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  1. That video is just a short-attention-span version of Ridley Scott's "Legend". (Plus I always thought Ric had some Bryan Ferry influences)
  2. Using a spool of self feeding metal wire, the Hamer Model 125 attaches a staple closer. Tamper proof and able to operate at speeds up to 230 beats per minute.
  3. Back then you didn't need a track hoe...
  4. This? "The place was really jumping to the Hiwatt ampsUntil a 20-inch cymbal fell and cut the lamps"
  5. Always liked Fernandes Strats/Teles Still have these mid-80's Fender MIJ basses.
  6. But have Guitar/Synth Alchemy products really gotten bigger over the years?
  7. Here's 5: Wyzard Phil Lynott Peter Hook Pino Palladino Justin Meldal-Johnsen
  8. Lili Von Shtupp + Frau Farbissina = shtick
  9. One has acquired a Sears Weatherbeater "patina" over the decades.
  10. Excellent work! Reminds me of the 1980's Mondrian-influenced La Vie Claire/Look cycling team.
  11. 2011 GoldtopTribute Found in a local shop and - bada bing, bada trade - took it home. Totally run of the mill and no surprises after 3 weeks. Works for me. Historical note: Since 1985 never regretted passing on a '76 Lefty Deluxe $600 Goldtop with pitted (i.e. potholes) neck. But this time not sure I had another 34 years to wait...
  12. "Woman in Chains" has a subtle but great Pino Palladino fretless.
  13. Saw 20something band last year in Chapel Hill with a guitar player that would live track 3 loops thru Matchless(!?!) amp. Even when he had an error would correct on the fly. Amazing.
  14. Still better than being "DiBergi'd" like Spinal Tap.
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