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    '80 Hamer Sunburst B&C (Sunburst and Kahlered), '82 Hamer Sunburst (Checkerboard and Kahlered), 2013 Reverend PA RT limited to 10 gold flake, 2013 Reverend Tricky Gomez RT limited edition red metal flake, 2014 Reverend Sensei RT limited silver metal flake edition, 2015 custom Metalcaster, 2015 Schecter Telecaster, 1961 Gibson Melody Maker, 1 of 10 1987 Cort NAMM Dragon Explorer, Hallmark Wing-Bat, RT Custom Strat, "Frankenstein" Strat Clone, Ovation 6 string acoustic, Ovation Celebrity 12 string acoustic, Mini Ovation Applause 6 string cut-away acoustic, Schecter Elite 5 bass, Xaviere Shelltop Les Paul (Murkat-fied), modded '98 Epi Korina Explorer- Jim Wagner Godwood PUP devotee
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  1. Up for sale: Great condition MXR EVH Phase 90, includes box and all "box candy". Great condition, never gigged. $100 PP gift shipped Great condition MXR EVH Flanger, includes box and all "box candy". Great condition, never gigged. $160 PP gift shipped HTF Dunlop Jimi Hendrix JH OC1 Octavio. Good condition, never gigged but slight discoloration on bottom and end of pedal from velcro. $200 PP gift shipped
  2. Nada- I see what Cynic sees, and my board is bright white.
  3. Not seeing this. Where exactly is it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there any way to have it display in a "dark mode"? I tend to like it darker, especially when viewing at night when the little lady is trying to sleep.
  5. One of the greatest concerts I ever attended, Chrissy and the boys at the Riviera in Chicago, 9/8/80. Still have the tour book and Pretenders bandana I bought at the show.
  6. One of the big perks of the 7750 is that it's a Premium Expression printer, with a fifth ink called "Photo Black". Gives a really deep, "inky" black to photo prints, ups the quality greatly. So far, no issues (knock on wood).
  7. Got it today, effortless setup. WiFi works right out of the box. Did a quick (less than 3 seconds) photo print on plain paper, quality was stellar, can't wait to try it with photo paper and a high quality setting. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  8. Thanks, all. Went with the Epson 7750- they r sold out everywhere but checking sites daily I finally lucked into one. It’ll b here tomorrow, looking forward to seeing how it performs.
  9. @a.bandini, any problems with the heads clogging frequently? Do you have to run the head cleaning often?
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. Been an Epson guy forever, really want to like the new Ecotank models but reviews have scared me off.
  11. A Duesy Trem is an amazing bar, giving you the power to go from buttery fluttery Bigsby type play (but MUCH smoother with great control) to out and out divebombing action. And they stay in tune like no other on the market.
  12. Looking for a new wireless printer, research is telling me everything sucks. Anyone have any recommendations on a solid candidate? Mac household. Thanks in advance.
  13. I worked with Larry Collins, Joe's "protege", a bunch of years ago (we were developing some IPs he created). Great guy, he had a bajillion stories about Joe, and still had one or two of Joe's guitars (which I got to play).
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