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  1. You are measuring dicks over a tv show. No way that involves winning. 😉
  2. I am proud to say I don't give two flying fucks at a rolling donut what almost everyone else has to say. I like Game of Thrones, never watched lots of other stuff. I've watched the most ridicules stuff and the "highbrow" stuff. If you are measuring dicks over a TV show.... 😉
  3. Ground doesn't care what is on, just what is plugged in and connected iirc. I had a ground loop problem some years ago that gave me a hum in my monitors but nothing else. But I did have two different circuits powering things. Just a simple ground loop circuit eliminated it. Spent some time trying to find another way but my little corner studio was simpliest to fix with the cable adapter. It can be a pain to diagnose it.
  4. I will have to check it out. I am from Pensacola home the what many consider the first place in the US to server a Bushwacker. http://www.sandshaker.com/thebushwacker.aspx
  5. Always practice how you plan to perform.
  6. Since I am the mathman... a flat piece of paper is 2D. Length and width or base and height.. 3D adds the third dimension to the two options. so a flat piece of paper can lay flat on a table. L and W. It could be stood on it’s side, base and height. 3D is length , width, and height. so, the sound of an amp doesn’t just go along the floor,2D . It also doesn’t jus go straight up. Again 2D. It goes up, down and all around. 3D.
  7. I hear some of his Eddie Van Halen chops in there!
  8. I don't have anything that would qualify, so, I can only conjecture. But, for me, these things are all tools, cars, guitars, amps, skateboards, surfboards, all of it. Use it, abuse it, if it is good it improves with age, it gets broken in. Life is an experience, not a presentation.
  9. Check log files, console app
  10. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204012
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