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  1. @HamerCustomEr You're clearly missing a Monaco III in that collection. Financially, Mrs. Toadroller and I have (finally) reached the point where buying another piece of stereo equipment, guitar or purse or camera lens isn't a big deal. So we pursue our personal interests. It's having space that's become the limiting factor.
  2. It's the music. Lordy, I've never wanted to see them in concert. First note of Hotel California* and boom- next song please. * should be the thread-ender and all-time, universally-agreed-to winner of "Songs I don't ever need to hear again"
  3. Don't know how I missed this thread, but it's reducing down to a simmering sauce that exposes classic rock radio for the 500 song rotation that it is. That said, I HATE THE FUCKING EAGLES. *I could listen to Ray Charles sing Georgia on my Mind and Susan Tedeschi sing Angel from Montgomery for the rest of my life
  4. ?RSD? Love the Pretenders. Earlier today I was musing that "Learning to Crawl" is forty freakin' years old!
  5. Well, it was @murkat 'Nuff said.
  6. You ever wonder what happens to old Nokia phones? They get distributed to Guitar Centers around the country for taking ad pictures.
  7. Guitar Center's used department has been good fishin' through the years. I've bought an Artist and a Koa Mirage 2 and a few others at good prices. And just asking here can bring something out of a closet or from under a bed.
  8. I've been tempted by that bass many a time through the years. It's just purty.
  9. With all the wishes and dreams and ideas in this thread, I never thought it would come down to a double-neck.
  10. "Can you describe it's acoustic voice?"
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