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  1. Right, the "first step" is not that you have a problem, it's that you are powerless.
  2. This kind of ties into the lockdown -GAS thread. I have sold four guitars in the last six weeks and had been watching this Robin Ranger on Reverb for about the same amount of time. Seems like lately I've been playing my single coil guitars more than my humbuckers and I have read a ton of great reviews on the older Robins. So I saw this guitar drop in price a couple of times and the seller seemed open to offers. I hit him a couple hundred under his last price drop and he accepted. It's a 2005 that supposedly was purchased new and locked up in a "vault". That's what it looks like. I can't find a mark on it. Nice chunky, super flamey neck. Rio Grande pickups. Mahogany body with a nice burst flame top on it. I played it for about an hour this morning and it's a good one. (The Wenatchee River in the pictures is literally my back yard. I can almost spit and hit the water from my back deck.)
  3. Reverb. Guy from Nashville. It's a new old stock 2005 out of a collection. Never played. I've wanted one of these for a while and this one is sweet.
  4. I am still working, so thankfully not able to spend too much time surfing Reverb. Otherwise it could get expensive. In the last six weeks I have sold four guitars and bought one that just arrived yesterday.
  5. My R8. I have dozens of guitars, but the Les Paul always feels like an old friend. Maybe it's because I was born in '58?
  6. It was (is) the Lovepedal 60's Reverb. I bought it.
  7. "comes with gig bag" Could be the reason there are neck pocket cracks on the Tele?
  8. I sold two guitars yesterday. They just have to be priced slightly below what you think they are worth. I sold a $3200 guitar for $2850 and a $1000 guitar for $800. Or you can wait................
  9. It's about twice the size of the headstock logo decal used before and after the time period when they used it. I am guessing it got it's "stadium" name because you can read it from a further distance, like on an arena stage?
  10. Not looking for trades. Sorry. Just reducing the herd, selling off the guitars that I am not playing. Turning them back into cash. Thanks,
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