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  1. MTM105

    BOSS OD 20 Drive Zone

    I have BOSS ME-50. Also COSM. Again, there are only about 2-3 usable ODs/Distortion. I built an entire board around it. MOD DIS on it is MY tone. I A/Bed some of the ODs with originals and ME-50, prob because it has tone tweaking, sounded better. I wasn't trying to knock down COSM. maybe I was... I don't know..
  2. Does anyone LIKE COSM technology? Is there anyone just waiting for BOSS to produce another?? I can get 3-4 decent enough tones. GUV DS, BD-2, OD-2 and MUFF FUZZ. DST+ OK, but I've moved beyond that. The rest could be subjective depending on gear and amps. Is it me, or do they basically suck?? Does anyone LIKE COSM technology?
  3. MTM105

    Dead Tone

    I went to a Phish concert at Holmdel, NJ. I was TOTALLY straight. I couldn't wait to leave. My opinion is that of one who went to a Dead Concert peaking on LSD. It was terrible.
  4. MTM105

    Dead Tone

    Right now I'm studying a business Ethics class and it points out that there is, in fact, evil in society. There is no better term for it. The entire time I've seen and witnessed Deadheads in action, I've surmised evil influences. Their leader and co-founder succumbed to heroin addiction. On film, Bob Weir visited his childhood home. He wasn't aware it had been knocked down years earlier. I never found the women to be attractive. At all. Look at Ann Coulter. Only two or three of their songs could be attributed to musical talent.
  5. MTM105

    Dead Tone

    Is there talent? It’s improvisation. Rhthym & Blues. is the band a complete gimmick?
  6. MTM105

    Dead Tone

    Amazon doc film I see Fender Showmans.
  7. MTM105

    Dead Tone

    I never liked the Grateful Dead. 1984 I went to MSG tripping ballz to understand them. Still didn’t like. It took several decades for me to invest in & appreciate tone. Today I hear the Dead and think, “ that’s it!”. The tone, that is. Is there a Dead tone?
  8. MTM105

    1981 RoundUp - Phil JFK

    By god IT'S A DEAD FXCKING ROOSTER!! Or Hen. JEEBUS!! WHO LET THIS CREETIN IN? No wait, must be a Southern tradition. LIke Chicken and waffles. Who let OZZY in? This forum IS A CULT! They're sacrificing animals...
  9. MTM105

    1981 RoundUp - Phil JFK

    one is a good girl. other a BAD girl in need.
  10. June 20, 1981. Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker and Allman Bros. Upper 90's degree heat. What is going on with the white towel below??
  11. MTM105

    1981 Green Grass & High Tides

    did y'all know every LP is identifiable by each and every pearl inlay?? detailed photos, of course. if guitars were outlawed, only The Outlaws would have guitars who is the chubby guitarist with the porn stache??
  12. MTM105

    Is this forum a cult?

    That RUSH vid. Is that PRS SwampAsh??