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  1. Looks like the Schaller Roller Bridge. I have one on my Newport.
  2. I have an old Hamer Special that came in a shitty case and bought one of these Eden cases. It's really nice and available in lots of different tolex/interior color options. Fits perfectly. LINK
  3. The pickup on the three hole Duotone is the same piezo bridge that Ovation has put on their acoustics for years. The Duotone Custom has a Kynar (sp?) pickup under the saddle which is more sensitive and has a wider frequency response. I have owned three Three Holers and two Customs. There are both great, but the acoustic output on the custom is superior IMHO.
  4. The bass player in a band that I was in circa 1978-80 played a Kramer bass. It sounded great, but was really friggin' heavy.
  5. After years of bashing Gibson's QC, my 2016 R8 is hands down the best guitar that I own or have owned. I paid $2850.00 for it. There's no way that this Pearly Gates is 10 times the guitar. I like the top on mine better and it's not pre-distressed. Whatever, askin aint sellin.........
  6. No I don't. I have never seen a Plek scan. I have probably run 15 guitars through Lull's to be Plekked and they have never shown me a scan. The guitars always come back set up perfectly though.
  7. The neck is the typical shape for that vintage. It's not chunky, but not thin. I had in plekked at Mike Lull's right after I bought it.
  8. For sale is my 1998 Hamer Phantom Custom. This is a great playing, versatile guitar. Very clean for it's age 9 out of 10. Two tiny nicks is all I can find. Largest flaw is at the neck joint where the finish has bubbled from reaction to the neck glue (Hameritis). Was that way when I got it four or five years ago. Insane sick flamed top on this one and cool sienna burst color. I replaced the stock 5-way pickup selector knob with a chicken head, but the original is included. Comes in a very nice Collings HSC. $1350.00 shipped and insured. Paypal gift. PM me here or email greenmanstone a
  9. Todd Rundgren Nearly Human tour from 1990. And Lyle Workman is playing a Hamer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrN4PkU-D_4
  10. Digitech Luxe Polyphonic Detune "Anti Chorus"
  11. They just missed a $45 million interest payment and have $1.3 billion in debt. They have 30 days before default. Ouch https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/guitar-center-is-preparing-to-potentially-file-for-bankruptcy/
  12. For the last couple of years, before the pandemic shutdown, for my stage rig I was getting the clean and crunchy settings from the two channels on my Mesa MK III and then have an OCD on my pedalboard that I step on for the solo boost.
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