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  1. Yes, I can ship to Canada. Buyer responsible for any shipping charges that exceed $50.
  2. Spinning BOC's Some Enchanted Evening tonight. This is the reissue, which extends the original to a more proper two discs. What a great time for BOC - killer set.
  3. I first heard Schenker on the debut MSG album - damn near wore the grooves off that record. Like many here, I worked backwards - in 1982, I put up my allowance cash and brought home Strangers in the Night. I'm still knocked out every time I listen to SITN - it's truly a master's class in how to play rock guitar.
  4. I'm unable to PM you for some reason - just post on the thread and we'll go from there.
  5. Thanks, Guitar George. I will add that the overdrive tones are pretty great, too.
  6. Both the Hellhound and Drive Train II are still available. Should have pics tonight.
  7. I've always thought Phil Collen was the weakest part of the band. I was a big DL fan when the first two records were released. When Pyromania hit the shelves, I was so disappointed. Even as a 12 yr old , I could tell the band I loved had been changed completely. I saw them in '92 (free tickets) and was shocked that the show was so bad. I walked out after 45 minutes in the 8th row. Even Steve Clark couldn't make up for Collen's incessant butchering of nearly perfect hard rock songs. He stood there shirtless right in front of me, noodling away and shitting all over the "High N Dry" material. I got up and walked out, shaking my head. Today, I'd like to see two things - One- DL taking off Viv's leash and letting him rip through the old stuff and Two - Phil putting on a shirt and playing the maracas backstage.
  8. Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs. On 180 gram vinyl. Delicious.
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