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  1. Or Lollars! Looks sweet, nice piece of Limba. Congrats!!
  2. I did add 4" casters to the bottom of the flight case. I would estimate that in the case, it's gotta be around 60 - 70 lbs? But it's the smallest amp I own (other than a Yamaha THR10 that I use to practice alone.)
  3. I figure that Nash is already in the Fender forgery business. I'm just going to finish the job.
  4. Yeah, I took this picture yesterday when I picked it up at the Seattle Guitar Center (it was shipped there from Sacramento). This morning I pulled that Vibramate plate off the back of the Bigsby, restrung it, intonated the bridge and adjusted the truss rod slightly. It's pretty much dialed in now. I have a few Bigsby equipped guitars and for my style of playing, they work great. The Vibramate helps make restringing easier, but greatly reduces the sensitivity of the trem. There was one on the Bigsby on my Newport when I bought it and it came off too.
  5. Needed a Tele with a trem for a new project. This is where my GAS led me. Found it on the Guitar Center website. Just showed up yesterday. I think I am gonna like it. If you ordered this from Nash it would be high dollar. The thinline body, Bigsby, binding and maple top are all options. Has Lollars in it. I'm going to send the neck to Murkat Jay to put the period correct Fender decal on it, like he recently did on my Nash S63.
  6. I have over the years (decades) always avoided Japanese guitars. I had it in my head that they were inferior quality and that the finishes were too thick and synthetic. Then about seven years ago, I bought a 1985 Takamine EN-20-12. I needed an acoustic 12 string and had been looking for a Taylor jumbo 12, but didn't really want to shell out the $1400.00 or more for a guitar that wouldn't get that much playing time. The Takamine is a great instrument. Huge sound, low action, excellent construction and wonderful pickup/preamp set-up. So then I started to keep an eye out for it's six string brother. Not a whole lot of them pop up. They only made this model for a few years in the mid 1980s. Finally found one on Reverb about six months ago and overpaid for it because it was advertised as "excellent condition" and I had been looking for so long for a clean one. I spent $600 on the 12 string but $950 for the 6 string. Was shocked when I received it. The guitar looks literally brand new. As in never played, even though it's a 1986. Still has the "Made in Japan" sticker on the back of the headstock. Just like the 12 string, huge sound, low action and superb construction. All solid woods, cedar top. They even have a compensated two-piece bridge saddle. Just killer. Like playing a grand piano. It has become my #1 when I do my acoustic shows. My trusty old Taylor 410 has been relegated to open G tuning that I use on a couple of tunes. My prejudice against Japanese guitars has been dissolved.
  7. I have had a number of different chorus pedals over the years (decades) but the one I have now which I really love if the Digitech "Luxe" Anti Chorus. It is actually not a chorus pedal at all. It is a polyphonic de-tuner and you can go flat or sharp and then blend in as much of the detuned signal as you want. Makes your guitar sound fat! I have two of them, one on my electric rig pedal board and one on my acoustic rig pedalboard. Check it out:
  8. Little Feat was/is one of my favorite bands. I graduated high school in '76. Saw L.F. with Lowell George three times live. One of the bands I am playing in right now is doing "All That You Dream". Waiting for Columbus is in my regular rotation of cd's that I listen to in my truck. Didn't know Paul was battling cancer. Sad.
  9. I paid a grand for this one not all that long ago. If I replaced the motherbucker with a single coil, it would not be a better guitar.
  10. The asking price is pretty close to what the street price would have been new in 1978 (adjusted for the 293% inflation). I was selling new Gibsons in 1978. This one looks like a closet queen to me..
  11. I have two pre-Connecticut and one early Connecticut Hamers with Hameritis. A 1995 Duotone, a 1994 FM LE, and a 1998 Phantom Custom.
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