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  1. They just missed a $45 million interest payment and have $1.3 billion in debt. They have 30 days before default. Ouch https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/guitar-center-is-preparing-to-potentially-file-for-bankruptcy/
  2. For the last couple of years, before the pandemic shutdown, for my stage rig I was getting the clean and crunchy settings from the two channels on my Mesa MK III and then have an OCD on my pedalboard that I step on for the solo boost.
  3. Saw him live at Jazz Alley Seattle years ago and was blown away. The Brazil Project and The Brazil Project 2 are in my regular CD rotation. Amazing virtuoso. Thanks for sharing.
  4. The guitar market seems to be a bit soft these days (for sellers). I sold my amberburst quilt topped Tally for $2350 five months ago. It was in excellent condition if that helps.
  5. Yes, I pulled my three hole Duotone out for the first time in years and remembered how special of a guitar it is. Mine has Lollars in it as well.
  6. I own six Mackie HD1221's that are the monitors for my PA system. I use two of them as mains in my practice space or when I do a solo show. The cabinets are designed by Eastern Acoustic Works and are birch plywood. 1200 watts powered with a 12" and a horn. They aren't cheap new, but you can find them used for $400 - 500. I have done a number of shows with the comparable JBL Eon's and these sound way better.
  7. And this image is from 1980. The band was "Gardian" on stage at the Paramount Theater in Seattle opening for Angel City from Australia. Angel City had a hit at the time on the radio "Take Me Away to Marseilles" Wish I still had that '74 LP Custom 20th Anniversary.
  8. I have posted this image here before. The Pamela Moore Band circa 1983-84. She went on to sing backup for Queensryche and is still gigging here in the great Northwest. I am third from the left at all of 25-26 years old.
  9. 1982 ( I am holding the LP) The 80's were good to me. I bought my first house, got married, had three kids, learned to be a scratch golfer and started my own business. Went in with hair and came out......
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