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  1. Last time I saw Joe live, he was playing a Duesenberg Double Cat the whole set.
  2. 2010 Gibson ES-137 with OHSC in Heritage Cherry Burst. Nice flamed maple front back and sides (laminated). Same body and neck size as an ES-175 but thinner front to back and with a mahogany center block to reduce feedback. Maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. All original, the guitar has been played, but is clean, no damage to the finish maybe 8.5 out of 10? The case has some wear around the edges. Get your rockabilly on $1300.00 Shipped and insured (Continental US), you pay Paypal PM me here or email greenmanstone at gmail
  3. Here's another amazing guitar on the selling block. 2009 Nash T69 Thinline with the following options: Bigsby bridge, flamed maple top, body binding, Lollar Pickups. List price for this guitar with these options is over $4k When I bought it a couple of years ago, I shipped it down to our own Murkat in Nashville and had him put the period correct "F" waterslide decal on the headstock. Comes with the gold Gator skin hard case. $1750 shipped and insured (Continental US), you pay Paypal fees. PM me here or email greenmanstone at gmail
  4. This one is killer. Mahogany body with very sexy vertical grain through it. flamed maple overlay. Five position blade switch. Beefy flamey maple neck. Zero wear or finish damage. This is essentially a new guitar. The guy that I bought it from said he bought it and put it in a vault and it looks like it. I bought it last spring and it's only been played for maybe an hour by me in my music room. Rio Grande hand wound pickups. Grover tuners. Not many of these produced back when Robin was building guitars in Houston. Very nice case. What's not to love. Kizanski approved.
  5. For Sale is my 2005 Hamer Newport in Jazzburst finish. It has a Schaller Roller bridge on it and a Chet Atkins arm on the Bigsby. Other than that it's stock. Original bridge and trem arm are in the case with the C.O.A. No damage to the finish that I can find. Great guitar, not getting played. $1550 shipped you cover PP fees. PM me here or email greenmanstone at gmail
  6. Looks like the Schaller Roller Bridge. I have one on my Newport.
  7. I have an old Hamer Special that came in a shitty case and bought one of these Eden cases. It's really nice and available in lots of different tolex/interior color options. Fits perfectly. LINK
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