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  1. You made the right decision. The video is outstanding. Your talent showcases the brand with respect.
  2. acb


  3. Kim Keller was a Hamer specialist whose responsibilities included customer communications. He is not a stranger to this forum and is highly regarded by many members. In the few exchanges I had with him he was always welcoming and went beyond a courteuos reply.
  4. rcpgny1 send me a private message. I have sunburst 7 0012. Steve I'm pretty sure you spent a few minutes with this one during a visit to lemoyne :-)
  5. WTF is causing all of this hostility? So Prince launches a guitar BFD. You reach that level of status and you CAN do this because you can pay for it. Prince has been dropping guitars for a while now. Not the first time I've seen this. Considering the appearance and his recent grammy show sighting is promoting a new release you might expect something to add word of mouth hype. Prince playing live on broadcast is fairly rare. The man is a f'n genius with virtuoso chops and melodic dexterity. Regardless of rock or R&B via New Power Generation lately his performance is always inspired and over the top.
  6. Prince smoked the Fallon show with the new configuration... link to videos
  7. Daesin's custom cali is the most vibrant and creative graphic I've seen virtually anywhere. I spotted his pictures on Flickr a few years ago. The design and color scheme feels clean and timeless. So cool to share the guitar here.
  8. Ding ding ding we have a winner!
  9. f'n unbelievable... another epic resurrection
  10. top ten in the BCR.bench.Hall.Of.Fame this has been amazing to watch more please
  11. when you remove emotion from the news and look at the current market conditions affecting hamer profitability (a.k.a. survival), it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. consider the current business mantra - "nothing personal, it's only business." under the fmic umbrella i expect a focus on structuring/positioning toward the brands strengths, competitive potential, and bottom line. i hope jol remains affiliated with the hamer brand, even in an emeritus consulting role to asist in moving the brand forward.
  12. you've done some good work on jol's facebook fanpage. the environment is a little more interactive here. this place is home to a bunch of lunatiks.
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