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  1. Yep, Seymour's is the second - this is the original (which Seymour now owns by-the-way)
  2. Homebrew TeleGib, cost just under $1,000 to build. Its a screamer and if I had to pick only one guitar to be stuck with, it would be this one. It can pull off Fender and Gibson like tones. Its incredible. Weighs just over 6 lbs. Stock road worn body routed for humbuckers and the LP toggle. Ashtray bridge cut short and added brass compensated saddles. Pickups are Dimarzio 36th bridge and Air Classic neck. CTS 500k pots and RS paper in oil .047 cap Neck is a Musikraft with a straight 12" radius, medium jumbo frets, and a Clapton V profile, vintage satin nitro finish with light gloss nitro over t
  3. Don't know if its been mentioned, but IMO Formula73's Korina Vector #029 of 72 deserves a place in history because of its history and backstory.
  4. Yep.....although I hit 44 in Oct, so not so much a kid anymore. But I do still get carded occasionally - I suffer Gilligan syndrome. My 21 year old son is starting to look older than me!!!!
  5. You know there is only one TC There's only one TC that gives people lectures on police law enforcements... Anyway, since when were you a Hamer user??? Since last Friday, and as you can see from the thread, that lasted about 6 days
  6. Here's an update for all of you who were involved in the previous threads related to the stolen Hamer. The story goes; I bought a Hamer last week. After posting new guitar pics on several forums, it was brought to my attention that the guitar was believed to have been stolen from fellow forum member Formula73 (who I have known casually through the Duncan forums, but not personally, for years) -7 YEARS AGO!!!! I reached out the Formula73, and the previous owner, username buckwild. I was able to confirm the stolen story pretty quick and there was no alternative but to make sure Formula73 got his
  7. Formula73's ship is in port local for a bit, we are making arrangements to meet next Sunday and hand the guitar over in person. We'll take pics and post 'em up. Thanks again everyone!
  8. I don't know anything about Bacchus, but I have been admiring that guitar since I saw it in your photobucket. I'm really into natural wood and cream pickups, its like something vintage that got modded in the 70's. Very nice.
  9. Yea we've been exchanging emails pretty regular since yesterday. He's limited at what he can do, might have to ask his wife to do it. Worse case scenario is we have to wait until his float ends next month and deal with everything then. He's due back at his home port in WA sometime in August. Its not going anywhere. But man my stress levels have shot through the roof since yesterday and I'd like to resolve this ASAP. I'm impulsive, as evidenced by (but not limited to) all my GAS buys - Doh!
  10. Its in a Hamer V case now. No COA or other paperwork with it (I didn't know they had COA's). Yep, with serial # and # in the run. Perfect, I emailed Formula and asked him to send a pic of the certificate, that would really help with some piece of mind. Post it here to for all to see as well.
  11. Its in a Hamer V case now. No COA or other paperwork with it (I didn't know they had COA's).
  12. The guy I bought it from, Joe, is totally stand-up. He called me and totally cooperative. He also has documentation on where he bought it from, and where that person bought it from. Formula73 is working on getting the documentation that we (Joe and I) are asking for before giving the guitar back. Sorry, but I don't think its unreasonable to ask for police documentation rather than someone's word on the internet when talking about handing over something of this kind of value and taking a huge $$$ loss.
  13. Not likely after all these years. More like just trying to figure out the specific circumstances and what to do next. I'm major bummed, but then again I bet he'll be major stoked.
  14. Great. Sick to my stomach. I hope I'm not out $2k. He should contact me if that's true. Is he Brandon Sellers, in the Navy and member of the Duncan Forums also? I sent him an email.
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