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  1. Say what you will about Gaga's singing/music/what have you, that's all subjective. Fact is this girl is all pro. She took a potentially predictable Today Show appearance and turned it into entertainment genius when the sky opened and began downpouring into the first song. She took the ball and ran giving an amazing performance leaving it all on the stage. Many quasi-pros would have freaked, she loaded both barrels and fired.
  2. I'm not much of a metal fan, BUT I'm a HUGE fan of anybody who's out there working their thing, and kickin some arse. Good on ya boyz, great song, cool video, keep it up and thanks for sharin.
  3. Excellent!! Thanks for sharing. The experience a young mind will remember forever, and a wealth of inspiration to shape a young mind. Well done dad!
  4. I've been equally if not more phickle and inconsistant as a customer, than Hamer has as a source. My only frustration now is that as a quasi-adult with real responsibilities, I can no longer afford to play in the custom order world the way I used to years ago. But when asked, Hamer is and will likely always be my number one, Joel or no Joel. No other guitar brings the goosebumps the same way for me.
  5. Sweet spot รท 100w amp x neighbors = Can't get there from here.
  6. Yep. Not that anybody asked, but I don't have 5 min for Jol or his opinions. After nearly 15 years of this board generating, what.. maybe millions of dollars of new and used Hamer sales, he to the best of my knowledge has never once posted a hello or note of thanks to HFC. In my book he sounds like a royal pain the ass, that built some sweet stuff.
  7. A Zandard is made with Zebrawood, otherwise the same thing.
  8. Drop the bound board, and gimme jazzburst over a subtle flametop and I'll commit at 2.5K. Anybody else?
  9. Les Pauls: typically overpriced, often over-rated, and frequently diss'd by the corksniffer masses, but I've always gotta have one around. Yes, unlike Hamer and many other brands you do have to comb through the pile to find a good one, but when you've found it, it's magic.
  10. I'm in if you do another BCR Jr. run similar to or as pic'd. Those were awesome guitars! I'd buy one but nobody is selling. They must be good. Right! Case 'n point. I doubt any ten of us will agree on the spec for this proposed fantasy run, BUT if there were a dozen or so BCR Jr's suddenly available bet they'd be gone by days end.
  11. I say we initiate the first ever run of Hamer relics, and call it the HFC wannabe series. Comes certified by real Hamer employees that each instrument was hand pummelled and dragged through the lutherian utopia of New Hartford, CT streets. Each headstock hand burned with Swisher grape butts.
  12. I'll jump on the pipedream bandwagon for fun; Mahog Standard in cherry Unbound w/dots on ebony fat neck w/gotohs bwb pickguard Nickel bling Rios Snap!
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