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    '98 Phantom Custom, '95 Studio (wraptail)
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    '63 Gibson Falcon, '71 Quad Reverb, Silvertone Cabinet w/Celestions
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    Boss ME-33 Multifx, Rocktron Silver Dragon, Danelectro 7 band eq, self-modified boss sd-1, a handful of arion tubulators that I've modded

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  1. HAHA. That kills me. I really hope that it's a serious ad. It smells pretty sarcastic, but still hilarious
  2. How much do the quality of effects pedals and the cables you use to connect them come into play here? If I get a good quality 18' cable and then have runn-of-the-mill cables on my pedalboard, will I hear any difference at all? Or, if I have Boss pedals, does that cancel out anything gained by a good cable?
  3. Call me when the deal goes through I'd love one too ... and by the time that one gets built, I probably will be able to afford it, haha
  4. love those toe shots ... I would say it was worth that. Does it play well and sound good? yes? then yes.
  5. I like all the idiots who come here trying to pull a fast one on us and we shoot out of the sky. I just love their pissed-off reactions when we catch them.
  6. A very happy birthday to you Gary. I hope that everything is going well. By the by, the studio came yesterday and she just sings. Thanks a million!!
  7. On my phantom custom I took out the JB (hated it, like you said, too hot/brittle/crappy) and put in a 9.5k High Order A5 humbucker. I really like it. Now the humbucker sounds as alive as the acoustic sound/single coils. the picture is a little blurry, but it's a double adjustable coil humbucker. I also went with a zebra one. What do you guys think of the look of it?
  8. My first and only: '98 Phantom Custom (I love this guitar)
  9. I think that with a little more greens, blues, and purples I would really like that finish.
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