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  1. This is me playing in my green screen music room. Plan to do some more once I get settled into this virtual school world.
  2. Here is a different version of us doing what we do. but to a great song!
  3. Just yesterday I was downloading some yellow snow, camarillo brillo, and other sundry items onto my iphone...
  4. it seemed too busy to me also. Some variations:
  5. I had hoped to make a video history but life got in the way. Maybe I will post some of what I had going. The photobucket change really fucked up my plans. Oh well, This is a great story.
  6. I'll be the contrarian. I love it, but I love reggae. So there is that.
  7. I have the OD 11. It’s considered to be a very transparent overdrive. Sounds great to me
  8. I loved Styx once I found them in the mid 70's. Saw them 5 times or so before the end as I know it. You must have started with Styx in or after 1979 or 1980 or so if think they are not a guitar band. I started following them in 75 and had to work my way back to their earlier stuff. Yes, they were a guitar band, that became a synthesizer band. Dennis DeYoung was a monster genius, but I think Tommy Shaw was a great addition. Him and CY Young were a great complement for rock guitar. The band went in different directions because DeYoung wanted one thing and everyone else wanted the combination. Kilroy was here was the end. Listen to Miss America, Renegade, Blue Collar Man or songs before 1977. I won't argue about the Damn Yankees part...
  9. Cheap Trick is probably the band I have seen most often. I've seen them in huge stadiums in San Diego in 1978, and small nightclubs in Gainesville in 1983 or so. And everything in between. Last time I saw them was in St. Pete in 2008 or so. I have probably seen them 14 times over the years. Still one of my favorite bands. Live or in studio.
  10. The price is good, but with one kid in college and the other planning a wedding, I can't throw out a grand for a bass right now. We've got another offer and hopefully this one goes through. If so, I may be checking to see if it is still there. Still GLWS!
  11. Finally had some time to really try out the EPH-3. Love it. Can be very subtle or in your face. The tape emulation control adds a nice touch. Really glad I got this one. Now I want a different sounding Distortion than the OD 11.
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