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  1. Mindseyes


  2. Hate to hear about you guys having problems!!! I have never used this stuff but it may help when yall's finger tips are giving yall problems http://rock-tips.com/
  3. I use to live by the it's got to sound good unplugged to sound good threw a amp but my PRS Modern Eagle from the original run kIlled that one for me. That guitar sounds rather dull unplugged but plugged in its just amazing!!!
  4. So lets get this straight, 20 minutes or so after you put the guitar up it falls? Sorry but if you would have put it up "wrong" it would have fell almost immediately, the fact that they have had guitars fall all by them self's is the clincher here. They need better wall hangers, period! These come to mind, pretty much idiot proof http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=hercules+guitar+hangers&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=2974874873407073677&sa=X&ei=ogOcT8LCLYLc2gXhu7DzDg&ved=0CJwBEPICMAQ
  5. Katy perry songs.....Girls for the most part love her songs
  6. Thanks for the input guys! This was actually for my other guitar player, we messed around with his board today and got it sounding pretty good with the boost knob on his Maxon compressor, he's running a 30' to his board from a racked wireless and then another 30' back to the amp and was missing some gain on his drive tones, juicing it with the comp. has seemed to make him happy once again.
  7. Hey guys whats out there to help combat signal loss over long cable runs? Do I need something like the vht valvulator? Thanks for looking!!
  8. The most "balanced" acoustic that I have ever played was a I think early 90's 610, I think that was the model # Quilted maple back and sides, I kick myself almost daily for letting that one go.....
  9. this is one of the reasons i like the tonelab over the axe-fx i had. tonelabs use a 12ax7 to simulate the power section of a tube amp; it "felt more real" than the axe-fx. #2 reason was that i liked the basic clean & crunch tones better (i don't use much effects). i also compared a rack carvin SS amp to just the power section of my crate powerblock (bypassing the powerblock's preamp via the rca jacks in back); i could not tell the difference at all between the class D SS amp (powerblock) and whatever class of poweramp the carvin is. later i compared the powerblock to stikes peavey 60w all tube poweramp. there was a slight difference in the high end (the peavey was slightly softer sounding), but it was very very subtle (my blind bassist couldn't tell the difference, and i probalby wouldn't have been able to tell except that i was switching the cables from one to the other). the peavey was 2 or 3 rack unit sized and weighed a ton. so, thats how i ended up w/ such a ghetto rig. yes, i am cheap! but i honestly set out to have a state of the art axe-fx system, but my ears (and my back) led me to this; this is my rig for the rush tribute, but when i jam covers w/ wizard sleeves i just use the tonelab, powerblock, and a cab; everything but my guitar and cab fits in a medium duffle bag (tonelab/powerblock/cables/folding guitar stand), weighs maybe 20lbs. the other thing that always seems to come up in these tube/modeler threads is folks totally dismissing one for the other, which i don't get. you can have a modeling rig AND a tube rig, they are just tools. you don't have to swear alleigence to just one. I love your ghetto rig!!!! And I totally agree with your last statement, I honestly just love gear be it tube or SS......they are all tool's, its a great time to be a guitar player with all the neat stuff that's out there. Im so happy I found a light weight rig that makes me happy without feeling like im compromising some part of the tones I like because I just spent a SHIT TON of money on back surgery to fix myself and I dont plan on throwing that away hauling 300 lbs of gear to gig every weekend.
  10. I looked at it from the "its to much $" point of view for a while also until I started adding up the cost of all the pedals and other stuff that ive bought and sold most of the time losing cash over the years, at this point I could sell the AxeII rig for what I have in it or more and I cant say that about any other of the gear ive bought. I run mine with the MFC-101 set up like a pedal board with delay, flange, Etc. for the most part but I also have patches were I have a ton of stuff going on or off with one footswitch, being able to stop the "tap dancing" was a HUGE selling point for me. I was like a bunch of you guy for a long time when it came to my tube amp and pedals and after trying all the line 6 stuff and other modelers over the years I was pretty sure I would hate the damn thing but it worked for me, it gives me a better tone than my real amp and the most important thing to me was the feel was just right.....Thats why I hated everything else i had tried until the AxeII, I could get a sound I was cool with but the feel was all wrong. It also play's nice with other tube amps, my other guitar player plays a Mesa Recto and on the 10 or so gig's ive done with the AxeII I never felt like I was getting buried or had any trouble cutting threw the live mix, on one of my last gigs with it we opened for 3 Doors Down and the touring sound guy found me after the set to drill me about what I was doing because he really liked to tones I was getting, that was a big confidence booster in what I was doing!! I think there is a big misconception on the WWW that the AxeII is super hard to program and get good tones out of and maybe that was true about the Ultra and Standard(never owned either) but I have never took more than 10 min. setting up any of my patches and most of them I have done right on the box it's self YMMV of course but that has been my experience with it I am not trying to change anyone's mind on these things, Im just sharing how it has worked for me for what I do. At this point the only thing I miss about my "real" amp is the look, because a half stack just looks COOL!!!!!
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