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  1. G Man

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    I used to love me some Hee Haw, and he was a big part of why. In a way, it was like my first music based show as a kid. RIP Mr. Clark.
  2. G Man

    Idea’s for a New Amp Build

    I've heard a couple of the ceriatone hrm's and they are fantastic amps.
  3. G Man

    My "Last" new Hamer

    Nice! Trevor does killer work. I was just in there last week picking up, wish I knew this was being worked up, I would have loved to grab a glance.
  4. G Man

    Damn you Johnny B!

    Nice job, love the colorway, (as the kids say) and a P90 in the neck is never a bad thing.
  5. I caught that this morning as well, figured it would be posted here before I got to it.
  6. So, now that I've been playing bass for a year or two, and really loving it BTW, I decided I needed a proper P Bass and started the hunt. I was surprised at home many Fender's didn't do anything for me. Then this one popped up on TBF and I was smitten. I know not everyone digs the whole relic thing, but I do, love the played in feeling and look, but this one also sounds exactly as I wanted a good P bass to sound. Alder/RW, Gotoh hardware, Lollar pup, just a little over 8 lbs. I'm digging it, came strung with Chromes but I have some TI Flats on the way. Enough talk, pics or it didn't happen.
  7. Damn shame the seller's on crack, that is a crazy sweet looking bass.
  8. To be clear, its the Trixter owned Special that is being sold by a scumbag, know nothing about the seller of the blue one.
  9. Do want, it would go perfectly with my blue blitz.
  10. So, how does the cabling work with the stereo jack? Do you basically have the option of sending it as a normal mono signal into one amp, or optionally, get some sort of splitter box that splits the signal, at which point you could send it to two amps, one for the piezo and one for the Single Coils? Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. G Man

    Frisell plays Lennon

    I'm familiar with Frisell's work on the Lennon material, but seeing him play a strat is really what's blowing me away right now.
  12. G Man

    Saw PiL Last Night

    Damn, I had no idea PiL was still around, I just assumed they had ended years ago when I stopped listening.🤔 Anyway, nice review, now I need to go listen to what they are doing with themselves these days.
  13. G Man

    NBD: Hofner HCT 500/2 Club

    It does indeed get that smooth low end that Macca is so known for, without looking like I'm want to be in a beatles band.😁 And yes, 30" scale, so its almost like playing a big guitar.
  14. Damn, who knew that a short scale bass could have so much thump. Picked this up on a trade at a local shop recently. This is the Contemporary series, so MIC but in the only licensed Hofner factory outside of Germany, very well made, center block, German Staple pickups, flats, and lightweight. And what a tone, definitely not a slab bass.
  15. I'd love to take the whole lot of your hands, but alas, its not to be. GLWS, all very nice gear.