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    '80 Hamer Sunburst B&C (Sunburst and Kahlered), '82 Hamer Sunburst (Checkerboard and Kahlered), 2013 Reverend PA RT limited to 10 gold flake, 2013 Reverend Tricky Gomez RT limited edition red metal flake, 2014 Reverend Sensei RT limited silver metal flake edition, 2015 custom Metalcaster, 2015 Schecter Telecaster, 1961 Gibson Melody Maker, 1 of 10 1987 Cort NAMM Dragon Explorer, Hallmark Wing-Bat, RT Custom Strat, "Frankenstein" Strat Clone, Ovation 6 string acoustic, Ovation Celebrity 12 string acoustic, Mini Ovation Applause 6 string cut-away acoustic, Schecter Elite 5 bass, Xaviere Shelltop Les Paul (Murkat-fied), modded '98 Epi Korina Explorer- Jim Wagner Godwood PUP devotee
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  1. Surprised Billie claimed to have never heard of VH. Born in southern Cali, both parents in the entertainment industry (music and acting) and of proper VH fan age, and older brother (and musical partner) Finneas a multi-instrumentalist and actor who would definitely know who VH is (he was on Glee, and they played some VH on that show). I think it was a purposeful "amnesia", perhaps aimed at generating some pub... duh.
  2. Love it, G! Dibs (my first ever dib call)!
  3. Deltronics in Woodridge has worked well for me. http://www.deltronics.com/our-locations
  4. And that he had a condo made of stone-ah...
  5. That is one of the tastiest burst finishes I have ever seen. Congrats!!!
  6. Get the Callaham upgrades for the Bigs, it'll change your world. Or even better, replace that Bigs with a Duesenberg. Like going from a Pinto to a Lamborghini.
  7. Love it, Z. Another lesson in taste, artistry and virtuosity from one of my fave guitarists.
  8. Love that, minus the Floyd. Thanks for posting!
  9. I've eyed the fretless Vigiers for the last couple years. Congrats on the deal!
  10. Love the bound & crowned. The other, not so much. Def not for $4k.
  11. The new Darkness disc hit two weeks ago- https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8532004/the-darkness-easter-is-cancelled-album-interview
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