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    '80 Hamer Sunburst B&C (Sunburst and Kahlered), '82 Hamer Sunburst (Checkerboard and Kahlered), 2013 Reverend PA RT limited to 10 gold flake, 2013 Reverend Tricky Gomez RT limited edition red metal flake, 2014 Reverend Sensei RT limited silver metal flake edition, 2015 custom Metalcaster, 2015 Schecter Telecaster, 1961 Gibson Melody Maker, 1 of 10 1987 Cort NAMM Dragon Explorer, Hallmark Wing-Bat, RT Custom Strat, "Frankenstein" Strat Clone, Ovation 6 string acoustic, Ovation Celebrity 12 string acoustic, Mini Ovation Applause 6 string cut-away acoustic, Schecter Elite 5 bass, Xaviere Shelltop Les Paul (Murkat-fied), modded '98 Epi Korina Explorer- Jim Wagner Godwood PUP devotee
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  1. Open to offers, also open to splitting 'em up.
  2. There are two versions of the Axe III controller, the FC-6 and FC-12. Supposed to start shipping this fall. Looks badass, individual scribble strips, should be a winner.
  3. Block placement is important, but it's the same for plugging pedals into an amp. In it's simplest form- phasers/wahs/envelop filters/etc first, ODs/fuzz/etc second, amps third, cabs next, then delays, then verbs. Compressors can go first in the chain or last, depends on what kind of compressor you're using and what you want it to do. Same for a volume pedal block- I use mine first in the chain, and utilize it like a volume pot (it's amazing how freeing up your hands and being able to do crazy swells or simple gain softens with your feet enhances your playing), but you can use it last to be able to quickly modulate your overall sound going into the board. My suggestion- load a few presets from well respected Fractalites and use them as templates to build your own. You'll be amazed at how easy the unit is to master after that.
  4. Been a Fractal user for almost 10 years now, own both the II and AX8 right now. Stick to it, don't get discouraged, this unit will do everything you want it to, just takes some effort which is beyond worth it. Here's a video/audio I made with the II way back in '14, covers pretty much every piece of sonic ground you could want (including acoustic and synth simulation). All done with one guitar ('til the very end when I switched to a Strat for acoustic sim), one take, just stepping up preset to preset. The tones and FX are even better now Guitarslinger sample vid Extreme example of no fizz but killer OD tone at 27:00 for the VH segment. Best advice I can give you- chose your IRs carefully and work the Scenes (you can damn near program a whole set into one preset if ya like).
  5. Reverend PA for hollow, Rev Tricky Gomez for semi. Best bang for the buck gits at the moment.
  6. Bought but never used- Grover's Perfect Guitar Nut Height Extender takes your existing guitar and adds slide steel sound and playability by raising string action by 3/8". Just install the Perfect extender over your existing nut, replace the strings, grab a slide, and go. $10 shipped
  7. Gently used Bigsby B70 with Vibramate Spoiler. The Bigsby comes with what you see in the photo (spring, washer for spring, 4 mounting screws). The Spoiler is the best thing to happen to Bigsby trems ever- just slip it in place—no tools, no modifications—and install your strings in the Spoiler's notches in seconds. It's held solidly by string tension under pitch. No more wrapping the strings around the roller bar; no kinking the ends to fit over those little pins. A tremendous time-saver. $140 PP/shipped, $125 PP gift, shipped.
  8. Not a DOA member, but have joined the other Dean FB pages. The Canadian link is a no go, none in stock (they just never removed the product page). Thanks, everybody. The search continues!
  9. They were when they were released (all 40 of 'em).
  10. Added a WTB for a 40th anniversary Cadillac in the blue/purple flip finish.
  11. Know lots of Dean lovers reside here, hoping someone has (or knows someone who has) a Dean Cadillac Ultima made in the Czech Republic finished in Ruby sparkle that they'd be willing to part with. ADDED- also want to snag a 40th anniversary Cadillac in the blue/purple flip finish. Posted over at the Dean forums, but it's a little graveyard like over there, maybe the HFC can work their usual magic. Thanks in any event!
  12. Got pics of the Duesenberg? Keep circling those, love to see yours and hear your opinion of it.
  13. svl

    R.I.P. Lorrie Collins

    Worked with Larry a few years back, hung out with Lorrie numerous times. Both fantastic people, and true trailblazers.