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  1. What Mirage do you seek? I have a red Mirage II for sale.

    1. Travis


      I saw you posted that. Looks really nice. If 2020 hadn’t been such a rough start I’m sure I’d have jumped on that already...

    2. killerteddybear


      I feel your pain. I keep looking at stuff and then kicking myself.

  2. Hey gtone,
    Any chance you've heard of Ross Folkerson, keyboard player?
    I understand he's from Moose Lips. I used to work with him (band and day job) many many years ago, in Saskatoon.

    I played a gig in Moose Jaw once or twice, back in the early '90s. Wish I'd had more time to hang out...

    Larry Posavad aka killerteddybear

    1. gtone


      Ross Folkerson doesn't ring any bells for me Larry, but I have heard of the Folkerson name in this area. The one guy I can say that we both know is Doug Scarrow from Saskatoon. He remembers you pretty well, sounds like you guys crossed paths more than once.


      Steve Gould

  3. Welcome back, we were worried about you.

    1. Michael_B


      My kids were visiting, which messed with my priorities.

  4. Sorry for dragging my tail.
    Here are pictures of the case in all its dusty two part glory.
    I also found hinges from an old saxophone case (see pics) that appear to be the same size.
    I'm going to cut them from the boards (you'll have to uninstall them) and include them in the case.
    Then you can find someone to do the repair or tackle it yourself.

    I have not yet found a shipping carton, so it will be near the end of next week before this ships.
    I'll let you know the cost of shipping once I have one. My guess is in the $40-$60 range, maybe a bit higher.








    1. BlueJer


      Looks and sounds good to me sir! Thank you so much!!

  5. Hey Johnny B,
    Any opinions on the Crown D75 amplifier (not the D75A)?
    A local guy has 34 of them, selling at $50 each. Thought I might pick up a few.

    Thanks in advance!
    Larry Posavad

    1. JohnnyB


      I like'em. Clean, fast, and versatile. Market value is more like $150 or more, so if you have a use for 'em, $50 is a no-brainer. They have good current output, speed, low noise, and very low distortion.

      What makes your situation an even better deal is they jump up to 110 watts in bridged mono mode. $100 for a pair run in mono at 110 watts per channel is particularly sweet.

    2. killerteddybear


      Thanks! I'll be grabbing at least two.

  6. Hi Willie,

    Please send a copy of your article to lposavad@cox.net.

    By the way, I really appreciate your articles. Well written and a nice change of pace in the HFC.

    Larry Posavad (killerteddybear)

  7. Hi,
    Can you tell me about the tone? Is this close to a traditional Telecaster or way out somewhere else?
    I'm quite interested in this - I have a friend in North Carolina who is jonesing for a Tele and this could be perfect.

    Many thanks,

    Larry Posavad
    Chula Vista, California

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    2. killerteddybear


      Hi, any update on shipping?

    3. Never2Late


      It left a few days ago - USPS tracking number 9534610693077006040736.  Currently, its in-transit with a Friday delivery.


      M J


    4. killerteddybear


      Many thanks, M J!

  8. Hey mathman,

    Rocktuna = Ron Posavad. He's off exit 58 of I-4.
    Call him at 610-334-8177.

    Larry Posavad
    Chula Vista, California

  9. Re: Pigtronix Rototron
    Hi, send me the eBay link please. Thanks!

  10. Hey rugby, I'm curious what you're asking for the T50C. Probably a lot to ship to California...

    1. rugby1970



      I'd ask $500 for non-Hamer folks but sell it here for $400. I'd be willing to forego the PayPal fees if any (gift is always good or other means). If there are no fees to me I could eat a part of the shipping. Let me know what you think. If you're really interested I'll get a quote from my local guy.



    2. killerteddybear


      Hi Dave,
      I'm just curious. I'm intrigued about the Yamaha/Soldano connection, but truthfully I don't have a need (or the talent!) for a 50 watt rocket.
      Thanks very much for the reply.


    3. rugby1970


      No problem, Larry.

  11. Hey Daniel,

    Need a project?   B)


    -Larry Posavad (killerteddybear)

    1. Montelovesco


      Wow! Tempting! Thanks, but I am trying to thin out the herd a bit... 😎 But the price is real good...

  12. Hi 3of5,

    What's your price for a cash sale? I could use a road trip.
    Sunday preferred but Monday could work too.


    Larry Posavad
    Chula Vista, Califorina

    1. killerteddybear


      619-246-0970 for texts or voice.

  13. Hi LucSulla,
    I'll take the Nova Delay - I keep looking at these and wanting one, so...
    Paypal OK or do you want some other form of payment?


    Larry Posavad (killerteddybear)

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    2. LucSulla


      Jason Cain
      618 Huntington
      Place Oxford, MS 38655

    3. killerteddybear


      Jason, check is in the mail.

    4. LucSulla


      What is your address?

  14. Knucklehead, update your location.
    You're not in Reading anymore.


  15. Hey, murkat,

    Can you define " alithogram " for me? I've never seen that term.
    I thought you might mean 'algorithm', but software engineering being the way it is, it could be a term I'd never encountered.

    1. murkat


      that is what meant, and stand corrected :)

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