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  1. I was amazed the first time I played one at how comfortable these guitars are to play. That little shelf for your forearm to rest on, and the overall balance and just about perfect. It is a bit long though, easy to whack the bass bout on any number of things.
  2. Gibson J45 and Martin OM-21 cover what I need in acoustics, although I also have a 1967 Gibson LG-0 that I grabbed because its a birth year guitar for me, and it sounds way better than it has any right to and is a fun little beater guitar.
  3. I'd want to know the weight before getting involved. As sweet as it looks, it wouldn't surprise me to find it in the double digits.
  4. Curt Mangan makes a set,#45112.Nickel wound 45-100.
  5. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/hamer-b-12s-for-sale.1462585/ No affiliation, and I don't imagine it will last long.
  6. Count me in as another who has them on all my basses, but have never played them on a guitar. Love the tone though, think mellow Wes Montgomery.
  7. Greetings Jimbo, nice piece. As others have said, now is a great time to learn to do your own setup, unless the guitar is seriously screwed up, should be totally doable. I will recommend http://gorgomyte.com/ for polishing the frets and conditioning the fretboard.
  8. I've seen these guitars in action at Chris Robinson Brotherhood shows, as he plays one.
  9. Nice score, my favorite colorway on a lester.
  10. I know, right?!?! Its similar to the UBass MicroBass, but has metal strings instead of the rubber bands on the UBass. Plugged in, its giggable, but you sure would confuse the audience. Would be great for an acoustic act of some sort. For now, its a great toy for sitting around the house with, no need to plug in. Will be good for traveling to the lake and mountains this Summer, assuming that will be an option.
  11. Ok, so apparently I have little to no will power, but in my defense, it only cost the proverbial three fiddy. This is a fun little couch bass with surprisingly good sound for the size and price, and plugged in its giggable. Took a pic next to a couple of other instruments to give a sense of size, tiny.
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