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  1. Tremendous player, of course, but one unique and impressive thing about Stuart is his historian facet. Has done extensive research on country music history, and imparts it very well on camera. It's not surprising Ken Burns used him a lot...but there might have been a bit of video payola on account Stuart got his own brief profile segement...but so what... Stuart's photo book Pilgrims is also well done, and has been in my office library for a long time.
  2. Perused an article recently about C.T., and the text referred to them as a "legacy band". I've not heard or read the term before, so was that phrase synonymous with "classic rock band" (veterans still out there gettin' it done after decades) or was it a reference to the fact that the band now has second-generation members...or did "legacy band" mean something else? For that matter, other bands now have sons of earlier members, either playing with their sires (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Greg Kihn Band) or the offspring has replaced his deceased father (Ventures).
  3. Coupla observations: Family got into Meet & Greet, then we were taken on an unexpected private tour of the backstage set by Rick and Tom, bless their hearts. I couldn't really respond to most of our conversation back there, on accounta it's hard to talk when your mandible has abruptly dropped to the floor. Couldn't believe the collectibles that Rick, to his credit, takes on the road (he's always had some strong opinions about 'colleciting' vs. 'hoarding', and rightly so, IMO). Tom showed me the details of his new signature Gretsch 12-string bass, somewhat like his White Falcon basses, but based on a Chet Atkins solidbody. Note the 'G' brand and bookmatched pine top (including knot holes). Has a bookmatched flame maple back and the rims have leather tooling (seen in another concert shot hereon). Only instrument he used the whole evening. Got an obviously-unusual-sounding solo in, which segued into a Lou Reed medley, of all things. Zander got a great rhythm sound outta his Rickenbacker and his Tele, and his son seemed to favor one-pickup instruments. Enjoy the photos. Your comments invited. \
  4. RE: Law firms, howzabout Goniff, Swindle & Finagle?
  5. Will try to post concert photos and maybe a coupla remarks RE the show later today. Petersson only used one bass, but it was an unreal retro-style item. Stay tuned.
  6. I'd honestly forgotten that C.T. has an album called Busted, so the tagline came off as an unintended pun. Jeezus, I hate gettin' old. Got appointments next week w/ my chiropractor and a hernia surgeon.
  7. Lemme recommend my own physician, Dr. Melvin "Mel" Practice. He's an eye-ear-nose-and-wallet specialist. Feel better soon
  8. ...and my law firm is Howard, Fine & Howard...
  9. "Be Still": Doyle Dykes. Final (and only vocal) song on his brilliant Chameleon album, which includes a U2 medley, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", and a Coldplay medley.
  10. Was actually the founding bassist of what became Lynyrd Skynyrd but had left before Skynyrd recorded their first album (the shelved sessions from Muscle Shoals). A few years after departing, he joined 38 Special and stayed w/ them some 36 years before retiring a few years ago. Quiet and unassuming for the most part but got the job done.
  11. The man was a human metronome. Bassist Jeff Berlin once described Baker as having 'perfect disco timing'. From what I heard in more recent times, he continued to thrive and his abilities never diminished. One thing I found that was curious was that his somewhat-different speaking voice in real life matched what I'd heard in "Pressed Rat and Warthog"...
  12. Egalitarian article I penned for the al.com website about the owner of a Benedetto seven-string guitar. The website is a consortium of the largest newspapers in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile; reportedly the state's biggest news source: https://www.al.com/life/2019/10/central-alabama-guitarist-owned-a-first-of-its-kind-jazz-box.html Your comments invited. WGM
  13. Made the Atlanta show last Sunday. Unbelievable musicianship, and the three drummers concept was mind-blowing. Interview w/ Jakko Jakszyk accomplished. And, per some snide comments in the pre-concert thread I started, Jakszyk had a comment about the women in attendance. However, I can't get into the details of the show just yet on accounta I'm currently bantering with a periodical consortium about doing a King Crimson story (for pay) that's slightly expanded beyond a concert review but the Atlanta show will be interpolated. So I don't wanna get into the details just yet. If this option works out I'll post a link to it. The Jakszyk article will be in VIntage Guitar though.
  14. Watch for an upcoming interview soon in Vintage Guitar with Pat about his new Big Band album...yes, you read that correctly
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