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  1. This is a goofy song with a matching goofy video.
  2. I put out an album a few years ago, Does it need to be a recent or new song?
  3. This song hit a chord with me because I can somewhat relate to Edward and so vicariously with Wolfgang. My dad was not a "bad" dad, but he was a somewhat typical dad of the 70's that was upwardly moving. He was interested in what he was able to do. Golf, fish, play poker with friends, etc. He did well and retired early. The early part of that retirement was my youth. If I was interested in what he wanted to do I could have spent more time with him. But he wasn't going to spend time with me doing what I was interested in. It was lucky for Eddie and Wolfgang that they both had those sim
  4. I used to make about $100 every year to year and a half. That was with only 40 or 50 subscribers. Then they changed the rules and now you need 1000 to even qualify.
  5. Went to see mine this weekend and took my son for the first time in a while...
  6. My prototype II would be first because it is so versatile, but I would love a standard!
  7. I am stunted in my quest to buy these hangers because the way it hangs concerns me. Do I have the stud ability to handle these? I am not sure I can screw well enough to be hard enough. I mean, I am fully grown when in the redhead thread. Ain't no partial shit going on there. But still, would these make me hung? I mean, correctly?
  8. Stupid deal today. Hercules GSP38WBKPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGrip Wall Mount Guitar Hanger - Black, 2-Pack https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/hercules-stands-gsp38wbkplus-plus-series-universal-autogrip-wall-mount-guitar-hanger--black-2-pack/l72001000000000
  9. Yea, me too. But I can't help but wonder.
  10. I lived in Pensacola, Florida. Some of those concerts went through Mobile Alabama and I saw them there. Kansas and Styx on February 12th, 1977 was a slo-gin night. We got fucken wasted. A great night to start, not so much at the end. we still talk about this one. I didn't learn about Be Bop Deluxe until a year or so later. Would have loved to see that show. The other shows you list seem different in Mobile but it may be that I didn't go.
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