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  1. I'm more surprised that many people are still buying CDs. My CD player stopped working a while ago, I looked at what was available, and didn't replace it. Instead I got out an old laptop with a CD drive and use it as a digital file source. I'll occasionally stop at a used record store and check out both vinyl and CDs, or stop by the library. Then the CD gets transferred and put in a box. I have a turntable and quite a few records, mostly as I was in music school in the late 80s and have a lot of jazz records never released on CD. That and transferring to digital is a it more involved with vinyl.
  2. On another forum someone posted a guitar photo without any mention of the poker chip, but it read "Piss / Vinegar."
  3. The brown satin paint seems to hide some of the dings in the photo, but this is my 2002 Highway One Strat. My first (and for a long time, only) electric. It has dings from the soft finish, has been fully refretted, and was bought as a "blem" for $400. But it has helped me though a lot of tough times. Being able to play it, unplugged. while being hooked up to an IV for several hours a day during a long hospital stint greatly helped my sanity. Also, perhaps because of the thin finish and all it has been through, but it vibrates when played far more than any other I've owned or tried.
  4. I updated above, but I wasn't receiving interest, so I sold a Pro Jr and will keep the Champ. Both guitars were sold to a large retailer, so let me know if you want to watch. It kind of hurt to sell, especially to a retailer, but it's behind me.
  5. So many possibilities. Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde Grendel / Grendel's Mom! Hobbes / Calvin Han / Chewie The Brain / Pinky Tali / Liara Wayne / Garth Elwood / Jake Horatio / Hamlet Athena / Aphrodite The Sound / The Fury Sancho Panza / Don Quixote Ernie / Bert Pedro / Napoleon Ketchup / Salsa!
  6. By the way, if anyone is interested I'm also looking to sell a 2012 Collings OM1 acoustic for $3,000 and a 2012 G&L Korina ASAT Jr II (1 of 100) for $1,200. Plus shipping/fees on both. I haven't listed them anywhere yet, but I can create full listings should anyone be into fancy acoustics or wicked sounding (but humming) P90 korina electrics. I'm nervous about shipping the Collings, though.
  7. Out of curiosity I calculated a FedEx rate for a 25lb package in a 16"x16"x10" box insured for $800 from where I am to Paris, France. It said $475-564. Yow.
  8. Update 3/1. I wasn't receiving interest, so I sold both guitars along with one more to a large retailer today. I also sold a Pro Jr and will keep the Champ. Thanks. I posted this amp on TDPRI yesterday and thought I’d list it here should there be any interest. It’s a hand-wired amp based on the classic 5F1 Champ circuit by Eric Rumbinas / “muchXS.” A frequent builder and poster at the TDPRI for a while, especially in 2013 when I bought it. I don’t believe he has posted in some time, however. I’ve seen a few posts asking about him, but that’s about it. He said he tweaks the 5F1 circuit a bit, but I don’t have a schematic. The amp has a 6”x9” speaker. Eric explained the choice, “The 6"x9" gives me a choice of vintage speakers everyone else seems to ignore. Real vintage Jensens and Oxfords without the vintage Jensen price! I think they provide a little better bass compared to an 8" speaker.” He also included a baffle with a cut out for an 8” speaker should I decide to use that (just a baffle, not an extra speaker.) It also has two inputs. One is standard, the other, in his words is, “a Gibson GA-5 style fixed bottom cleat to my '50s sized cabinet. I add a speaker jack centered in the cleat. Again, it's functionally a little different. It cuts out the internal speaker and sends full power to the extension speaker. That means you can use it at home or in the studio with a low volume vintage internal speaker or plug it into modern speakers for surprising volume.” I’ve always used it as a combo with the stock speaker and have not tried the extension jack. I paid $535 in 2013 and waited a little over three months for it. I would like to net the $535, which I think is a descent deal for a hand-wired amp, albeit with an MIA builder. Should someone be near Northeast Ohio I’d be happy not to ship it, but we can work out costs otherwise. Here’s a short video of the wiring/interior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnwQorlfqCc
  9. Yeah. It's not giving a lot of incentive so far, especially compared to new guitar pricing. So far I am a bit surprised that the DGS offer isn't far from that of the local Sam Ash, and I've yet to hear back from CME or an area boutique for my fancy acoustic. But it makes forum classifieds like this more appealing. If I decide to let my Hamer go for that low I'll put it here first. But I rediscovered an amp. I've had a Fender Pro Jr in the basement for years, bumped when I bought a hand-wired tweed Champ style. I figured I should check if it works. Brought it up, tried it out with my PRS Mira and Hamer Artist (neither of which I had when I last used the amp), and didn't remember its sounding that good. So given the chances of finding anything nearly as good for the offered $150-250, I'm thinking it would be silly to let go.
  10. I contacted a few places to get some estimates, including DGS. One person (not at DGS) told me the market for Hamers goes up and down and kind of gave me a meh range. I'm thinking if I could find that guitar for that price I'd jump on it all over again. Same with the G&L offer, incidentally.
  11. That must have been quick. I was looking over the site as I recently got a quote for some gear I'm considering parting with. The trade amounts were much more appealing. But I don't recall seeing that.
  12. Thanks for bumping this and this thread. I've also dealt with depression for a long time, since I was about 12. I've never sought professional help, mostly as I fear if I honestly answered a certain question I'd be involuntarily committed. I also don't really have anyone in my life I can much rely on nor fully share these things with. Through childhood any hints to my parents would result in anger and dismissal, being told not to ever say such things and the like. A few years ago it got scary enough that I locked away things that could be lethal in an instant. (Grew up around them). Anyway, a few things that have helped me include having something, anything to look forward to and keep going. Whether a commitment to work or friends, reading a book, learning a new skill/song, continuing to work on something. In the last few years I've volunteered with a large disaster relief organization, which has also helped keep perspective. And the major one has been having creative outlets. Whether playing an instrument or writing, being able to get out and process thoughts and feelings helped me deal with them. Writing especially helped when I was hospitalized for five months after an accident, botched surgery, and infection. I still have the notebooks I filled, but I've never read them. And as silly as it may sound, changing my diet and general lifestyle greatly helped with my depression. I did it as I really needed to lose weight, but I was surprised how much getting away from processed/fast/unhealthy food and eating decent, healthy things affected my depression and mood. Also making time to be active--and avoiding spending time idle in front of screens--helped. And while I've been maintaining the weight loss for the last couple years, I still note how much better I feel when being among trees and the like for a while, whether on foot or bicycle. So while my depression hasn't disappeared, the number of dark days are far less, and they are much less severe. And I don't know how it will turn out in the end, but I have made it much further than I expected. And I've taken time to note the good things. The instances where I look around or experience something and think, "I'm glad I'm still here for this."
  13. I'm also looking at downsizing. A couple things are spurring this on besides age. One is I'm seeing a friend deal with her late father's estate, including dozens of guitars. He left behind a pretty big mess in general. The other is medical bills. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, as I chipped a tooth, and my monthly medical insurance fees (no dental) are quite high, despite my being in remarkable health after dropping a lot of weight. Today I sent inquiries to a couple shops for a baseline. I'm looking to pare seven (5 electric, 2 acoustic) down to four (three electric and an acoustic). Also one of the amps. I may even go down to one or two guitars. The ones I'm looking to keep are the plainer ones. The only two guitars I spent over $1K on (over $2k for an acoustic) and had high hopes for are the first I'm looking to let go. The one I spent the least on, all of $400, will be the last I sell, but it was my first and only guitar for a long time. I'm also looking at my accumulation of books and records and thinking that's a lot to leave for someone to deal with, so I'm looking for options there, too. At least I think people will want the records, mostly jazz (I'm a recovering tenor sax player), but I'm afraid the CDs are destined for landfill.
  14. Maybe the seller chipped a tooth. And he thought his dentist played guitar. So he listed the guitars on Reverb for exorbitant prices, and during the procedure took out his phone, said the bill is going to be a bit rough, but he does have these stellar guitars to trade for dental work. Not that I'm thinking of such a scenario because I chipped a tooth a couple days ago and am dreading how much the dentist visit Monday is going to cost. I don't know if the dentist plays guitar, though. Nor if he's left or right handed.
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