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  1. On 9/25/2019 at 12:27 PM, Devnor said:

    So sorry to hear it's much worse than guitar collecting. At least guitar doesn't go obsolete - not yet anyway. I still have my 90s midi monster 50 spaces of rack gear and 7-8 keyboards all for the most part now worthless, obsolete or dead. I just started going thru it all testing and replacing dead internal batteries ect getting ready for fire sale.  I threw an Akai S3200XL sampler in the trash. That hurt it was like $1500 sampler when I bought it. 

    I wanna dump all this stuff because I've got the modular bug. 

    That tiny Euro-crap?
    For a Moog wanna-be try https://www.synthesizers.com/
    It's a rabbit hole that terrifies me.

  2. 3 hours ago, shankyboy said:

    Austin Vintage Guitars has a great selection of Vintage and new, Austin House of Guitars is pretty cool but very high end, Guitar Resurrection has some nice new & used stuff, South Austin Music has a lot of odd but cool stuff and Strait Music has all new stuff. 

    Sounds like a good town to visit!

  3. I have a lot of hardcover sci-fi from decades past when I read a lot (pre-matrimony - coincidence?). Select authors, mostly hard sci-fi, 1940s to 1990s. Once my favorite authors passed on (or worse, started to write fantasy) I lost the urge to keep up.
    Now I look at the bookshelf and wonder if I want to keep this stuff. In my thirties I told myself I'd re-read them all one day, but these days I fell too busy doin' nuthin' to invest time in an old book. Plus I'll know how it ends...

    As a bass player, my 'other' collection is guitars, keyboards, and guitar amps. Realistically I can't play any of this stuff - why do i need 5 keyboards and 3 rack synths? Or 6 guitars?

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  4. On 9/7/2019 at 7:50 PM, JohnnyB said:

    I used to be a stereo guy all the way, but reading Geoff Emerick's book Here, There, and Everywhere, changed all that for me when he mentioned that he and the rest of the crew spent 5 hours on the stereo mix of Sgt. Pepper's and 5 days mixing the mono version. It also hit home when I read that EMI designed and made their own tape machines, which is why a)they sounded so good, and b)they were slow to upgrade them to multi-channel machines, essential for getting an honest, good-sounding stereo mix.

    So, when you listen to a mono album, do you use both speakers or pan to one side? Just wondering if mono sounds better from a point source vs dual source.

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