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  1. And I also love P90 pickups.
  2. Eddie Jobson: Keyboard/violinist wunderkind from Roxy Music and UK prog bands.
  3. Probably starting a week at Long Beach, NC. My parents were totally sucked into the Watergate hearings and my 7th grade self decided Elton John's Caribou sucked. And then I discovered Pachinko! (Nixon resigned in August and I did not return to Long Beach for over 30 years)
  4. Long forgotten relic from The Golden Age of Wireless
  5. Prince + The Time + Vanity6 threw it down at Carmichael Auditorium in Chapel Hill.
  6. Had a '78 Custom for 30 years but it never really clicked with me. Got a 2011 Goldtop "Tribute" (i.e. budget) two years ago that I really love. Who knew?
  7. But do they have a case? https://www.guitarworld.com/news/customs-agents-seize-dollar158k-worth-of-counterfeit-guitars-including-fake-gibsons-fenders-and-martins-at-washington-dc-airport
  8. My strat control mods: No volume. No tone. No problem.
  9. Billion Dollar Babies Tour 1973 - nobody from my junior high could go
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