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  1. I have two pre-Connecticut and one early Connecticut Hamers with Hameritis. A 1995 Duotone, a 1994 FM LE, and a 1998 Phantom Custom.
  2. Yeah, I gotta believe the repair bill was more than the guitar is/was worth.
  3. My R8 is the one guitar that checks all of the boxes. Goes with me to every gig and gets played the most. I won't be buried with it, but I will have to be dead to ever let it go.
  4. I play a lot of golf. Starting in about 1998, I began collecting MacGregor persimmon drivers. I wound up with at least one of every (men's) driver model that MacGregor produced from 1939 to 1964. It was about 280 golf clubs and I was into it about $12K. Had about 150 of them on display in my home office. When I got divorced in 2008, I sold the collection to a guy in Los Angeles for $2K. Took me most of a day to pack them in boxes. I kept 2 of them that were ones that I had played with back in the 80's. Somewhere there's a picture of the office display.
  5. Not mine https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/msg/d/woodinville-vintage-hamer-guitar-case/6964455612.html
  6. It would appear that Walmart is selling a fairly wide range of music gear including Fender Custom Shop guitars. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Fender-Custom-Shop-1965-Heavy-Relic-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar/780175914
  7. The magic happens for me In front of an engaged audience. The more crowded the room, the better.
  8. Nice score for the $$$! They are really great guitars. Looks a lot like one of my two Superpros which was made the same year. Odd that someone took off the Dunlop Dual Design straplock buttons (that would have been stock on the guitar from Hamer) and put on the old style Dunlops??? Enjoy
  9. Bose +1 I play with an acoustic quartet and we use one or two of them depending on the size of the venue. They are awesome. We use the LI II systems which run about $2600 a piece, but Bose makes smaller systems as well. This is a shot from just this last Saturday. You can see them on the back corners.
  10. Yes, I have not messed around with the C6 neck yet. The E9 neck has three pedals and five knee levers and the C6 neck has five pedals and no knee levers. I guess that's a pretty standard set up. Over the last two months, I have made an effort to play it every day. It's set up in my music room plugged in and ready to go. To learn the one tune that I performed on Saturday, I recorded the rhythm track on my looper and just played over and over and ........ voila, it worked. I looped it at a slightly faster tempo than we play it live so that it felt easier on stage. Also the steel finger picks felt so foreign that I am just using a thumb pick and my fingernails (which I keep longer and manicured on my right hand). It was a lot easier. Now to set new goal and learn a few more tunes on it. I am not in any country bands so, I am going more for the feel that Skunk Baxter with Steely Dan or Ben Keith with Neil Young had. I am for sure still a raw novice, but man does it sound cool. Give a listen to what it adds to this track:
  11. Yeah it's one of my favorite venues. The way they designed the roof / ceiling over the stage reflects the sound down like a parabolic arch. Not only beautiful, but it sounds killer on the stage. Usually only get to play there once a year but I am playing there again next month with a different group of guys. The lake in the background is Lake Chelan, 55 miles long and 1400 feet deep. Water is as clear a drinking water. Big time playground for rich Seattle folk (three hours away).
  12. So exactly two months ago, I bought a 1976 Sho-bud D10 pedal steel and set a goal to play it at a winery gig on August 17th (yesterday). Well it happened. Kinda scary. I guess I could equate it to setting a two month goal to do a show playing guitar left handed. I just played one tune and would give myself a B-. Tough part was the 16 bar solo. The crowd dug it. The venue, Benson Vineyards in Manson, Wa. My Sho-bud The rest of my quiver for the gig. Hamer Newport, Duesenberg Duocat 12, Gibson R8 and the Nash S63 that just showed up on Thursday. The Nash is cool. Has a big neck on it and Lollars.
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