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  1. Here's a tidbit from the listing: About The Shipping Our factory from china ,so when we send the guitar to you ,by Ems normal need1-2weeks arrive ,so when you order it ,don't hurry to get the guitar ,asfrom china to your country need time . About the guitar ,if you need hardcase for this guitar ,you can check ourproduct list to add it .Please patiently waitting for your baby come on . About our factory it is china and South Korea Joint Venture,SO The pruductquality get control , best price and service for you .AS we for moreFamous brand do OEM guitar . if you want do customized guitar ,you can message to me ,it is my pleasure to work with you . Ace Frehley signature guitar
  2. Schecter Banshee for sale but no pics and some story
  3. No (sebleed) I don't care. It was still great.
  4. Looks like you had great seats. I wasn't as fortunate but the wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Added a few pictures I got from my wife's phone. For a couple of guys pushing 70, they can still go. Paul had trouble with a few high notes but overall they sounded great. Also would have been interesting to see how many times he said Jacksonville. I'd guess at least 20 times. During Let Me Go Rock and Roll, Tommy killed and really did all night. The amount of effort and originality they put into making it an interactive experience is amazing. So, yeah the merchandise and tickets are a little high but look what you get. Had everything: Pyros galore, Lasers, fire breathing, blood spitting, drum risers, Paul flying (well more like riding a cable with one foot) to his platform giving the far away seats an up close show, cranes putting Gene and Tommy out into the upper levels, God of Thunder on a platform raised very high, beach balls falling from the ceiling, a wow who's gonna clean that shit up? amount of confetti shooting from 4 rotating guns, a piano coming up from under the stage so Eric could play Beth. Some of the really early stuff, they had some cool old footage on the screen and of course the guitar smashing at the end. Paul played his typical 3 or so Icemen. Tommy of course Les Pauls. Gene looked like just 2 basses. The one he always uses and the axe shaped one. Just an awesome time.
  6. Pretty happy. Got my tickets today.
  7. My first acoustic was a straight up piece of shit no name. The neck started bowing shortly after I got it and the action got extremely high. Threw it away. What a pile of junk that was.
  8. I have a nice barely used Applause acoustic electric I'd be willing to let go for super cheap. Not looking to make a profit by any means. The shipping is my only concern. It does have a hard case.
  9. Currently on Shopgoodwill.com Shipping looks decent too surprisingly. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/61403124
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