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    I now only have a few "token examples " of classic models I use for lectures, + a few instruments custom-made to my specs (i.e., heirlooms) + an '84 Peavey utility bass + a ca. 2000 Peavey Wolfgang Special ST utility guitar
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  1. Local Hero is a longtime personal favorite movie (and Knopfler soundtrack, although Cal is pretty listenable as well). Sweet, simple story and just a smidgen of quirkiness (like a lotta Bill Forysth movies).
  2. Santa Monica guitar show, early 1996 (IIRC). Civic Auditorium, home of the TAMI Show.
  3. The Spencer Davis Group featured a teenage Stevie Winwood during the Swingin' Sixties; hits like "Gimme Some Livin'", "I'm A Man" and others. Davis wasn’t in the pantheon of guitar gods, but he participated in more facets of the music business than most players, as he became a producer and an A & R rep for Island Records. He performed in a couple of all-star bands in his later years.
  4. Great recollections, great playing by someone whose stereotypical style is pretty the polar opposite of EVH
  5. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/sunday-morning-full-episode-10-18-2020/#x A five-minute segment that starts around the 12-minute mark. The focus of the episode is his new interest in Japanese ink drawing. EVH's passing is mentioned in the set-up by the narrator, but DLR doesn't discuss it. The source that sent me the link sez the actual interview was recorded after Eddie's death but it doesn't come up in the one-on-one part. If it was indeed done after EVH died, maybe DLR placed the topic out of bounds ahead of time, or maybe CBS had recorded it earlier and saw a chance for a Van Hal
  6. Friday, 22 MAR 91, load-in for the Dallas Guitar Show: Word began passing thru the venue that Leo Fender had died the previous evening. And I watched in fascination as numerous dealers scrambled and raised the prices on their pre-CBS Fender instruments. One now wonders what will transpire in the market with the prices of Eddie Van Halen signature guitars--Music Man, Peavey and EVH. Ditto amplifiers. One wonders if the builders in his last affiliation will market some kind of memorial limited edition, and what its price and features will be...and whether it will be practica
  7. Equal time (and I may have gotten this image from this site):
  8. Yeah, to say that cat owned "What Is Hip?" is an understatement. For some reason I can't seem to find the list of songs played on the Rising Low documentary in '02; IIRC different guests bassists played, for the most part, songs other than those they might've been noted for, but Rocco banged out on "What Is Hip?" and even though it was a signature tune it was still enthralling. Anybody else remember it that way or am I having a senior moment?
  9. ^^^^Speaking of the SAHB, whatever pickup(s) and guitar are cranking out those power chords on "Faith Healer" on the live album sound huge. Dunno if they were P-90s, however....
  10. "Mother": The Police. No wonder they didn't originally include it on some audio formats (IIRC). The Police were one of the most innovative bands ever, but Andy Summers is a "singer" (w/ snide quote marks) like Yoko Ono is a "singer". Ditto "Be My Girl--Sally" on the Bottle Blonds' first album. Silly. "Illegal Alien": Genesis. I like most of the pop-style Genesis stuff (including the hits as well as that great concert medley w/ "Turn It On Again" as the base), mainly on accounta the Missus likes it--something we can both listen to and enjoy on trips, etc. That said, "Illegal Alien" wo
  11. FYI the October issue of Vintage Guitar (Peter Green on the cover) dissects Mott the Hoople's '71 album Brain Capers for that issue's retro-review "Pop N' Hiss" installment (p. 50). Mick Ralphs advised that he used a Les Paul Jr. through a Sunn amp...and it shows, sonically. My personal favorite Mott the Hoople album, and it failed to chart in both the UK and the US.
  12. looks cleaner and more 'efficient', for lack of a better term. Thanks
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