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  1. Just a note of caution, as much as I love P90s, you may find the a P90 Newport is about as rare as hen's teeth. That said, the standard Newport's show up often enough at decent prices that you should not be shy. And although you have a dual HB guitar, I promise you the Newport has its own thing going on.
  2. Apparently no lack of weed in Finland.
  3. G Man

    Happy Birthday To Greg Platzer!

    I remember that guy, been several years though since I've seen evidence of his existence in the cyber world.
  4. If he refuses to ship, let me know, I may be able to help make it happen for you.
  5. I love them. Have had a bunch over the years. My favorites are still Lollars, it is what put him on the map. I've had plenty of others, don't like them when they run too hot, (most SDs) or too cool, (I once won a pair from a small builder that were so underwhelming I thought they were broken). When they work well, they are the best. Great clean to mean tones with just using finger dynamics, also respond really well to rolling back on the knobs. They have a full round tone that is just pleasant as can be on the ears, but can also get spanky in the right context. RWRD helps with the single coil hum. Only difference between dogear and soapbar is how they are mounted, the pickup under the cover is the same. And they look damn sexy.
  6. You would think with a picture of the case right there, they could spell it right, then again they are calling it a 5 string, even though it is obviously a 6 string guitar missing a string. Have at it kids. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/msg/d/springfield-hammer-5-string-nypro-5/6775381220.html
  7. Indeed, but his asking price seems reflective thereof, and if it was decently done, it might sound great?!
  8. As always Zen, you are the master of the demo vid, and with a world class guitar as click bait, I'm in. Also very glad to hear your health is on the upswing. To a better 2019, for all of us.
  9. I also remember when this one was painted, I dig it. I'm always a little surprised when I see such a personalized piece go up for sale.
  10. Great way to end the year! Congrats, look forward to hearing it.
  11. I've given away two, both to friends with more talent than money. As far as I know, both are still being used on a regular basis.
  12. Johnny B, your post just made me think to look on Spotify for the Album, and lo and behold, I am listening right now. This will get heavy rotation over the next few weeks. Thanks. ps. Hope I didn't offend your audiophile tastes with the Spotify mention, but it sure is handy sometimes.
  13. Loving the Bluesboy and the T51 on your other post, just not in the market. GLWSs
  14. Truthfully, the older I get, the more jazz I find myself listening to. And there is plenty of great new jazz out there, and with Spotify its all right at my fingertips. There are some things about this 21st Century that I am digging.