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  1. hi steve its me dead randy..... been busy

    askin about the proto body.... can ya send me pics... randy@woodruffguitarshop.com

    thanks boss....

  2. makes most of you guys look small Randy
  3. seriously... you dont have enough room here for me to show pics of the shit i let go cause i was young and stupid... heres a partial list... 75 lp deluxe gold top 76 lp custom black kramer gene simmons bass # 25 #250 hamer standard bound & crowned few specials and sunbursts my first blitz /cry im gonna stop now cause im gittin emotional... Randy edited cause i couldnt spell through the tears
  4. Actually i play them all... rotate them out... but the 2 gold tops stay out all the time... the fhole is normal tuning the othern is half step down (430) Randy
  5. heres a tease ... ill dig the rest out and do a string set before i leave fer cali this week Randy
  6. please ignore the floor and background as i only have a minimal amount of room to move around Randy
  7. I can't speak for anyone else, but the problem I have with the seller is that he's a tool. And that's enough for me. i concur tool hahahaha to me this whole auction seems fishy Randy
  8. +1111111111 on the breedlove.... older ovations and certin gibshits as well... but breedlove has the nice large ringing tone.. like the kind i hear in my head all day Randy
  9. I agree with the selling it for a friend... also add I know nothing about guitars( except the fact my add shows intricacies that only a guitar player would know and that im selling 15 other guitars for this same said friend) Randy
  10. I don't think that eliminating access to the internet or a computer would help; it's lack of parenting. Before the home computer existed you had similar problems, not as rampant but they were there. You can't expect the child to grow up with any sense of values or morality when you use the T.V.as a babysitter. And let's face it; greedy and corrupt adults are going to infect their children so the guy and his wife who are shady at work and scam their way to that new BMW or a bigger house are going to rub off on their kids. + a bunch I can rarely find an adult who isnt self centered and selfish
  11. sheeeeeeeit.... it was only what 90+ today but the ind made it over 100+ and the humidity was brutal... good luck with yer gig dooood hope its not sticky Randy
  12. I have other guitars than Hamer....quite a varity... i use each and everyone for specific sounds.... but for MY personal sound its always a Hamer and ther will always be Hamers in my house...hell its in my will that they all get burned and put in my urn with my ashes so no one else can ever play them.... Randy
  13. whiney little bitch... boo hoo i cant post my pictures and you didnt answer me fast enough.... what the fuck ever.... good riddence
  14. i think the clutter in mindseye's pics sets the tone very well.... nice use of color Randy
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