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  1. Laney Black Country Customs TI Boost - long name, great treble boost. Sounds gnarly as hell with my BCR Jr/Budda Twinmaster rig.
  2. I owned "Live at Winterland" prior to "Rockin' the Fillmore", and it has become a seminal record in my guitar development. The band was on fire, and the Blackberries were the absolute bizness. I don't sell RTF short, though - what an amazing record. I also located a copy of the RTF Box Set and it's a superb document of one of the greatest albums of all time. Both albums include giant, ball-crushing rock guitar tone, and Marriott's voice takes it all to the next level. I have three sons, and more than once I've cranked a bit of live Humble Pie to show them what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
  3. It's a 1995 Budda Twinmaster (#169) w/ matching 2x12 cab (Vintage 30s). It's one of earliest examples, as evidenced by the all black/white letter badges and grey piping. I purchased it from the second owner and it had never left his house in the nearly 20 years that he owned it. I've never heard a more fierce rock guitar tone than a cranked Twinmaster. This holds true especially for this rig - the 2x12s roar like Godzilla. The tone is much throatier than the 2x10 or 1x12 Twinmaster models, and it sounds like the demon offspring of a 18 watt Marshall and an AC30. I've only see a handful of factory 2x12 Twinmaster rigs - maybe two in the last two decades. The BCR Jr really shines with this amp, and it's flat-out amazing when you get things cooking. My reference tone has also been Leslie West's live tone in his Mountain days, and this setup gets me there in spades. It's amazing how loud this little 18 watt amp can get - it will kill a small animal at five feet when cranked. BTW - you can see the power cord peeking out on the left side of the head. The damn rectifier tube is so massive in these amps, you could cook a chicken inside the cab. I have to secure the cord away from the rectifier's heat or risk melting the cord.
  4. Here's my BCR Jr - easily the best instrument I've ever owned.
  5. May consider a trade for the right USA Hamer with a large neck. Not that common, but worth a try.
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