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  1. He was. Not crazy about the Bigsby, though... 😆 Didn't keep him from purchasing...
  2. An older gentleman bought it brand new from Willcutt Guitars. He wanted the one with Phat Cats & a Bigsby. A Newport Pro was all BW had in stock. He bought it, installed the Bigsby & the original knobs went missing. He is a Chet Atkins devotee & sold it to me for a song when he bought a Gretsch that suited him better. The knobs he put on looked like they came off a old TV/radio, so I put chicken head knobs on it because I like em. Bout it.
  3. It's mine. The original owner added the Bigsby. Long story behind that one.
  4. Very nice. If I just hadn't bought another P90 guitar, this would have to be mine.
  5. That's the weird thing about 93 Hamers. Some are skinny & some are more mid 90s shape, which I digg btw. Hard to judge from pics
  6. I sent a message to the owner of the TSB Special. He didn't know the neck specs. Afraid to buy & get stuck with a skinny neck.
  7. According to Jol, Peter Green was a fan of the MHL Hamer. Good enough for PG...
  8. Was just wondering if anyone had a Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 for sale??? Must have dogear mounting. Thanks.
  9. Not terribly familiar with his work. He was very influential in Britain in his time. Page named a song after him on LZ 3 & his is the lead vocal on PFs Have A Cigar.
  10. Been a fan since Guitar Town. That trio of albums he made in the late 80s were just iconic. Then, he fell down the well of addiction. Lost interest when he became overtly political in his songs, but that doesn't detract from his talent.
  11. Normally, I'm not a fan of refins, but in this case, I may have to reconsider.
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