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  1. svl


    Just seeing this. Ray was a fantastic person, always loved chatting with him. My heart goes out to Sue & his family.
  2. Just ran across this, knew there were some Robin fans here, and obviously checkerboard fans... https://reverb.com/item/5740458-robin-wedge-1987-custom-one-of-a-kind-blue-yellow-checkerboard-finish-plays-great-rare-cool
  3. Something to note- this was recorded in 2014, just 2 years after the VH reunion album. The engineers were able to get a decent sound with what Dave gave them on that, pretty sure this disc will be able to pull at least that level of quality out of Roth’s takes.
  4. Out on Friday (the 4th). Concept album, here's the title track...
  5. Do we know the location of the long term facility? I'm in the Naperville area, could take a look around the local pawns if he was in hospice here.
  6. Justin Hawkins. Riffs. Soul. Style. Say no more.
  7. Sad news. But more interesting is the fact that evidently Mr. Baker invented the Time Machine, and snuck his way into the Beatle's film A HARD DAYS NIGHT...
  8. Easter Has Been Cancelled. Album of the year for me.
  9. Here's a start... and its cheap. https://reverb.com/item/26869214-peavey-hydra-double-neck-guitar-body-1980-s-white-pratloid
  10. If it was here in the States, and a might cheaper, I would buy it & do just that...
  11. Just arrived, crazy badass. Quality control was spot on with this one, killer right out of the box (and all the way from Korea in this crazy freakin' heat). I have #30 of 40...
  12. Necro-thread-revival... Finally got a 40th anniversary Cadi, NOS from Korea. She will be here in about a week.
  13. I buy from Germany. All in, about $150 for the Diamond. eBay is a good source, as is Reverb. You can buy direct from Duesenberg, I have done that as well. Well worth the money.
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