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  1. The biggest rig I ever had was it Peavey Mark4 amp with an 1810 cabinet. 2 10s and 1 18 speaker.
  2. Hey, hell yes, there are limits. For me it is recreating spontaneous creativity. Which is why I try to improve what I have. Also, it was the group creating it. That means something to me.
  3. Yes, And I have spent considerable time or I mean wasted considerable time trying to improve the sound of older recordings. Actually, it’s been a hell of a lot of fun and some success. It is amazing what Izoptope software can do.
  4. So, for us three friends, he said he would hydro dip, cerokote or paint. Kevin asked for more color and a psychedelic style but gave him free range to create what he wanted. Neal asked to do the VH style. And provided this photo for reference.
  5. So, some updates. He asked 3 friends to send him guitars that he could "play" with. These are friends I have known for a fuck long time. Kevin since 6th grade, Eddie since 10th grade and Neal since 11th grade and Neal was my Band mate for all of time since then. So, each of us sent a guitar body. Me, my V I bought when I was living in Gainesville with Ed. Neal a Charvel he played when we were together and Kevin a tele body. Kevin is dealing with cancer so Ed started with his first to finish first. Neal got his there next and I was last. So, here is Kevin's. He is a classi
  6. Everything that goes around comes around...
  7. I can see it both ways. A cynic could be lazy and just think the worst of people, or they could be educated and understand why they think the worst of people!
  8. Standardized testing has been around a really long time. What has changed is how often and how early the kids are tested.
  9. As far as the song. There seems to be some wit to the lyrics, she has a nice voice. She seems to be enjoying performing. She is PLAYING GUITAR! Everything is going in the right direction so, okay. Not great but not so terrible.
  10. The "Education Reform Movement" has not helped this. When kids are taught that information is the bit of info that answers a specific question rather than learning to think and analyze information is when the quick hit that matches what is wanted or needed is enough. I know that my experience is not the be all end all but as an educator in Florida for the last 27 years, I have seen the damage from Jeb Bush's and Ronald Reagan's Education reform. It has been taken up by Republicans and Democrats alike. Not trying to make this political. When you start making 3rd grader's understand
  11. I love a bit of slop in songs, adds humanity or something, I don't know. Maybe it is just lazyness, still that is humanity. When I played more in our band we did a lot of free form jamming. I like to hear the spontaneity or the mistakes. Also, I am just not good enough to expect perfection from any recording. I think it helps that I was always recording us when we played and often my writing is me recording myself jamming and trying out riffs. When I like something I use the DAW software tools to cut it up and repeat it as needed. If I mess up a small part, I set up
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