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  1. Well, that sucks. Sorry that happened.
  2. As our escapee Mitch ( @Feynman ) once said, β€œall you really need is a telecaster.”
  3. A year or two back, I had something for sale on Reverb, like $900. Offer: $500, replied "no." five minutes later, offer $600, replied "no." five minutes later, offer $700, replied "no." One hour later, offer $800, replied "Sold." All while watching a movie, having a cocktail, with my phone in my hand. He met my price.
  4. I've been using the Amazon HD service the last 5-6 months. Available across devices, offline mode, lets you know the sampling rates available and the rate my equipment limits it to. I'm basically going through streaming tv boxes (fireTV, Roku) HDMI up to the TV, taking the TV's optical out into a D/A and then into my old-school hi-fi. Sound is great. The Amazon App could sure use a usability upgrade. I had a Rio Karma music player back in the day (2002?) that did seamless playback of albums and cross-fading of tracks on random, and none of my playback software or devices does that. Amazon HD has crashed from time to time. Restart and continue. Usability and stability are great on the phone, though. It's astounding that you can use a phone through a portable DAC like a DragonFly (or a gazillion other choices ranging from $20 to $2000) and get phenomenal sound like this. That said, I got a Denon DL-310mk2 moving coil cartridge for Christmas and there are times and places where good old analog is the better choice. Plus the chase is more fun.
  5. Nice job painting! Air-compressor driven or rattle can?
  6. What's the body look like without a pick guard? I'm for the traditional guard.
  7. Given my childhood of the early 70s, watching Sonny & Cher, Donnie & Marie, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Shields & Yarnell, Laugh in... he must have crossed my path at some point. Maybe I was too young for him to register. Funny stuff and amazing talent there.
  8. Had never heard of him. That I can recall. Musical comedy is the best, though. Tom Lehrer, Smothers Brothers, Victor Borge... universal appeal.
  9. You could just specialize in headstocks. Why are you diluting your talent across a whole guitar? 😊😊😊
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