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  1. Plus, Bubs' never-ending-assortment is guaranteeeeeed to have what you're looking for. Tomorrow, yesterday, today.
  2. By the way, that’s gorgeous. And welcome aboard the good ship HFC.
  3. And in the end... you can watch it again:
  4. Regarding #96, "I know there's buffing going on"
  5. His facial description of his flea-market amp at 20:00 (just click play above). Too awesome!
  6. Because I don't need another guitar and already have a koa Mirage and I like the 25.5 scale double cuts and that top was too much to resist and gin martini and what the heck, why not?
  7. That “Roundabout “ cover and the title track, “Vibrato” are awesome. Paul is my favorite guitarist and his joy at everything he does is contagious.
  8. Watched the first. Listened to a Cheap Trick album today and this jumped out at me from a song.
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