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  1. My gear is always in my car in a dual mono bag.. so I pack it myself so I dont have to worry about stuff like that.. .. but yeah if someone else is handling your gear and tossing in the back of a van.. I'd want want to use hard case too ...
  2. interesting mine came with black knobs and black pickups.. same body though... great guitar
  3. Man.. I have not words other than Cancer sucks! try to stay positive and I wish the best for you. Hopefully treatment gives you some quality time family..
  4. So sorry to hear about your Cancer.... I would start at $1800 and not go lower than $1700 IMO but if you really just want to sell it.. $1600 should sell quick IMO
  5. congrats.. but where is the pic?
  6. if I could get a fender style guitar new for $250 cheaper w/0 a case I'd go for that... seriously all my cases are stacked up in a corner and never used.. especially with a fender style guitar..(gibson style with the neck angle I could see more justification) now if you are a collector its a different story IMO
  7. I bought it used years ago and he said it didnt come with a HSC.. I didnt really care because I never gig with hard cases.. I'm a believer in gig bags if you actually gig.. if you are going on tour now that is a different story. Ever see a hard case fall over.. I think your neck is more likely to snap rather than if a soft case falls over.. YMMV nuff said....
  8. or do you not care that much? I'm probably going to be putting one of my Hamers up on the chopping block.. it didnt come with a case.. but I do have a case for one of my other Hamers I could use.. In all fairness I never gig with a case.. so its not that big of a deal if I give up the case... Im just wondering what the general consensus is on how important a Hamer case is... thanks on a side note.. I can see if it were a Standard you would def. want the case
  9. Really dont want to ship.. but what the heck... $325 net to me .. check out the specs its a clean machine and works as it should.. make some nice recordings all in one..
  10. its gonna be tempting if one of these ever come up for sale.. although. I'd have to sell my special then... which would be tough for me to do also
  11. this thread stinks!!! no one has one? this limits my chances of blackmailing anyone who does
  12. the weight of the chunk of wood .. just curious what it weighs..
  13. WOW.. i didnt see the price... can someone give me a ballpark on what it went for? I may have snagged it if I saw it.. guess I need to check this page more often
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