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  1. Marty & the Boys are one of the best bands on the scene. The kind I'd love to be in, but I lack the talent.
  2. A nice piece of ash you have there. I'd do Eldred wiring. Love a great Esquire. Good luck with the build.
  3. MJ. had star power ever since he was a kid. As far as his personal life, just because someone says it's so, doesn't make it so & he isn't here to defend himself. Still think Human Nature is one of the best pop songs ever.
  4. I have a reissue of the first album in glorious mono. Need to digg it out for a listen. The original split up of the band begot Jo Jo Gunne who were one of the first artists on Geffens Asylum label. They split & Jay became known for Thunder Island. Another joined Firefall & Heart. Love the track Nature's Way...
  5. Tried to send a PM about an item in the FS section. No dice.
  6. If only EB could follow suit with the Albert Lee model...
  7. He & Vince's music has touched millions & has become a holiday staple. Most musicians could only dream of such. R.I.P.
  8. I had one that I purchased from a fellow forum member back in the day. Same color. Great guitar. $old it like a moron for sumthin else.
  9. Why are you so concerned about having property before you complete the deal? It sounds like the deal of a lifetime. Sell a collection in one fell swoop. Said buyer isn't gonna wait forever. Strike while the iron is hott!
  10. Two masters of Texas blues guitar. I always heard that Billy Cox played bass on these.
  11. Joe G. sent me a message & gave me the info that I needed/remembered. Thanks.
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