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  1. Liberated!!!! Good work and congrats. That thing is seriously hot looking, and I'll bet it doesn't suck as a player either. Z
  2. Should we take up a collection and "liberate" it from the Evil Empire? Z
  3. http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedgear/deta...istId=105009088 I have only seen these beauties with the red (Spruce?) top, but this looks HOT! I know it is GC, but it is very cool looking. Is the price in the park for one of these or the usual "GC" inflated number? Just curious. Z
  4. http://www.jibjab.com/view/248028 Z
  5. Some of you like these things, right? http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedgear/deta...istId=104762337
  6. These 2 keep me young and are making me grey at the same time! Fatherhood is the coolest thing I have ever experienced, by far, bar none. Happy Father's Day all you HFC dads! Z
  7. David, I hope it is something other than what you may suspect, and will offer my support and prayers for you. Be well. Z
  8. Hey Jaye, as a certified Strat Cat I feel I can give some pointers in the "how do I keep this $%^& thing in tune" dept. First off, unless you have some sort of space-age nut, you're gonna need some lube in there. Nut slots like graphite or something like Big Bends Nut Sauce (never tried it, but folks recommend it a lot for this purpose). Of course, make sure there is no binding going on in the first place. It looks like the plank you are weiding in the pic is at least the American Standard version so I'd be surprised if the nutwork was really shoddy, but you never know. I don't know if you
  9. Caddie, I'll happily jet out there and "fetch" it back to the midwest for you . Last time I went the other way (MN to CA) on my Triumph and it was quick but exciting . I spent a month up and down the PCH and "over the hill" (mountain) daily and really learned a lot about riding that bike. Get out there and flog that Beemer, Punkavenger! Z
  10. Lots of cool Hamer model names, but my fave is by far Phantom. That is a perfect name for an edgy, dangerous rock dude's guitar. Most of the names are cool, but I have issues with some Hamer names being, um, "borrowed" from other prior examples. I have owned both Ibanez, and later Hamer "Studio" models. Same with Ibanez and Hamer Artists. The name "Standard" was not specifically brand specific at the time, but when they came out with production Hamers both "Sunburst" and "Standard" were associated with another guitar company's product. Same with the "Special". I have never owned a Kramer Vangu
  11. GREAT work and a perfect look after it is all done. Now we need to see the Kahlered original (pre-zebra), the Zebra-fied state and the finished product all in a row for the "before", "after", and "after - after" effect. That wood has been throgh some journey but it probably never looked better since the day it left Illinois back in the day. Love the corner chippage, too - bold move after all that beautification to go and rough it up. . Z
  12. Well, from my increasingly foggy memory I can give a direct comparison as I have owned the very, very original B.K. Butler unit (I ordered it out of the back of Guitar Player Waaaaay back When) until not too long ago and have 2 TK999's and a Tube Works Real Tube currently in the house. First off, the old standard B.K. unit had some GREAT sounds in it, especially hitting the front of an already grinding Marshall. The best quality it had was the ability to grind with clarity (if that makes any sense). That thing into the front of my Jubillee was a seriously cool sounding combo. In comparison, th
  13. What would we label this little number? Just curious as I have not seen this version before but it looks pretty tough. Z http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedgear/deta...istId=104597187
  14. Is she touching herself or shielding her bits from your obviously overpowering manly influence? Z
  15. So very sorry to hear of your loss. Many positive vibes for all of you from one who has been there. Take care and be well, brother. Z
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