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  1. Soon to head to the paint booth...
  2. Somewhere between collecting and accumulating we find the happy land of using a lot of quality stuff for our hobbies and needs. Tools, stereo equipment, records and CDs (and all my mixed tapes from the 80s!), motorcycles, books, Legos, cars* and headphones. How many friggin' pairs of headphones do I have? Oh, and fountain pens. These days, $60 and up will get you a quality fountain pen. I write a good 3-5 pages of notes and thoughts daily, mostly for work. Fountain pens are as diverse as guitars when it comes to nib styles, sizes, methods of holding ink, etc. My two daily pens are both italic-nibbed (can't write any other way): TWSBI Diamond 580 and a Conklin Duragraph: *we're actually down to 4 cars, which is manageable. Two are under 100k miles!
  3. Collecting or just accumulating stuff? 'Cause we've got six kids and have been married 25 years. I've got a lot of stuff.
  4. There are a couple of forms of revenge available. You can flag the item. I suppose the purpose of that mechanism is that if enough people complain, Craigslist will do something about it, or maybe the poster just gets an automated email each time someone flags it. You can obviously just send the lister a response. Everyone loves to be told they're being a dick. You can post a retaliation add with the same header and verbiage and tell the lister publicly they're doing it wrong. Or you can send it to the hall of fame, "best of craigslist" where the listings will live on as fodder for internet forums and memes forever. Quick Craigslist guitar story: I once bought some kind of special edition Epiphone Les Paul model here. Pretty yellow quilted top; nice. $200 ish. Sold it on Craigslist a couple years later. $200 ish. Saw it hanging on the wall of my local mom and pop shop a couple years after that (I recognized the aftermarket pups). $699. It sold. How about that?
  5. Isn’t “Craigslist anomaly“ an oxymoron, or a tautology or something? Ain’t they all just crazy?
  6. Great fun when doing serious hi fi rig listening
  7. I’m finishing my project of putting heated grips on my FJR. They’re wired up with a relay, just need to cut the old ones off and slide the new ones on. Oh, and I’ve got a truss rod or two to tweak.
  8. I, for one, will be happy to be the recipient of something made while the artist was excited and creative. That type of enthusiasm tends to flow over into everything. The 90s will be special. 😀
  9. Pics! They won't necessarily help, but we'd love to see it anyway.
  10. Toadroller

    Eric Otten

    Seconded and contributed. Through Mrs. Toadroller, many years ago, we had dinner with her co-worker, whose husband had been an early Evans Scholar recipient (1940s?) and who had carried for a pro on the younger, smaller, post-war PGA tour (everything was black and white film in those days) whose name escapes me but was recognizable to me at the time. My eldest, at the time a precocious 4-year-old golfer, was enthralled by those stories and eventually did some good caddying of his own. Cheers, Caddie! Cheers!
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