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  1. Hmmm, will have to switch the order and test. Initial impressions of the eph3... That would be YES!
  2. Pedal came today. Didn't get a tracking info but glad it is here. Check it out later tonight!
  3. Hmmmm, I have emailed him an asked about the order but haven’t received response.
  4. I have a red Proto II also. Love it.
  5. Just a quick post to say the plug and play seems to be working perfectly. Save me the trouble of trying to create the wiring myself to do this.
  6. I only have the od11 bones for $50, but it sounds amazing! For the comparison of quality @$50 I won’t complain at this point.
  7. I noticed it but have been using cell service so wasn’t sure.
  8. Was planning to ask if anyone else ordered one and had received it. life got in the way.
  9. I think it is working! few more tests to be sure!
  10. So, I did a quick connection to see. The left mono only connects the left set of speakers.. The right only connects the right set of speakers. The stereo played through all four. Seems to be doing what I wanted!
  11. So, I bought the plug in play from the stereo speaker thread and what I hope to do is use it for the four speakers I have wired the way you recommended. I am hoping that the two stereo will be for the two 8's on the right, and the eminence 6's on the left and then the stereo will combine them as you describe here. Think it will work?
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