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  1. Toadroller

    New Guitar to me day : MonEl

    That's classy.
  2. And the baby following along. Adorable!
  3. Toadroller

    My Next Build

    You win.
  4. Toadroller

    NGD - Gibson SG Standard in Pelham Blue

    Rumor has it those sound better. Congrats!
  5. Toadroller

    Newport Pups

    I'm thinking it's a bit of German sneaking through. I'm no speaker of German, but die is the article for "the", so I'm thinking Gorch was saying it's great to have a Newport with any kind of pickup.
  6. Those are great! Always wanted one of the original Talmans, but could never find one that met my price. Bought one of their semi-hollows (it had to have been made in the mid 2000s) and it was pretty bland compared to the semi-hollow AS73 Ibanez 339-ish guitar, which I love.
  7. Toadroller

    #87 Super-C

  8. Toadroller

    Where is the Pizza Day Standard?

    Pics or it happened.
  9. Toadroller

    What's Spinnin' ..

  10. Toadroller


    That's fabulous!
  11. Toadroller


    There are not enough pictures of your new Studio in this thread. The one we have is awesome, though! Congrats!
  12. Toadroller

    Do you bring your Hamers on tour?

    I've taken them on long business trips, if that counts.
  13. I was listening to a Dylan tune from Slow Train Comin' (maybe?) and said- Ooh, that's Knopfler! Looked it up, sure enough. I was listening to a Thomas Dolby tune from A Map of the Floating City and said- Ooh, that's Knopfler! Looked it up, sure enough.
  14. Toadroller

    PSA Joke...

    Probably more than it cost new. I sold a first-Korean-run "Slammer Series" (not to be confused with one of these Slammer by Hamer thingies) for about $120 this year. It was a perfectly serviceable and playable guitar, in very clean condition, but who wants one? I paid $100 in the first place. The joke here is the seller thinking or pretending he has something special, when it's the equivalent of a Wal Mart guitar.