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  1. Should be cool. I know it's not Geoff Tate but that's fine. Sunday at 8pm at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville. Can't wait. Got some front row balcony tickets.
  2. Funniest part was where security dragged 2 people out of the arena for fighting I think. Also the small meth head guy in front of us sporting a tank top with a big number 69 on it and the words "The Hookup" That show rocked. We did go get some fresh air 2/3 of the way through 3 days grace's set and came back five finger death punch. Bad Wolves was way heavier than I expected having only heard their version of Zombie. Singer seemed like a dick though.
  3. Went to see them tonight. Pretty good seats won off the radio. Fire From The Gods Bad Wolves 3 Days Grace All the bands were decent I thought. Was a good time. Thank god I didn't get floor seats. Too old to Mosh. Video(1).mov
  4. Wife got me this album for anniversary. I had it once before when I was 18.
  5. Don't know if anyone posted about this already. He says "When I die, I don't want a guitar in my coffin." hmmmmm https://guitar.com/news/gear-news/megadeth-guitarist-dave-mustaine-to-open-reverb-shop/
  6. You could call them and ask if it’s jacked up can I get a refund? Their number is 231 722-7871 x 5050
  7. I wonder myself sometimes. We have a ring listed online right now with an appraisal of $35000. Crazy. Check it out. https://shopgoodwill.com/Item/78950713
  8. We get good ones now and then. Most of the guitars that get donated are First Act and Squiers.
  9. Here's a tidbit from the listing: About The Shipping Our factory from china ,so when we send the guitar to you ,by Ems normal need1-2weeks arrive ,so when you order it ,don't hurry to get the guitar ,asfrom china to your country need time . About the guitar ,if you need hardcase for this guitar ,you can check ourproduct list to add it .Please patiently waitting for your baby come on . About our factory it is china and South Korea Joint Venture,SO The pruductquality get control , best price and service for you .AS we for moreFamous brand do OEM guitar . if you want do customized guitar ,you can message to me ,it is my pleasure to work with you . Ace Frehley signature guitar
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