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  1. Red to match my new BMW.
  2. mathman

    Satan stole The Grinch Girl

    I have low standards, but I liked it. Did like the riff.
  3. That’s different.... me likey!
  4. One strap for basses and one for guitars. Mainly only play the main one of each.
  5. mathman

    Sorry about that

  6. mathman

    Rick Nielsen Recording Class

    If I won the lottery, THIS is how I would spend the money!
  7. yep, of the 5 positions, only one is only the humbucker.
  8. mini switch switches between the bucker and the single at the bridge. three way switch does bridge, blend, neck. so you can have just the bucker, just the single at the bridge middle blends neck with either the bucker of single at the bridge or just the neck single. 5 different combos and the tone knob does amazing things... especially if you roll of the volume some.
  9. I love my 84 Prototype II. Great clean and rock tones. Shimmery, in the neck and bite with the hum buckers. Distorts well, bright and clean, and has a nice midrange when you cut back on the tone knob. This is some sloppy playing but I wanted to go through all the pickup sounds in a quick song with clean tones when I first got the guitar. So, this recording is me playing a rhythm pattern and changing through the pickups, and then playing a lead over it and also changing through the pickups. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5oad2a2ked7di0p/Proto song.mp3?dl=0 Proto song.mp3
  10. So, could I connect this to a cabinet? That seems to be what you said. But I am obtuse and sometimes misinterpret. Would it drive the speaker?
  11. Yes, I went looking how to buy.. not finding it yet....
  12. Some type of flanger doubler to achieve some layered guitar sounds?
  13. Maybe more appropriate if you would have put the nut against her belly.... Just saying...