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  1. Hi Guy's.I don't mind the wait,but I pre-order my two cpoie's at the start of January when I first saw them.When I saw what date it was being released I thought great!,but that day came and went.Congrat's to the guy's who are getting the "case candy" state side and here's to volume 2. All the best,martin.
  2. Hi guy's,i need some info about if this book is really coming out.Because my partner said that she would buy one for my b'day and that it was being released the day before,but that date has come and gone with amazon saying "not in stock at the moment,order now and we will deliver when available". There's nothing like an anti-climax to really slow you week down. Best reagard's on any info,martin.
  3. oh well,look's like i will have to wait................................the trouble is.........i cannot!8op
  4. Hi guy's I was just looking on amazon at some cheap d.v.d.'s to spend some of my gift money on when i came across this,is it out in the state's already? Or do i have to wait until the day before my birthday for it? p.s. The cover look's fantastic steve. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultimate-Hamer-Guitars-Illustrated-History/dp/0764343521/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356699616&sr=1-1
  5. Many thanks guys,its all appreciated.8o)
  6. Hi guy's,i have come back after being gone due to my partner being taken ill,jem and Dr Large know,i would like to apologise if anyone has tryed to contact me and i have'nt replyed.I hope to be back when i can.8o) Best regard's,martin.
  7. Have a great one,now breakout the port and stilton!!! . martin.
  8. You and i have some unfinished business mister .lol. p.m. me . martin.
  9. D.V.D.!!!!!!!!!, CATALOG!!!!!!!!! WHERE?,HOW MUCH? martin.
  10. Well who's been a busy boy then!!! Fantastic work bud. martin.
  11. May i be the first to offer you $350 before someone else doe's?lol. martin.
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