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  1. Asking $450 plus actual shipping (it's about 50 pounds before packaging).

    Egnater Rebel 30 combo amplifier in very good condition. Includes padded cover and footswitch.

    In addition to clean and gain channels, this amp includes both EL84 and 6V6 power sections that can be dialed in at any proportions; and power scaling (1W to 30W). Lots of power and flexibility in a compact package.

    You find the manufacturer’s page here: http://www.egnateramps.com/EgnaterProducts/Rebel/Rebel30112/Rebel30112.html

    You can find the manual here: http://www.egnateramps.com/manuals/Rebel30Combos.pdf

    Photos are of the actual amp for sale.








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  2. 14 hours ago, jwhitcomb3 said:

    Been having fun exploring the Boss SY-1000 guitar synth.


    Cool being able to use the actual guitar signal as an oscillator source for any of the three simultaneous synth instruments (along with a signal path for real guitar tones). Here's a demo of a preset I put together over the weekend. One take, no overdubs.

    If you have a bass laying around I'd love to hear how the SY-1000 performs with it.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Teh said:

    The GS is still in production.  In typical Taylor style, once the design was accepted by the market, it was assigned a model number.  In the case of the Grand Symphony, it became an x16 series.  Body wood number goes before  the series, so the 316 (Sapele or, more recently, Tasmanian Blackwood), 416 (Ovangkol), 516 (Mahogany), 616 (Maple), 716/816/916 (Indian Rosewood with varying bling levels).  They are killer instruments!

    So what happened to the GC series? I once tried a GC7 that was truly glorious. Damn near bought it!

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Navigator said:

    Thanks sixesandsevens. All I've done so far is plug a midi keyboard into the Model D and explore the sounds a bit. I usually use Pro Tools for recording, but I have Logic too, which I think is really set up more for midi stuff. I'll have to research a bit. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm pretty sure you could record a midi pattern into Protools or Logic, set it up to loop, and voilá! you have a sequence.

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