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    2017 Epi Jack Casady 20th Anny. Bass, 1996 Hamer Cruise 2, gotoh bridge, 1982 Blitz, 2007 Gadow Custom Hollow, 2016 Gadow Custom Hollow P90 custom, 2009 Front Porch Lutherie ES335,
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    GenzBenz Streamliner 900, Epifani 4x10 and 1x15 cabs, Phaez SIBLY 2/6V6, Coyote Cabs Alpha Pup 1x12 w/Tone Tubby Alnico, Soul Tramp 5E3 based tweed, 1970 Princeton Reverb
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    TC Electronics Polytune, Teese wah, DOD digi-delay, Way Huge Aqua Puss, Wampler Super Ecstasy, Barber Small Fry, Boss RC-2, EH Q-Tron, Ditto 2

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  1. I've got a great set of Josh's pickups in a telemaster with a none-screw pole pieced P90 in the neck that brought that guitar to the next level.
  2. I'd rather have a great sound guy than an okay guitarist any day.
  3. Nice bass, but damn if those aren't the rustiest strings I have ever seen. I know they are quite a bit more expensive than guitar strings, but not that much more. Give that beauty some love. PM me if you really can't afford strings, I've got a bunch of round wound sets, as I always swap them out for flatwounds.
  4. Alright, to keep it properly simple, let's call it an esquire, no switches to worry about.
  5. I stick with tele's, much easier to navigate, problem solved.
  6. Got tix for Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade this summer, looking forward to it.
  7. Very cool Jeff, youse official and shit!
  8. That Molly Tuttle sure is a mighty fine picker.
  9. I also see a nod to the Mirage in the lack of pickup rings. Nice touch!
  10. That top, it's like the Eye of Sauron.
  11. I know its not a popular thing to say around here, but I was a full on deadhead from the mid-80s until Jerry passed in '95. A few years go I was able to bring my daughter to see Dead and Co. for an expensive, but not unreasonable price, and had a great time. This is their last year of touring, and as much as I wanted to do the same with my son, the prices are just too stoopid to comprehend. Sorry kid.
  12. This was posted as a PSA a while back in the classifieds here. Best $750 I ever spent, even if I do have more into it now.
  13. Absolutely beautiful! You got my vote, as well as a bunch of others, over on TBF At this rate you might be this year's winner, and it would be well deserved!
  14. At first I thought this was going to be the $75K+ Standard on reverb, but this guy is just as whack on his expectations.🤪
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