM would cost new. Otherwise I couldn't have afforded a maple Cali Elite, a Firebird, a maple body Chap Bass. And while I am not a great player, and right now mostly a bedroom player, playing nice instruments, these are kind of low budget instruments. When someone got a real 1956 Strat for $150 on the flea market, he still has a low budget guitar.
  12. I liked the "Speak of the devil" album a lot, never followed Night Ranger. There are several players who have the sound I like to get with my stuff, Steve Lukather, Neal Schon and Brad Gillis. They have in common that they used Mesa amps and used the Floyd a lot. Also Vernon Reid, he plays weird stuff, but he also has that sound.
  13. I have two of the same color. I also like the 22-fret version better. But the 24-fret version is nice too. the 22-fret version has quite some neck angle, something to get used to as a Fender player, it is more Gibson-like. The 24-fret models with the recessed FR trem has the strings closer to the body.
  14. The Valley Arts Custom Pro came in 25.5" and 24.75" scale. I think Kramer had a 24.75" scale guitar model too, ProAxe?
  15. Hi people, after being a bass player mostly in recent years, I want to start through as a guitar player again. Usually I don't have any problems choosing and connecting gear. One thing I kind of neglected somehow is pedalboards. I always had a few stompboxes loose on the ground connected together, but I now want the stompboxes on a real board. These will consist of a Mesa Boogie Flux Five Dunlop GCB95 Wah Dunlop Rotovibe Neo Ventilator II Boss CS-2 Compressor Boss TU-3 Tuner MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay What would be the right size board (Pedaltrain?) and which power supply fits best? Also,some FX I want to use in front of the amp, some in the FX way. Amps are either a Fender Prosonic or a Mesa Mark V:35 (occasionally also the Marshall 6100/6101). Is there a possibility to have two signal chains on one board? The Tuner also has a signal mute function that I want to use (I had this in the past with the Marshall). What are good connector cables?
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