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  1. I took some low end ones to a pawn shop months ago. 5 total with the mindset that I really didn't care what they offered me. I got 200 for the standard strat and 50 a piece for the others. They were like OLP, etc.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I don't have any USA Hamers or Import Hamers for that matter. Just a bunch of Korean and Mexican stuff. I do have a Schecter Strategy superstrat that may or may not be US made. Couldn't ever quite figure that out.
  3. I have not been playing in quite some time and was thinking of selling some guitars. What's been both the safest and cost friendly service. On average how much to ship within the US with a hard case? Thanks
  4. I had a hard time understanding how the cool group that did White Rabbit and Don't You Want Somebody To Love went on to record that atrocity and other crap.
  5. At first glance, I thought they were spelling out HELP but upon closer look, it seems it's random other than Ringo posing like Baphomet. Am I wrong?
  6. They made a movie to go with their album Avatar Country. Pretty entertaining.
  7. Interesting band. Lots of mixed styles. Vocals ranging from Peter Steele to Geoff Tate to Nergal
  8. Click Click Boom by Saliva What a freakin stupid song about an ink pen
  9. Looks like a damned doily. Not really in the market for an ugly ass guitar that doesn't stay in tune right now. Maybe later.
  10. Really been getting back into this band recently.
  11. Helloween Victim of Fate kicks serious ass. 2:15 to 4:45 with the build up to the solo. Awesome stuff
  12. I didn’t think Turbo sucked. I bought it when it first came out and it was different but not total suck. Had a few decent songs. Side noted: Got a copy of Killing Machine a few weeks ago at a local record store. That’s a great album.
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