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  1. Using a spool of self feeding metal wire, the Hamer Model 125 attaches a staple closer. Tamper proof and able to operate at speeds up to 230 beats per minute.
  2. Back then you didn't need a track hoe...
  3. This? "The place was really jumping to the Hiwatt ampsUntil a 20-inch cymbal fell and cut the lamps"
  4. Always liked Fernandes Strats/Teles Still have these mid-80's Fender MIJ basses.
  5. But have Guitar/Synth Alchemy products really gotten bigger over the years?
  6. Here's 5: Wyzard Phil Lynott Peter Hook Pino Palladino Justin Meldal-Johnsen
  7. Lili Von Shtupp + Frau Farbissina = shtick
  8. One has acquired a Sears Weatherbeater "patina" over the decades.
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