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  1. Whole lotta love, too much distance. How much would it cost to ship to the US?
  2. Just want a decent cushion on the seat and some basic adjustments. Any recommendations? I bought one on Amazon and promptly sent it back. It was like sitting on a sponge. Seat seem to have a lot of padding but it compressed to nothing when I sat down. Would like to stay around $50 or so if possible.
  3. Well, here is a goofy video I made in my new jam room. I also put up a green screen for some video fun. Warning!! this is not serious! 😉 Here is me and my band from the last 35 years playing some Zep. http://kirkpitts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Good-Times-bad-times-iPhone.m4v
  4. How about a OHFUCKME page? 😁 Great idea on the band support idea!
  5. I am late to this thread but I liked Angel back in that time. Saw them live in Mobile Alabama.
  6. mathman

    Eric Otten

    R.I.P. Caddie
  7. Took some more time to try to match the sound of Hammer to fall. Closer.
  8. I have an XT from around 2004/5. Nice enough guitar. Replaced the pickups and tuners and that made an improvement. Not a bad guitar but I wouldn't spend too much on one.
  9. I downloaded the demo and did a quick test of the settings for Hammer to Fall. Doesn't sound exact but sounds pretty good.
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