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    '80 Hamer Sunburst B&C (Sunburst and Kahlered), '82 Hamer Sunburst (Checkerboard and Kahlered), 2013 Reverend PA RT limited to 10 gold flake, 2013 Reverend Tricky Gomez RT limited edition red metal flake, 2014 Reverend Sensei RT limited silver metal flake edition, 2015 custom Metalcaster, 2015 Schecter Telecaster, 1961 Gibson Melody Maker, 1 of 10 1987 Cort NAMM Dragon Explorer, Hallmark Wing-Bat, RT Custom Strat, "Frankenstein" Strat Clone, Ovation 6 string acoustic, Ovation Celebrity 12 string acoustic, Mini Ovation Applause 6 string cut-away acoustic, Schecter Elite 5 bass, Xaviere Shelltop Les Paul (Murkat-fied), modded '98 Epi Korina Explorer- Jim Wagner Godwood PUP devotee
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  1. Selling my Roland JV 1080, studio kept/racked, original owner. Has manual, power cord and 3 installed Expansion modules (SR-JV80-02 Orchestral, SR-JV80-05 World and SR-JV80-13 Vocal). Local pickup (Chicagoland area) preferred. $600 PP gift
  2. Selling my Roland S50 sampler, great condition, studio kept, original owner. Comes with all manuals, 3.5 sound discs, power cord, everything originally included. Also throwing in the custom Grundorf case I had built for it- thing is a tank, only used to cart the keyboard from house to studio, still in great shape. Also including the crazy hard to find (last one I saw available sold for $300) Director S sequencing package, which has EVERYTHING originally included- manual, discs AND the always missing dongle. Prefer local (Chicagoland area) pickup, asking $750.
  3. Just don't hold 'em in your mouth in a recording studio, whatever u do...
  4. TV Jones Chrome Classic Plus Bridge $75 Dean DMT Chrome Bridge/Neck set $75 Dean Caddy Gold Bridge/Neck set $50 Schecter Tele Pickup Set $30 All prices (except Hamer Sunburst) shipped continental US/PP gift.
  5. Mammoth WVH first gig next year at AFTERSHOCK with Metallica, etc...
  6. Tough to find Dunlop Jimi Hendrix JH OC1 Octavio. Good condition, never gigged but slight discoloration on bottom and end of pedal from velcro. $150 shipped PP gift
  7. Vibramate V5-TEV Stage II - attach your Bigsby to your Tele with no permanent mods. $80 PP gift shipped
  8. Great passive speakers- lightweight but sturdy (wood not plastic), really sweet sounding speakers. Perfect working order, fantastic condition, never gigged (house rehearsal only). Local deal only (Chicagoland area), $375 for the pair PP Gift. Allen & Heath GL2-S 16 channel board, perfect working condition, in a Road Runner M8URR rack case with 8 space below the tilted board. Excellent condition, never gigged. $350 for both, PP Gift. Local pickup (Chicago)
  9. Thanks, Jake. Unfortunately the vaccine is still a half year away from being available to the general public, and many of the venues that fill my calendar have gone belly up from the damage already done. It’s a sad situation for many in the gigging world...
  10. I do, I'm a freaking idiot and wasn't paying attention (tears in my eyes having 2 let my baby go)...
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