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  1. They started making the Duotone Custom in 1998, but this guitar is a 2005.
  2. Lots of great memories with that guitar! Congrats.
  3. I was at 32 three months ago, but now down to 24. Plan to cull further. Just hold onto the ones that I gig with.
  4. I am also a Holeyboard fan. I have two of them. One for my electric rig and one for my acoustic (solo) rig. I don't use the cable tie method of securing the pedals. They moved around and it looked like shit. 2" Velcro.
  5. Here's the Certificate. I don't know who Jeff Suhr is. The pictures look like the guitar was at some point sold through Willcutt? Looks like their images.
  6. Stunningly beautiful 2008 Talladega with custom upgraded quilt top in Amberburst finish. Excellent condition, all original. No damage to the finish, no fretwear. I have the certificate from Hamer on this one. $2250.00 shipped and insured, you pay PayPal fees. Continental US only. Take off $100 if you are in the Northwest and we can do an in-person hand off. These are the pics from when I bought it a few years back. PM me here or email: greenmanstone at gmail
  7. Yes, the Norlin corporate management decision makers thought it would be a good idea to save some money during their stewardship of the brand during the 70's and use maple instead of mahogany in their neck construction. A buddy of mine bought a Les Paul Custom new in 1976 that had to be 12 pounds. Sandwich hog body, maple neck and maple fretboard. These Yamaha SL series guitars look a lot like Norlin LP's with the shallow top carve. Probably better built. Here's a Norlin era LP Custom backside shot showing the maple neck.
  8. I worked in music stores in the Seattle area from 1978 to 1986 and the consistently best sounding acoustics right out of the box were the Martin HD series. I own a Taylor and two Takamine jumbos that all are killer, but one day I am going to get me a Martin. In fact I was just looking at them on Reverb yesterday. Looks like an HD28 can be had for $2K. Would not want to buy a high end acoustic without hearing and playing it first.
  9. Yeah I guess what I meant is that our days are all numbered. Anderson may live longer than me.
  10. If any of you boyz are thinking of jumping on this one, please buy mine for $275.00 less. Sold!!!!
  11. Here you go. The price on this one just dropped to quite a bit less than I paid for mine: https://reverb.com/item/32046562-gibson-johnny-a-custom-2003-flame-maple-top
  12. So that's where the Aceburst landed! I have often wondered where it went.
  13. This picture is about five years old.
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