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    '82 Hamer Sunburst (Checkerboard finish), 2013 Reverend PA RT limited to 10 gold flake, 2013 Reverend Tricky Gomez RT limited edition red metal flake, 2014 Reverend Sensei RT limited silver metal flake edition, 2015 custom Metalcaster, 2015 Schecter Telecaster, 1961 Gibson Melody Maker, 1 of 10 1987 Cort NAMM Dragon Explorer, Hallmark Wing-Bat, RT Custom Strat, "Frankenstein" Strat Clone, Ovation 6 string acoustic, Ovation Celebrity 12 string acoustic, Mini Ovation Applause 6 string cut-away acoustic, Schecter Elite 5 bass, Xaviere Shelltop Les Paul (Murkat-fied), modded '98 Epi Korina Explorer- Jim Wagner Godwood PUP devotee
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    two Fractal Audio AXE FX II XL systems, Fractal Audio AX8

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    Chicagoland area
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    My main interests- early 80s Hamers... oh and the 1966 BATMAN television series!

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  1. I do believe that used to be mine. Crazy sorry I ever got rid of it, but at the time was thinning the herd and didn't think I'd need a 12ver again. Stupid, stupid man...
  2. Haven't used 'em in years but got the MF special. Really never understood the string battle- maybe I'm just simple, but all I really want are reasonably priced strings that don't break easily and stand up to abuse and keep their tuning for a weeks worth of gigs...
  3. Just listed the aforementioned Tick bag (brand new in box, never used) in the forum, would go great with this bag. Adding a link in my FS thread for this bag...
  4. Brand new, in box, never used. Bought it to use with Mono Dual bag but ended up bailing on the idea. Brand new they are $99 plus tax and shipping, $75 shipped to the continental 48.
  5. Fractal AX8. Getting cheaper, and a monster rig (that you can knob tweak on the fly). https://reverb.com/item/57601674-fractal-audio-ax8-amp-modeler-multi-fx-processor
  6. Just got tix for their Chicago show in August.
  7. I spoke too soon- had no idea it was my daughter's bass (it wasn't, but now that I want to let it go it appears to have been appropriated). Sorry.
  8. I have a Slammer B4S you can have for $100 plus actual shipping (bolt on neck so I can disassemble to make it inexpensive). Tom is right on, great bass for a guitarist switching over. LMK
  9. Peavey Vypyr 30 Modeling Combo - 30 Watt - 1x12". Like new condition, never gigged. $120 OBO local Chicagoland pickup The Peavey Vypyr 30 combo guitar amplifier offers amazing performance for a great price. The 30-watt, 4-channel Vypyr 30 gives you 11 preamp stompbox-style effects and 11 "post-amp" effects, all of which can be easily edited. It gives you Peavey's own TransTube® technology for that great, responsive "tube" feel. A quality 12" speaker pumps out a surprising amount of volume, while a built-in tuner and looper provide great tools for any guitarist. Peavey Vypyr 30 Modeling Guitar Amplifier at a Glance: Heart of the Vypyr Amazing tonal flexibility Built-in MIDI Heart of the Vypyr Vypyr amplifiers are based on powerful 32-bit, floating-point SHARC processors that enable highly detailed, accurate modeling as well as vastly enhanced flexibility and features. The Vypyr amps also give you great, controllable tone, thanks to Peavey's TransTube® technology in the preamp and power amp sections. The Vypyr 30 features 11 editable preamp "stomp box" effects and 11 editable post-amp "rack" effects with dual-parameter control. Players can use up to five effects simultaneously. Also includes an onboard tuner and looper. Built-in MIDI: the VYPYR also acts as its own computer audio interface, with a built-in MIDI output. The entire six-model VYPYR Series features the easy-to-use Peavey WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. Peavey Vypyr 30 Modeling Guitar Amplifier Features: 30 watts Four channels with 3-band EQ, master volume and pre- and post-gain controls, 12" custom-voiced modeling loudspeaker, 11 editable rack effects, 11 editable stomp-box effects, up to five effects simultaneously, onboard looper, onboard chromatic tuner, up to 400 presets with optional Sanpera™ II footswitch, MIDI In Tap tempo switch, studio-quality headphone output, patented TransTube® technology in preamp and power amp.
  10. Great set of Pearl Soundcheck drums, beautiful condition. Included- 22"x18" Bass drum 8x7 Tom 10x8 Tom 12x9 Tom 16x16 Floor Tom 14x5.5 Snare Zildjian ZBT cymbals (no cracks): 13" Hi Hat top & bottom 10" Splash 14" Crash 18" Ride All mounting hardware, stands, Pearl kick pedal, bottom skins on all toms, ported front head on bass drum, kick pad on bass drum skin. Evans EC2 skins on all toms , Pearl skin on bass drum, Aquarian skin on snare (still lots of life in all skins). $OLD
  11. I never understood people posting links to auctions they were interested in. Just seems counterproductive...
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