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  1. NJ is a great musician & very easy on the eyes...😍
  2. Great guitarist & a fine person .
  3. I know you have a case of G.A.S., but under those terms, I'd walk away.
  4. The album this was released on, the Moves Looking On, the title track has one of the heaviest riffs of its time. It came out the same year as another Brummie bands debut album, Black Sabbath. LO sounds just as massive.
  5. The OPs original fretboard was probably nothing compared to Mike Campbell's Broadcaster. He has had it since the mid 70s & played it on the early Heartbreakers records. It is positively filthy & he will not clean it.
  6. Truly one of the best. Have a couple of his releases on vinyl. Need to digg em out for a listen. R.I.P.
  7. 100% unadulterated bull$hit! It is due to the overwhelming volume of items people have ordered due to the pandemic. The channels weren't designed for such. All carriers are swamped. The PG has no control over FedX or UPS.
  8. It had to be recorded before EVHs passing. SM moves at a slow pace in terms of interview shows.
  9. There's no guarantee that Wolfie will get everything. He was married at the time of his death. His estate will be determined by whether or not he had a will expressing his wishes. If not, the state of CA will decide who gets what. I see a legal $hit Strom brewing...
  10. As far as our era is concerned, in terms of rock guitar, Eddie was the MAN! When he first appeared on the scene no one sounded like him. A few yrs later, everyone did, or at least tried to... R.I.P.
  11. I love Esquires. Great looking color & I'm sure it sounds fantastic. Crank it & spank it! 🎸
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