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  1. @atquinn, where’s he been? I bought a T51 from him years ago. It’s moved on, of course.
  2. Can you describe its acoustic... Ah, you know the rest.
  3. I certainly enjoyed its stay with me. But even more fun was some of the conversations I had with TommyP and Tom Teriffic both coming and going. Part of my childhood (and college years, go Flyers!) were in Terrific's hometown of Dayton, and were I not here in the woods of Maine, Dayton would be the place for me.
  4. That's a whole lot of whammy bars. I think the basses have them too.
  5. Calling @Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame, chance to replicate your guitar project and sell at a loss.
  6. I love the playfulness between the two, and the excellent use of stereo panning at the end of the song. Just a coquettish bit of fun, kind of a non-Christmas-y "Baby it's Cold Outside.."
  7. @mudshark, that second video was fabulous. Thanks!
  8. I expected some downhearted observations about how rock is dead and music is forgotten* and got exactly the opposite. How upbeat and encouraging! Thanks for sharing! *Me projecting my own cynicism?
  9. Was listening to Briefcase Full of Blues just last night. Great album featuringJake and Elwood.
  10. Holy cow! I take a day off from the HFC and look what happens. I’ve been thinking of DMing you on the hi-fi front, but been too busy listening to a new toy (based on your recommendations to my brother) to get around to it. get well soon and take care of yourself!
  11. It's a high price. I'm not willing to pay it; others are. Good for JB. Then again, I had the opportunity to see Lady Gaga this summer at a business conference for the price of a 45 minute shuttle ride to the event center. That was too high a price for me. Instead I paid $45 for a quick round of golf at the hotel I was staying. I chose what I valued more. Played fairly well, too!
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