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  1. Hate to hear about you guys having problems!!! I have never used this stuff but it may help when yall's finger tips are giving yall problems http://rock-tips.com/
  2. I use to live by the it's got to sound good unplugged to sound good threw a amp but my PRS Modern Eagle from the original run kIlled that one for me. That guitar sounds rather dull unplugged but plugged in its just amazing!!!
  3. So lets get this straight, 20 minutes or so after you put the guitar up it falls? Sorry but if you would have put it up "wrong" it would have fell almost immediately, the fact that they have had guitars fall all by them self's is the clincher here. They need better wall hangers, period! These come to mind, pretty much idiot proof http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=hercules+guitar+hangers&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=2974874873407073677&sa=X&ei=ogOcT8LCLYLc2gXhu7DzDg&ved=0CJwBEPICMAQ
  4. Katy perry songs.....Girls for the most part love her songs
  5. Thanks for the input guys! This was actually for my other guitar player, we messed around with his board today and got it sounding pretty good with the boost knob on his Maxon compressor, he's running a 30' to his board from a racked wireless and then another 30' back to the amp and was missing some gain on his drive tones, juicing it with the comp. has seemed to make him happy once again.
  6. Hey guys whats out there to help combat signal loss over long cable runs? Do I need something like the vht valvulator? Thanks for looking!!
  7. The most "balanced" acoustic that I have ever played was a I think early 90's 610, I think that was the model # Quilted maple back and sides, I kick myself almost daily for letting that one go.....
  8. this is one of the reasons i like the tonelab over the axe-fx i had. tonelabs use a 12ax7 to simulate the power section of a tube amp; it "felt more real" than the axe-fx. #2 reason was that i liked the basic clean & crunch tones better (i don't use much effects). i also compared a rack carvin SS amp to just the power section of my crate powerblock (bypassing the powerblock's preamp via the rca jacks in back); i could not tell the difference at all between the class D SS amp (powerblock) and whatever class of poweramp the carvin is. later i compared the powerblock to stikes peavey 60w all
  9. I looked at it from the "its to much $" point of view for a while also until I started adding up the cost of all the pedals and other stuff that ive bought and sold most of the time losing cash over the years, at this point I could sell the AxeII rig for what I have in it or more and I cant say that about any other of the gear ive bought. I run mine with the MFC-101 set up like a pedal board with delay, flange, Etc. for the most part but I also have patches were I have a ton of stuff going on or off with one footswitch, being able to stop the "tap dancing" was a HUGE selling point for me. I wa
  10. The first day I had my AxeII I was running it with the VHT and a set up a AB-Y switch to switch between my recto and the Axe, within about 10-15 min. I had it dialed in damn near exact to my recto, my other guitar player and band could not tell the difference in blind taste test, I set my other guitar player up and let him play while I switched between the two and he couldn't tell them apart with sound and feel. You would probably really like it running it with a tube power amp and cab, for me with the latest FW the sound and fill has gotten so good that I don't feel like i need the power amp
  11. Think hard before deciding. The Mesa got you through a decade of gigging/recording. It can't possibly do what the Axe-FX is capable of replicating. But, it is a great tube amp, so, if I were in your shoes, I would keep both. If selling is a financial consideration, then do what you have to do. You never know, the day might come when the Boogie would come in handy and it's gone. Solid points bro.......the thing for me is that black box actually nails the recto tones better and more consistent than my actual recto. The other thing for me to keep in mind is I just had back surgery and am havin
  12. I got my first Fractal product a AxeFxII last July and have totally loved every min. with it. I gigged it up until December when I had back surgery with a VHT poweramp running into a Mesa Boogie 4-12 and was very pleased with what I was getting out of it. I really like how it allowed me to get mt stage volume way down because I was sending a line out to FOH and then bringing the cab volume up just a little to fill out my monitor mix, every sound guy was very pleased with what I was doing. Since back surgery I have been playing the AxeII threw a RCF NX 12-SMA powered monitor and am just blown
  13. THIS^^^^^^^^^^^ Thanks Steve for putting to words what couldn't
  14. This is gonna be my favorite year for music because after the Dr releases me from my back surgery Im gonna get in the van and go play my ass off for anyone who will listen, and thats what makes for great music to me! Cred is a funny term, why does someone need it to make music?
  15. I had been using visual sound one spot's for the last 5-6 years with no problems then one day out of no were BUZZZZZZZZ. I started out by changing out all my patch cords and that didn't stop the noise, thats when I started trying different power supply's and found the Flatliner. To this day I still dont know why I started having problems with the one spot's because they had worked flawlessly for so long......weird
  16. 2 of them......that would weigh almost as much as a amp......LoL Im actually hoping to get a MFC101 one day for my AxeFxII and do away with a "standard" pedal board. Right now Im using the L6 HD500 as a controller for it and just have not had the time to figure out all the MIDI BS to program stomp switches.....I really look forward to the day when I only have to run one cable out to FOS!
  17. http://www.burkey.nl/flatliner%20engels.htm Flatliner has one also that is 9 or 12VAC, capacity 1000 mA As you can see in the pic I posted the thing is HUGE and heavy but is was the only power supply that I could find that would run my L6 DL4 and EH pedal quietly, everything else I tried I would get loud buzzzzzzing.......YMMV of course.........I was patient and found one used, it was still pretty costly but worth every penny to me so far, I really dont see me ever needing another power supply.
  18. Expensive, yes but the Burkey Flatliner Pro I picked up a while back fixed all the problems with noise I was having that other so called pro power supply's would not......the last power supply I will ever buy because I could prolly power a oven and cook pizza while up on stage with it!! if you are only needing to run a few things i hear really good things about the fuel tank Jr
  19. Played it at rehearsal tonight with the band threw a VHT 2/50/2 into a Tone Tubby loaded Mesa Boogie Recto 4X12 and all I got's to say is WOW!!!!! Even my other guitar player who hates anything new said it was the first "modeler" that he's played that responded like a real tube amp<-------That really surprised me coming from him!!! Every other modeler I have tried has just fallen apart in the mix when I got them in with the band but the AXII just sat in the mix right were I wanted it to......Impressed I am! I did something just for fun before everyone got to my place for practice, I ran my
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