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  1. Yeah it's a great price $1350. Nice circa 1997 website: https://chrisguitars.com/
  2. Why the poker chip on the toggle? Even if you were forgetting which way is Rhythm vs Treble, you can't read it while playing. Never understood adding this to a guitar. And the black doesn't match the pickup rings or the blonde finish. Just my $.02. To each his own.
  3. Bump for price drop $1650 shipped, you pay the Paypal fees (or use friends and family). Somebody's gotta want this one of a kind Hamer?
  4. Longtime luthier and northwest institution, Mike Lull passed away on February 12th. I first met Mike when I was working at the music store Bandstand East in 1978. Over the decades, Mike has been my go-to for any and all guitar repairs that I couldn't tackle myself. I read this morning that he was on chemo, so evidently the big C got him. Here's the release by the staff at his shop: It is with tremendous sadness that we share that our great leader and company’s founder, Mike Lull, unexpectedly passed away on the 12th of February, 2020.Mike was a visionary and inspiration for the Music community, and he left his indelible mark on every instrument he ever touched and every customer he ever helped. In fact, Mike never considered anyone “customers”, they were all his friends.Mike’s dedicated staff and family will be carrying on his legacy as this is what Mike wanted.If you would like to send your condolences, feel free to reach out at mike@mikelull.com or stop by the shop at any time.
  5. It's ebony. I don't think they used the Richlite on Custom Shop instruments.
  6. So I have 30 guitars and grab the same four or five when I gig, so I am selling off the ones that just sit. Sold three last week. I bought this guitar the summer before last on Reverb. It was for sale from a music store in Southern California. It is a 2016 Gibson custom shop Les Paul Custom in cherry sunburst with a flame maple top. When I bought it, it had Bare Knuckle "Crawler" pickups in it that were high output and I am not a high output pickup guy, so I pulled them (sold them here) and dropped in a set of Lollar Peter Green pickups. The Peter Green Lollars are Imperials (PAF's) that are wired out of phase. The store that I bought it from listed it as "Minty" but I can't detect any odor at all. I would list the condition as excellent. 9+ out of 10. Cleaner than most new guitars that are in a music store. No damage to the finish that I can find. There is a bit of damage to the top edge of the tolex on the custom shop case. Case candy and original Gibson pickups are included. Nice deep carve on the top. I paid $3300 for it, but am willing to price it here for $2850 shipped continental US. You pay the Paypal fees (or use friends and family). I will list it here for a week and then pop it over on Reverb if it hasn't sold. It's a good one and a real looker. These are the pictures from when I bought it. Still looks the same. Didn't get played more than a couple of hours by me. I took it to one show last summer, but my R8 gets all the playing time. PM me here or email: greenmanstone at gmail
  7. It was great to meet an HFC-er last evening in Seattle and hand off the Junior. I'll let Josh announce his NHD when he wants to, but I am glad that the guitar stayed "in the family" and went to a great guy who really wanted the guitar. Here's one last pic for the road.........
  8. Yes, this is the one that stood out to me as well. but I would never be able to deal with the location of the pickup toggle. WTF?
  9. The nearest city to where I live is Wenatchee, Washington which has a population of about 35,000. I caught a 3 piece act last summer of young local guys in their 20's doing cool original progressive instrumental guitar driven rock and was really impressed. Check out "Himiko Cloud"
  10. Here's my Jazzburst. And then two that have passed through.
  11. Just sold on Reverb, thanks for playing! Here's another one that I am going to release from the herd. 2016 Duesenberg Double Cat 12 string. All stock, no damage, very nice OHSC. These guitars have a list price of somewhere around $3800. I bought it two years ago and have two other electric 12s, so she not getting played and is ready for a new home. Has a humbucker in the bridge and a big single coil (ala P90) in the neck position. Let the jangling begin. $1250.00 shipped, you pay the Paypal fees (or use friends and family if you know me) PM me here or email at greenmanstone at gmail Thanks, Cam
  12. Sold! Thanks for playing. So, I have decided to part company with this amazing instrument. Ordered through BCR in 2006, got it in 2007. My name is on the certificate/build sheet from Hamer. Truly a great guitar, but never gets played. It is based on a Korina Junior. The factory upgrades are : Ultimate Quilt top, ebony fretboard, tortoise binding, Lollar P-90, ebony headstock overlay. One of the most highly figured quilt tops I have ever seen. Kind of breathtaking when you open the case. Rings like a bell and sustains like no other guitar that I own. Not much playing time over the years. Perhaps a bit of pick hazing on the pickguard? But no dings, scratches or chips. Call it 9.5 out of 10? There is a scratch on the case tolex. $2250.00 shipped and insured Paypal gift. Somewhere there is a "Most Iconic Hamer" thread and this one was nominated. The 5 pics are obviously from when BCR Greg received it from the factory. PM me here or email greenmanstone at gmail
  13. Sorry for being offline, I had a gig last night and got in late. Guitar is sold pending payment. Thanks for playing.
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