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  1. My wife and I saw him live a few years back at a free concert on Mayport Naval Station. He was really good and played for an hour and a half.
  2. We’ve been contemplating those too Might go see the Impractical Jokers too.
  3. Our 28 year old daughter moved out again. Went to Louisiana with her husband. Yay. So what we have Tickets for so far: May 7th - Gary Allan Jun 18th - Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett July 25th - Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd October 2nd - Tenacious D November 19th - Luke Combs Gotta find something for August and September.
  4. I bought an album recently and instead of playing on 33, I have to play it on 45. Ever hear of this before?
  5. I had a hard time sitting through the painting guy last year. Instead, drank beer and smoked cigarettes.
  6. Should be cool. I know it's not Geoff Tate but that's fine. Sunday at 8pm at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville. Can't wait. Got some front row balcony tickets.
  7. Funniest part was where security dragged 2 people out of the arena for fighting I think. Also the small meth head guy in front of us sporting a tank top with a big number 69 on it and the words "The Hookup" That show rocked. We did go get some fresh air 2/3 of the way through 3 days grace's set and came back five finger death punch. Bad Wolves was way heavier than I expected having only heard their version of Zombie. Singer seemed like a dick though.
  8. Went to see them tonight. Pretty good seats won off the radio. Fire From The Gods Bad Wolves 3 Days Grace All the bands were decent I thought. Was a good time. Thank god I didn't get floor seats. Too old to Mosh. Video(1).mov
  9. Wife got me this album for anniversary. I had it once before when I was 18.
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