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  1. Bluesking

    WTB: BCR Junior

    Still on the hunt..........
  2. I'm headed to Germany for a 3 week temporary assignment. I was stationed there 20 years ago - at that time, it was the mother lode for rare and out of print CDs. For a guy that loves Euro Rock (Purple, UFO, etc), it was a literal goldmine. I'm hoping some of that still exists over there - do any of our German members have advice on where to go? I'll be in the Ramstein / Saarbrucken area. Thanks!
  3. Still looking for a BCR Jr - if anyone is willing to let one go. Prefer a big neck, but will consider any that are available. I'm not in a hurry (since I'm deploying again soon), but wanted to start the search now. I won't waste your time & I'm ready to put benjamins in your hand until you let go.............
  4. Bluesking

    Imagine Dragons

    Wow, those guys are extra-shitty.
  5. Still downsizing, so I'm selling a near mint Avatar Signature 2x12 - all black with the exception of the white logo. It's loaded with a sweet pair of Scumback M75s - 100 watts each / 8 ohms. This cab will do just about anything very well and the M75s are the bomb. $500 $400 net to me after shipping/fees, which is getting the Scumbacks for free. The pic is from Avatar, but this is what it looks like. It's all I have after Photobucket went the way of the dodo. Specs on the cab are here: https://avatarspeakers.com/shop/guitar-cabinets/signature/g212-signature/ Speakers: http://www.scumbackspeakers.com/m_series.html
  6. Bluesking

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Queen - Live at the Rainbow, 1974. On vinyl. Hell. Yes.
  7. I saw them on the Monsters of Rock Tour in 1988. They were awesome and Jabs was smoking that day. I was also surprised at how many of the leads that Rudolph was doing. I didn't know squat about the 70s Scorps until much later - somebody mentioned Uli Roth in an interview and it took off from there. For me, Uli-Era and Jabs-Era Scorpions are two different bands.
  8. Thanks for the download. On a related note, Uli is releasing a new album this Spring with classic Scorps tunes: http://www.guitarworld.com/uli-jon-roth-revisits-his-scoprions-days-new-album
  9. Bluesking

    Viv Campbell KILLING some old Dio

    For the record, Rob Lamothe was the vocalist in Riverdogs - not Lou Gramm. Gramm and Viv were in Shadow King.