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  1. And yes, $850 is about as much as you can hope to get, they show up for less often enough.
  2. My '70 PR will go to my kids when I die, but it isn't going anywhere until then.
  3. Add to that Charles Neville last Fall. 😢 And from my understanding, Art is not doing so well. Getting old sucks.
  4. I knew he must have been in bad health when he chose not to play jazz fest this year. RIP Dr. John.
  5. She's a beauty. I do love me some good pedal steal, just a luscious instrument. Good luck, I understand they take quite a bit to master.
  6. I don't need another guitar, I don't need another guitar, I don't need another guitar, I don't need another guitar, I don't need another guitar . . .
  7. I've got the bass fly rig, and love it.
  8. Put a USA Hamer Studio in that guys hands and watch his expression change to sheer joy.
  9. Nice! I've met him after shows and he is always a genuinely nice person. And to watch him play is something else, he holds down some great bass lines.
  10. Scofield is best known for his Ibanez semi-hollow, but I dig him with a tele. Curiously enough, he still sounds like Scofield when I've seen him with a tele.
  11. Nice score! And if I'm reading that price tag correctly, you stole it.
  12. ^ That's a stretch, looks more like seafloor.
  13. Gave the whole album a listen this morning while cleaning, dig it.
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