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  1. You gentlemen know how to dress for success! What was the price for it?
  2. Aw, man! who wrote on the back of it with a Sharpie? Seriously, though, byootiful and a very unique color palette!
  3. $800? That's a no-brainer. Wish I had known- that's almost the config I want in a Newport anyway: sparkle orange and either phat cats or P90s. The Bigsby is neither here nor there for me.
  4. Why... would you add that pick guard and swap out P90s for soapbar humbuckers? At that point, just admit to yourself it's the wrong guitar for you and get a different one. And that aspirational asking price...
  5. ^^^^ Even out of context that's still funny.
  6. Arright; I'll reveal my ignorance and ask to be educated. What are the measurement boundaries. Back of the neck to.. top of fretboard? Top of fret?
  7. Congrats! It's always fun to hear new things in recordings you've listened to thousands of times. I assume they're near-field monitors? I've always likened that experience to having a really big set of headphones. So close that you're really getting all the details.
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