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    I now only have a few "token examples " of classic models I use for lectures, + a few instruments custom-made to my specs (i.e., heirlooms) + an '84 Peavey utility bass + a ca. 2000 Peavey Wolfgang Special ST utility guitar
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  1. ^^^^Don't forget Don Rich and Roy Nichols in your quest; names ain't on the fretboards but Got-Taw-Mitey can they offer up some rip=-roarin' riff-a-ramas.... FWMOW...and it's been discussed here before...what's called "country" today is what I used to call "Top 40 rock"
  2. https://www.kramerguitars.com/Guitars/Collection/Artist
  3. ...uh, on a jazz box?!? He's an eloquent guy and a pro musician who is responsible for more output of decent material than many folks realiize. Photo taken in 1998 at a Pomona guitar show.
  4. Spector gets appropriately profiled as an eccentric (and not-necessarily laudable) genius in Waiting for the Sun, Barney Hoskyns' excellent 1996 history of the evolution of the L.A. music scene. As Hoskyns' tome was published before the Clarkson murder, one can only speculate how that would have been chronicled in the book. I stumbled across Waiting for the Sun for three bucks in a Dollar General, of all places, but its straight-on, uncompromising style made it a keeper. And in a publicity photo of the Teddy Bears, Spector's late '50s vocal group, he looks eerily like Pee Wee Herman...
  5. Addenda: Fleetwood Mac: The Blues Collection ...and come to think of it, I might sub The Band's Rock of Ages instead of the second/'brown' album...
  6. ^^^^"Cypress Avenue" on that album still gives me goosebumps
  7. Most of the posts on this thread prolly have selections that would also be 'desert island' selections, only they'd be limited in number. Allman Brothers: An Evening With...First Set Ventures: On Stage Atlanta Rhythm Section: Are You Ready? Blues Oyster Cult: Secret Treaties (Some Enchanted Evening close behind) Cream: Wheels of Fire King Crimson: Meltdown Pink Floyd: P.U.L.S.E. Tangerine Dream: Logos Alan Parsons: Try Anything Once ZZ TOP: Fandango Hawkwind: Space Ritual Motorhead: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (deluxe edtion w/ five bonu
  8. Tremendous writing. That's the way a memorial profile should be done, IMO---well-researched, lotta quotes, and it stays cohesive and doesn't ramble in spite of its length. Personally, I wouldn't have used first person but that only happened a couple of times so I don't want to seem like I'm nitpicking....and maybe Hiatt's a regular contributor to Rolling Stone so he might be entitled to first person. Thanks for the link.
  9. Rush: "Hard progressive"? Steely Dan: "Intellectual rock'"? Tears For Fears might also fit into this category but they could be perceived as too, er, emotional... Mother's Finest: "Power funk" (I've seen this used, as well as "funk rock") Founded in 1972. To what extent have the RHCPs acknowledged any influence? Johnny A.: Darned if I know what his stuff should be called...(was listening to One November Night earlier today, which inspired this post) YMMV Others?
  10. At least right at the outset we know who made it. Didn't he refuse--at least at one point---refuse to identify who made the Punisher model? IIRC it was B.C. Rich
  11. Hendrix, Tuscaloosa, May 1970, about three weeks before I went to AF basic training. Talk about polar opposites (including hair length)... Janis Joplin, Tuscaloosa, sometime in 1970 (before 3 OCT) Yes w/ the Eagles opening, Tuscaloosa 1972. "Classic" lineup of the Yes Close to the Edge was already out so it was in essence the same concert as heard on Yessongs. Finally got to hear the classic lineup about 30 years later. Phil Collins, Birmingham, May 1985 (No Jacket Required tour) Styx w/ the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Feb. 2015. Could not get to Music City due to snows
  12. Do Lene Lovich's between-verses histrionics on "Lucky Number" count? They happen at the :37, 1:08 and 2:03 marks, and that last one goes straight into a "Nestea Plunge"-like move (sans a pool) by guitarist Les Chappell in the early MTV video. One periodical back then described her vocal stylings as "bird calls"...
  13. Here's an excerpt from a May 2012 interview with Lemmy about aging bands still performing. The band continues to purvey its pulverizing music, and plans to record a new studio album in January of 2013. While Kilmister turned recently turned 67, somehow, one can’t envision Motörhead lurching into the senior-citizen bracket while becoming a parody of itself. “That’s a terrible thing to watch, y’know?” he said of certain other aggregations. “That ain’t gonna happen to this band.”
  14. First thing that came to mind when I heard about this British Invasion icon's passing was his band's musical back-and-forth with Chuck Berry in the T.A.M.I. Show movie. In tended to be sort of a fathers-and-sons notion and it was memorable and perhaps appropriate. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/gerry-marsden-dead-dies-frontman-gerry-and-the-pacemakers-1234877910/
  15. If the Beatles had been a Southern Gospel vocal group....
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