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  1. Damn, if I hadn't just picked up a bass I shouldn't have I would be all over this. Or the white Cruise for sale here, that one is awfully tempting as well.
  2. Pretty straight forward strat, but its a Hamer, so top of the line build quality and materials used. If your in the market for a strat and you can find a Daytona in your price range, grab it, you will not be disappointed.
  3. You ever see an instrument and just have to have it? Well, that's what happened here, and so glad it did. I just got it in yesterday, quick cleaning and gorgomyte treatment, fresh set of EBMM Cobalt flats and took her out last night to rehearsal. Plays very nicely, feels great in hand, not too heavy, perfectly balanced, and some great tones on tap. Very versatile with the 5 way switch. Just a hair over 9 lbs.
  4. Damn, I don't even typically like silverburst, but that is one of the hottest guitars ever.
  5. Nice! That is one of the things on my musical bucket list, build an amp myself.
  6. If I didn't have one incoming that already will need explaining this would be sold. GLWS, shouldn't take too long.
  7. I grew up learning drums to his books and recently found out he was a local, growing up in the town next to where I live now. Hal is responsible for more than we know, of that I am sure.
  8. Didn't catch that the MIJ was actually in Japan, that is a game changer. Patience is your friend here, these show up from time to time.
  9. I see its still for sale? I'm confused, seems to be exactly what you are looking for, so pull the trigger.
  10. Jeez I feel like I'm behind the curve this morning. I also was going to recommend MIJ Fender. You might also see if you can find a nice body from MJT guitars and build your own to spec. As to Nash, he builds partscasters, but has the benefit of buying enough bodies and necks at a time that he can match them up pretty well, and then does his own finishes and mostly uses Lollars these days. I own a Nash PB63 and gotta say, its more the sum of its parts type of deal. They really do play and feel great in the hand and if mine is any indication, have the sounds I'm looking for in this type of instrument.
  11. Chalk me up as another one who doesn't like gold hardware. Also, anything Floyd like is a deal killer for me.
  12. I can guess how you did stumble upon him though. Tasty playing and gear, nice.
  13. Meh. I expected worse from reading the comments here, but I'll just leave it as meh metal.
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