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    1994 hamer Mirage, 1997 Hamer Studio ,1999 USA Fender Strat ,2004 Gibson Les Paul Classic
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    Marshall JMP1 preamp,Marshall vs 120/120 power amp,Marshall JFX1 effects
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    Marshall JFX1,MXR Phase 90,MXR micro Flanger,Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe

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    uk newcastle
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    guitars,guitars and guitars
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  2. yeah ive got a 95 hamer studio with s.d. custom 5 in bridge s.d.59 neck and ive just aquired a 2004 gibson lp classic.immediately changed the lp p.u,s to dimarzio paf classics(the origonal gibson ceramic 500t and 496r were awful).the gibson has a lot more bottom end and sustain than the hamer although the quality of the hamer is far superior to the gibson.2 different beasts altogether
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