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  1. I remember catching a short lived band, Frogwings, back in the late 90s. John Popper, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Jimmy Herring, Derek Trucks, Butch Trucks, Count Mbutu, and Marc Quinones. What a show. I believe they released a live album, Croakin at Toad's Place, available on all the streaming services and well worth giving a listen.
  2. Loved Jazz is Dead back when they came out. Too bad they aren't still together. Jimmy Herring is a madman.
  3. Wow, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Oh how the mighty have fallen. 🙄😣😪
  4. For me its this guy, and it . sure doesn't hurt that he also is playing with my favorite new drummer, David King, on this clip. And yes, I realize neither are "new" per se', but close enough for me.
  5. I love how Trucks basically schooled Trey, who apparently recognizes that he's out of his element here.
  6. I'm with Steve, that may be the perfect burst. Lovely!
  7. 1970 Princeton Reverb in a newer 1x12 combo cab with a ToneTubby ceramic. Get's the job done quite well.
  8. I've heard it told with drummers, which adds a little more something, IMHO.
  9. His TONE!!! How is he being amplified? I don't see a wire or a mic, must be some sort of onboard wireless? Whatever it is, it works really well.
  10. Love my Nash P bass, I could definitely see getting a Nash tele. That one looks killer, even with that abomination of a tremolo attached to it.
  11. I've had a dual channel phaez based on a clean blackface tone and a dumble in a 50 watt size. A glorious amp that is being enjoyed today by a good friend I sold it to. This amp is going on close to 10 years old and no problems to speak of. I also own a 22 watt 2/6v6 SIBLY that is as good as one could ask for in a small form marhsall in a box. Again no complaints and no issues over the years. Randy can be hard to communicate with, as he is more interested in building amps than answering emails, so customer service could be better, if that's a concern, maybe pass. For me, I grabbed both used and have not had a reason to deal with Randy, nor do I see a reason to going forward.
  12. This took routing. But it did indeed get the job done. I no longer have this bass.
  13. TI Flats installed, and this bass feels like home. I am half tempted to have a local luthier make me a tort pickguard out of this really nice one-ply tort material he has, but I feel as though I should live with the white for a while. Not a lot of examples out there to determine if I like the idea or not.
  14. Well, as pretty as that EBMM Classic Sabre was that I posted several months back, I find I just really don't like an active bass. So, it went on the chopping block with a trade option. I was lucky enough to have someone offer this 2018 Mapleglow 4003s as a straight trade. Came in today and damn if it doesn't fit like a glove right out of the box. I have heard some people have trouble with the ergo's on these basses, but not me. I've got a set of TI flats on the way and it will be just right at that point . Can't wait for practice next week.
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