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    I now only have a few "token examples " of classic models I use for lectures, + a few instruments custom-made to my specs (i.e., heirlooms) + an '84 Peavey utility bass + a ca. 2000 Peavey Wolfgang Special ST utility guitar
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  1. '63 Fender Esquire. Original Case Clay dot markers Ashtray Half of the original hangtag Had to have it when I spotted the cigarette burn on the headstock. A definitive personal example of "If I'd been able to hang on to this one..."
  2. There are, er, downsized versions like the Warr guitar that players like Trey Gun can manipulate pretty well. He's been in King Crimson and last I heard was with a Peter Gabriel tribute band called the Security Project (coupla decent live albums). Couple of decades ago Gibson some kind of Explorer-shaped, zither-like thing for "Maestro" Alex Gregory.
  3. Couple of others Allman Brothers Band (original sextet) Feb. '71. A month before they recorded Fillmore East King Crimson, 29 SEP 2019
  4. Cream, 27 OCT 68 MC5 + Bob Seger System: Dec. 1970 Stevie Wonder 1971 (chronicled here before about his use of local musicians) Elvis, spring 1974. This was not a concert; it was an experience Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour, Oct. 1973 Huey Lewis & the News, 1988, on accounta this was a fave band of the Missus + they were abetted by the Tower of Power horns (Wow!) + Robert Cray opened "A Walk Down Abbey Road" all-star tour. A year to the day before Entwistle died. Styx, late 2010: The Grand Illusion and Pieces of Eight performed in their entire
  5. Kiss in 2000, on accounta Gene Simmons had me thrown out. One of the fraudulent Farewell Tours. Any concert that's cancelled without your knowledge until you get to the venue oughta be part of this list even though there was no show. For me, it was Spirit in early 1970 at Atlanta's old Sports Arena. Drove 150 miles to get there, and got a speeding ticket on the way back. Dean Daughtry of the Atlanta Rhythm Section on Aerosmith in 1979: "Those guys were so pale they looked like ghosts. Like walking death. It wasn't until later that they 'swore off' of everything."
  6. There was the Fender/Squire Toronado, which had a 24.75 scale but it had two humbuckers and four knobs. Thought it was a cool innovation at the time, and the ones I tried out seemed to be decent. And BTW, translation of the model name = "Nothing bull"...
  7. Always thought the Firenza JX was cool, because it was a rare configuration I like---hardtail S/S/HB (ditto the earlier T-27). A few years ago I passed on a nasty-but-restorable gold Firenza JX for $75 in a pawn shop; happened right after I retired and was liquidating most of my collection so I was looking in the opposite direction. Still might have made a decent project and a decent utility instrument.
  8. Used to own this one ('63). Amazing neck. Color had held up well.
  9. Compare the silhouettes of the bodies and headstocks of Wolfgangs and Firenzas. Hmmm...
  10. 1. Compare to "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & the Comets 2. 'Hank Williams was the first rock star."---singer/bassist/songwriter Glen Burtnik
  11. IMO two words, "laid back", are the essence of J.J. Cale and the Tulsa sound. And a lot of times, anything with a lower decibel count that's less punchy isn't going to attract and hold the interest of many fans of guitar music...because it isn't loud. For Clapton, gravitating to that style was a respite from playing loud music with fast guitar lines. And from their outset, Dire Straits was more laid-back than Cream, but Knopler's innovative guitar lines (regardless of the volume) also figured into the mix. As for The Band, I think their presentations, to include the brill
  12. His Strat was reportedly the first one painted a custom color. It was on display at the 1991 Arlington guitar show, along w/ the '49 white prototype Fender solidbody guitar (Esquire style w/ a converted 3 + 3 lap steel neck). Reportedly, he actually influenced both Charlie Christian and Les Paul, both of whom heard him play in concert w/ Wills.
  13. A few years ago I noticed that the first two Klaatu albums were available on CD (and IIRC the third and fourth were also on one CD), I got to thinking about how some artists' earlier albums had actually been re-released as two-fers on LP and maybe cassette formats, at bargain prices. Examples of such re-releases include the Allman Brothers' Beginnings (first two albums) and a double release by Spirit (first and third albums). Both of those were released in 1973, a few years after the bands had debuted. Such two-fers weren't remixed and/or remastered, from what I could tel
  14. Whaddabout Traffic, 50 years ago? Interesting original trio lineup, and I hadn't really heard music like that. Abetted by Dave Mason on the second album.
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