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  1. Now that is NICE!!! Marc, did you custom order that one? First the Vee-8 and then a Ultimate-4-semi, what a wonderful twisted and genius mind you have sir!!! Peter I wish I had the vision to come up with such a great custom order. Someone else gets the credit for this one. I bought it from the original owner. Great looking bass. I was tempted either when it was for sale ...
  2. 3 56432 - I guess there could be one out there with a later number if it was finished before mine. Let's hope the remaining Hamers can be finished somehow. And by the way, I tried for more than one, but it was too late. Indeed would be great if the remaining Hamers would be finished either. Waited at least nearly two years for number 2 56421 ... with a lucky end. So my best wishes for these guys!!
  3. Ok. Time for some more basses ;-) My one and only custom HAMER order ever ...
  4. Someone had a terrific idea!Can't wait to see this progress. Thanks for the update, Northfield. +1 Ament style with a single boomer ....
  5. Seeing this killer guitar makes me really want to have a Hamer Standard Bass looking like that ...
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