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  1. Two masters of Texas blues guitar. I always heard that Billy Cox played bass on these.
  2. Joe G. sent me a message & gave me the info that I needed/remembered. Thanks.
  3. Another pickup ? about my 96 Eclipse. The SD bridge p.u. measures about 16k. I distinctly remember someone in the past describing a way to tame this. Anyone remember the particulars???
  4. Update: I had the bloody thing wired wrong. If I had paid attention to my wiring diagram, I would have caught it. The black wires go the switch & the green & bare wires go to ground. Never would a thunk it. I rewired & it is now quiet as a mouse.
  5. I have two sets of guitar pickups for sale. The first is a set of Van Zandt Vintage + Strat pickups. They all measure about 6.3k. The middle is RWRP. Just have pickups only. No covers or hardware. $OLD! The 2nd is a set of SD Antiquity II Firebirds. Distressed covers. The neck is 6.6k & the bridge is 7.5k. Original boxes & bags. Have the screws, but the adj. springs have gone missing. Wiring diagram included. $175 PP'ed & shipped CONUS. Photo link: https://imgur.com/a/KJlAofP
  6. I think i found what it was. I bought this guit used. I really didn't use the stock p.u.'s because i stuck a set of SD Ant IIs into it. I tried to put the stock ones back in because i was considering selling it. Now, here's where it gets interesting. The p.u.'s must have been reversed because the leads were cut to size. In other words, the bridge was where the neck was supposed to be & vice versa. Weird. I tried to splice a wire into the neck to compensate, but i forgot about the bare ground wire. That's why it was buzzing. So, necessity being the mother of invention. I took the neck pickup with the longer lead & made a FB I/EVH type with bridge p.u. only. It reads about 7k & right now I'm just diggin' it! I like 1 pickup guits.
  7. From the interviews that i have read, PG sold the guitar to GM for either 200 pounds or $200 in the early '70's. That was a very low price for a '59 burst even then. PG didn't really like it all that much. Thought the neck was too big. 😉
  8. I have a 1996 Hamer USA Eclipse with the stock p.u.'s. I never really noticed it before, but the neck acts like a true single coil. A slight buzz that ends if you touch the strings, metal parts, etc. The bridge is a lot less noticeable. Is this normal? The green wires are going to the switch & the red & white ones are taped off. The black is ground, of course. Just thought it strange & would like to ask someone who is more knowledgeable than I.
  9. The mods on TGP are far too PC for the average gearhound. The old adage " one who tries to please everyone will end up pleasing no one " should be their mantra. You can get suspended for a variety of reasons. 😎
  10. One of the best. He's been around so long that he's taken for granted by those in the know. My favorite is the Richard & Linda yrs. Back in the day during the height of Island Records. IR was a hallmark of quality. You could purchase a release even if you were unfamiliar with the artist in ? 😎
  11. Manlius makes a great '59 Strat set, as well. 😎
  12. In '59, an LP Jr would have had only one pup, not 2.
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