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  1. Plus, Bubs' never-ending-assortment is guaranteeeeeed to have what you're looking for. Tomorrow, yesterday, today.
  2. By the way, that’s gorgeous. And welcome aboard the good ship HFC.
  3. And in the end... you can watch it again:
  4. Regarding #96, "I know there's buffing going on"
  5. His facial description of his flea-market amp at 20:00 (just click play above). Too awesome!
  6. Because I don't need another guitar and already have a koa Mirage and I like the 25.5 scale double cuts and that top was too much to resist and gin martini and what the heck, why not?
  7. That “Roundabout “ cover and the title track, “Vibrato” are awesome. Paul is my favorite guitarist and his joy at everything he does is contagious.
  8. Watched the first. Listened to a Cheap Trick album today and this jumped out at me from a song.
  9. Tubes... analog... are surprisingly amazing.
  10. Buddy of mine had a 72 Skylark with Cragars and air shocks in the back, and an 8 track up front (in 85!!!) and this album plus an Eagles album. high school. How many times did I risk death? Every time I got in his car.
  11. Rubber biscuit! some serious hum going on in the recording. Think it was Duck Dunn’s bass amp.
  12. Wow, there’s something I didn’t know existed. Ive got a pair if the Paul Gilbert “firemen“ and know an iceman variant is somewhere in my future. But that Greco is a unique bird! Especially with the case!
  13. I picked up one of those a few years ago for the same reasons- a step into the 335 direction. Love it even with the stock Ibby pups, though I can imagine 57 classics take it to the next level. Mine’s yellow. Like that.
  14. Enjoying it right now with some of Wisconsin’s finest:
  15. DL-301 mk2-> DP47 -> Nakamichi CA5 -> Aragon 4004 -> HSU HB1mk2 + VTF2 mk5 -> my ears -> my soul. Canadian excellence to Japanese moving coils to Japanese servo-controlled decks to Japanese precision control to ‘Murican iron to Korean sonic air transducers. Interesting chain with fabulous results.
  16. Who among us hasn’t had one* of bub’s castaways? love that flamed neck! * or two, or three...
  17. You rang? I’ve got a Stellar 1 picked up off of eBay easily a decade ago. A bargain at $100. It also had an interesting mix of aftermarket pups in it- a Seymour Duncan of some kind in the bridge and a no-name PAF in the neck. It was another step in the direction and growth into USA Hamers as I could afford them. Very unique in the Hamer history in that they weren’t an import version of an existing model. Same color as what you just picked up. The figured tops are lacewood, a fancy name for oak, and they look great. Enjoy!
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