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  1. That's all hot-glue used at the factory to keep everything still and from rattling about. It's a hell of a crossover. The board it's mounted to won't make it out of the 12" woofer's hole as it's wedged behind a cylinder encasing one of the mid drivers. I can't get that cylinder out without ruining it. So the caps stay until I feel like really doing surgery. I can picture them lying on a table and me going in like some doctor in a Far Side cartoon. Since I've moved them into a bigger room with a pool table in it, they're more for background music than serious listening. It's a pair o
  2. Yeah, but when the crossover looks like this and you can’t even get it out of the cabinet, you just put it back and leave well enough alone.
  3. One of my favorite Kinks songs. Nope. My favorite Kinks song.
  4. Excellent decision with the amber knobs. A subtle and striking difference.
  5. Spinal Tap is perhaps the greatest film ever made.
  6. Clever use of tools. I had to measure some exhaust pipe diameter recently. I took two ruler-squares and set them on opposite sides of the pipe and measured the distance between them.
  7. I recall that he knew it, was called on it, and decided to die on that hill. I'm sure Mr. Matthes can clarify if he wishes.
  8. I agree with JGale. Could easily be a loose tube / bad connection as opposed to microphonic. Take 'em out and put them back in. I fixed the climate control on one of my cars by taking the fuse out, looking at it funny, and then putting it back in.
  9. I'm revving up to do a replacement of the entire front end of a Hafler DH-200 audio amplifier, where there's a well documented and designed set of boards with a completely new circuit. Just keep the chassis, the power supply + caps, and the output mosfets. With the projects you're doing, I see that they'll sell you the boards, but are you independently getting the box and components from various places? My Hafler kit included a project shopping cart for Mouser, which was incredibly convenient even if there are a few back-ordered and replacement components. Just wondering what a pro
  10. Yup, lots of vintage equipment available on Craigslist. Speaker surrounds tend to go; amp capacitors tend to leak. But the difference in quality back before the cheap surround-sound boom of the mid nineties is amazing.
  11. This board is 95% of the market for any sort of meaningful Hamer USA revival. Who else wants one ( or even remembers the brand?) As much as the HFC loves the brand and the past, what this board's market wants is the build quality of Hamer USA and custom order possibilities in evolutionary designs. And that is covered by Shishkov.
  12. Might as well throw it away.
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