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    84 Hamer Prototype II, 83 USA Cruise Bass, XT Standard Explorer (china), Fender Bullet Bass Deluxe
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    Amplitube 3, Hartke 75 bass amp, Stage right tube amp, Footnote amp
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    Cry Baby Wah, Distortion, Chorus, Alesis RackCompressor/Limiter,Alesis Delay rack

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    Dade City Florida
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    Music, Skateboarding, Biking, Surfing, The Beach, Golf and my Family.

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  1. I am starting to question your judgement...
  2. Getting old sucks, but it is still better than the alternative. Me last week. THIS Week.... took a fall and my ribs hurt. MFSBGOSHD!
  3. Similar music as gtone and skateboarding.
  4. Happy Father’s Day to all
  5. I went through a cover phase some years ago. It was a fun way to improve my playing and my mixing and recording. Two songs are probably my best. I could have lied: Red hots. And bye bye love by the cars. http://kirkpitts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/byebye-love-cars-with-keys-7_19_17-8.49-AM.m4a
  6. Saw ELP in Mobile Alabama in 1977 second concert of my life
  7. The Output Platform desk is really nice. Even larger than I was expecting. If you want a mixing or computer work desk you should consider it. Still getting it setup but it is nice to have the midi keyboard with easy access as well as everything else. Still trying to decide how to set everything up on it. Fun having my old rack effects available. Cleaned the pots on my old Electra EP-401 and it works great again. Fun to just record any shit I think of again. Example:
  8. This is a really nice desk. Still getting it setup but it is together.
  9. So I ordered the output desk on May 15, planning for it to come at the end of the school year. Expected it early June but it’s out for delivery today!
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