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  1. Wow, that went fast. No surprise there, but damn.
  2. Much prefer a dedicated power supply for my pedals, that way I don't have to unplug them all when not in use. The lowly and inexpensive One-Spot does the job just fine for my purposes.
  3. I love it! Offensive and yet, beautiful all at the same time. Definitely not something you see everyday.
  4. They were supposed to play here last March, hope they get a chance to re-schedule that show.
  5. I so have absolutely no dog in this fight and could really care less one way or the other.
  6. Tuvan throat singers have been doing this for millenia.
  7. The injustice of it all! Seriously though, I think Bobby Vega did that years ago.
  8. Happy New Year all, and here's to things getting better, if only marginally.
  9. Add Derek Trucks to the list of amazing guitarists who play sans plectrum.
  10. 1.) Really depends on the look your going for. Your avatar make s great look, minus being a dog and all. Its like the three little bears, shoot for just right. 2.) Again, so depends on the name. Also depends on your actual name. But a stage name can work. 3.) If I'm seeing old timey music a Taylor isn't going to cut it, and I'd definitely prick my ears up if I say a slotted headstock. 4.) I really have no opinion on name dropping, unless its huge, otherwise it comes across as boasting, which you shouldn't have to do if your at is the real deal. With all that said
  11. Jeez Tom, that sucks. I definitely have prayers to spare, (their actually not that expensive, and there appears to be an unlimited source,) and have many headed your way! And my initial reaction: Getting old sucks.
  12. Tony is one of the main people responsible for acoustic guitar becoming a lead instrument in bluegrass. His tone and speed were amazing and back when he could sing, he could sing! I know he's been in bad health for a while now, but still sad to hear of his passing.
  13. RIP to one of the early Gods of Rock and Roll. Enjoying that Nantucket Sleighride to the heavens no doubt.
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