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    I now only have a few "token examples " of classic models I use for lectures, + a few instruments custom-made to my specs (i.e., heirlooms) + an '84 Peavey utility bass + a ca. 2000 Peavey Wolfgang Special ST utility guitar
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    G & K Backline 110, Danelectro NIfty Fifty
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    Electro Harmonix---Small Stone, LPB-2; Danelectro chorus, distortion, and tuner (separate stomp boxes)

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    Hank Williams Territory
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    My family, writing, the Space Race + early experimental aircraft history, cardiovascular weight training, acting

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  1. JGale was right: Here it is almost two weeks later and the anchor melody is still bouncing around inside my cranium more than once a day. There's also this melody:
  2. Prayers sent up. Sounds like you've got a practical perspective on things, and for that you have my admiration. I'd noted selling off my guitar collection in that newspaper column about the collectible lunchbox a few weeks ago, but I didn't note therein was that a couple of motivating factors for disposing of my guitars are some health issues for both the Missus and me that have manifested themselves permanently within the last year...but I'm 71 and she's 70 and such maladies, while not particularly age-related, do seem to happen more often to older folks, maybe on accounta we've just been around longer. But it aren't easy if they hit when your body is in decline anyway. Wanna stay private about this until some stability is in effect, even if the permanent lifestyle's different (and it already is). Hang in there, Ceeb. Wishing you the best
  3. Then there's this homemade but decent video from 2018, 12 years after the Denmark show. The brief allusions to "When a Man Loves a Woman" and "No Woman, No Cry" are a lot of fun. And Brooker was 73 years old and still had the pipes. Got-Taw-Mitey...
  4. This version is pretty cool, too, and I'd never heard it before. Props to the backups singers. They seem to be mixed with a bit more volume than usual but methinks Joe still holds his own. Another song that Cocker could do justice to with a unique performance.
  5. Jeezus, I was weeping openly by the time that ended. What a great arrangement. Gary Brooker IS Procol Harum, of course. One of the most "distinctively passionate" voices in music history. Thank you for posting this. Apparently the concert is no longer available on CD; I'm a huge fan of Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (1971) as well their orchestral studio arrangements. Regret this one got by me.
  6. No offense to the recently departed, but when BOA emerged in the early '70s, I thought their presentation (records and in concert) was somewhat of a would-be (self-) parody of Southern Rock. Jim Dandy's buffoonery simply underlined such an, uh, aesthetic. I never took them or their music seriously. YMMV
  7. I think this has been discussed on this site before, but for me, a "reconstituted visual association" (somewhat akin to a music video) was the use of part of "In A Gadda Da Vida" in the climatic scene of the 1986 move Manhunter. Bushy's rapid-fire roll on his tom-tom(s) synced with William Petersen crashing through a plate glass window was unforgettable. The movie and the use of "IAGDV" still hold up, IMO. Noticed that band members were playing Mosrites on the covers of their first two albums + in the video Arm of Hamer posted.
  8. I managed to garner the box set of all four performances from which Performance-Rockin' the Fillmore was culled. Frampton gave an excellent interview RE the box set, and that article is in rotation on Vintage Guitar's archival section; enjoy: https://www.vintageguitar.com/18376/humble-pie-at-the-fillmore/
  9. Bummer. Understated foundation for the Stones' sound. As much of a human metronome as Ginger Baker but unflashy. He looked like he was really having fun in that Willie & the Poor Boys offshoot thing way back when.
  10. As a lot of HFCers already know, Albert Lee backed the Everly Brothers for an extended time. As a guest at a Pomona guitar show in the mid-'90s, he brought along a Gibson Everly Brothers model that one of the brothers had given him. Always thought that model was one of the coolest signature models ever, what with the star fretboard inlay (but Lee's had blocks w/ the top edge scalloped---like a J-200's stock inlay?), double pickguards, etc.
  11. https://nypost.com/2021/08/22/don-everly-of-rock-duo-the-everly-brothers-dead-at-84/ Family harmony vocals are almost always unique and enthralling, as exemplified by surnames like Gibb, Bellamy, Gatlin, Carter and others (even Osmond). The Everlys bridged country and early pop/rock in a unique manner. Really liked a late '60s single of theirs called "Milk Train" but it didn't chart as high as "Wake Up Little Susie", etc.
  12. One of the best and most prolific 'storytelling' songwriters ever. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/tom-t-hall-country-singer-and-harper-valley-p-t-a-composer-dead-at-85
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