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  1. Those chicken picked harmony guitar lines were sick! - That's some damn fine playing.
  2. A Carvin for 10K.... I don't have the energy to type out the laughs so just pretend I wrote a page of them....
  3. I agree with everything you've said here which goes to show that despite what the artist thinks (Hello remaining members of Queen) that they are not the best ones to steer their legacy onto film.... their lack of objectivity about what actually made them special is somewhat shocking.... You completely nailed the hustle aspect of their accomplishments and Nikki's motor.....Nikki did use VH as a template for the hustle - but it's pretty obvious to me (given the lack of attention in the film) that he and the band have very little respect or understanding for their music. MC-Chris and the boys on the podcast are right that Dr Feelgood was an amazing feat..... but I don't even know if the band realize this. Perhaps because they were hardly responsible for creating it? Who knows.
  4. The most recent Beato Video interview with Tim Pierce basically has Tim confirm that his real job is the website/Youtube and teaching - that his session work and gigs have monetarily dried up compared to what they used to pay. In some sense the TGP guy may be right in suggestion that Sayce get a day job - not because he's not a fantastic player, but because the economic models of being a gigging musician might demand a secondary income source... That said Sayce is a monster player and I remember that crazy thread.
  5. One of the things I find interesting about GJ jr is how much we project our own expectations onto what we think he should or shouldn't sound like. I've had to check myself on that as well... I'm still figuring him out in my head but there was something pretty cool about his SNL performances -- I have to revisit those when I can find a mirror. (blocked in Canada).
  6. I've gotten two warnings there in the past week -- the first I pushed back on with the mod (respectfully) and Big Mike was a bit of a dick about it --- the second warning I didn't even bother... I knew he'd be even more of a dick.... I still wanted to burn the place down but then I remembered I'm not crazy so I didn't.
  7. This one is an odd one -- which is cool in its oddity. A Steve Stevens meets a Les Paul, meets a Les Paul Jr meets a Telecaster..... What kind of music are you going to play on this one? Is it a country picker or a Stones Blues Rock hybrid?
  8. I'm the 4th? shit - I thought I was the 3rd.... 3 is my lucky number. See I did the "spoonful of sugar" approach and suggested malt beverages and classic metal album sides, and some quality time with a good buddy and a phone.... see how that works? Psychology..... I'm tricky that way ---- letting him imagine himself drinking a few beers with a buddy in the basement listening to Screaming for Vengeance..... the phone comes out.... the guitar.... some photos are taken.... pretty soon the shirts come off.... some more photos are taken.... there's some more beer, then side 2 plays..... then the coffee table is moved out of the way and there's pushup competition.... some more beer ---- now that the shirts are off - they check each others backs for early signs of melanomas.... everything looks good --some more beers - more photos - some wrestling -- a movie goes into the VCR --- it's Knotting Hill - everyobdy's favourite Hugh Grant movie -- there's some crying -- a few more beers --- the wives come down to the basement -- seeing the boys crying --- they ask "What's Going on?" and in unison both men reply " I'm just a boy standing in front of a girl asking her to love him"..... That's an American story right there!
  9. Hey Satch -- cool Axe - and I'm not in the market -- but you gotta know -- those photos only scream out for proper high rez closeup shots of that neck work. To get your money and to help assuage the fears of any buyers or potential buyers, it only makes sense that this is what would be asked for. I get not having a camera --- but for this kind of high value item (if it were me) I'd be begging, borrowing, or thieving a camera from someone --- even just a proper newish model iphone from a neighbour or friend --- Buy a half sack of beer and bring a friend over to listen to some classic metal while he takes photos for you --- something -- anything... Anyway -- that's what I'd do. Good luck with the sale - hope it finds a nice home.
  10. "Rippers" --- it's self evident, or "Braised Ducks"....
  11. Diablo --- holy boy -- what do they feed you guys down there? Whatever it is it must be 100% rock n roll with a sprinkle of badass! Sorry to hear the band is kaput - love seeing your Hamers and love seeing the action shots. Keep on Rockin'... What's the plan now? Bigger/better band? There must be a schism in the force with the absence of that sweet guitar based rock n roll in PA right now -- what's the hardest thing to find? Singers? Drummers? What are you looking for?
  12. Dasein

    #87 Super-C

    If I had the money I'd order two of these - one hardtail and one matching with a whammy ---
  13. I love it and I want to get one.....
  14. I thought there was going to be pictures.
  15. I'll go back and relisten to badlands ( own and bought that original badlands CD) before I comment but by memory - it was ok - but it was still entirely derivative. So much of that stuff just sounded like a retread of Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi but with more guitar pyro. (at least that's my recollection, but I'll go refresh).
  16. And that confusion continued after it all fell apart --- Nuno looked to be more interested in posing shirtless and showing off his lovely long hair, than actually getting a band together and making music - and Gary went from poodle haired, odd looking, odd-man-out in his band guy , to short haired, polyester suit, big lapel wearing, Jazz Hands waving, WTF is this guy doing here front man for Van Halen. What it speaks to is a serious lack of identity issues for both these guys. Even Eddie, who was just not remotely in a good place back then, had enough sense to look at Gary in the big lapels doing Jazzercise on-stage to go "Something ain't right here".... There are a couple of hidden ironies here -- but the obvious lack of authentic identity is the one that sticks out. If you want any kind of longevity as an artist or performer, the days are long gone when you can not be some sort of authentic self at least in so much as your personae has to be something that fits with you and that you can wear. I gotta blame Ray D though (to an extent) because you are right -- they presented the promise of an edgy take no prisoners band. They called themselves "Extreme" for crying out loud.... and then dropped Whole Hearted and More than Words on us --- meanwhile You've got Eddie Vedder, climbing stage rigging and swinging from the rafters while singing about school shootings and screaming for release from the haunting memory of a father he never knew..... with a band name that was a throw away inside joke about Jizz..... which band was actually more extreme? Who put their soul on the line? Not the guys taking art direction from Ray Danniels "Hey - Nuno - wear these DM's --- Gary - put on this pirate bandana -- Hey drummer dude - unbutton that shirt and show some hair on your chest like kip winger....you guys are so extreme.... you're killing it - hey wait - let my wife fix your hair.!" Can you imagine booking them as an act - playing a death metal festival maybe -- on spec -- opening for Slayer you'd think? Ouch... Extreme...............ly disappointing. Also known as lame. Danniels was amateur hour.
  17. Danniels single highhandedly killed Van Halen and I think Rush was successful because their talent was so exceptional and they were such cool headed, sound minded individuals that whatever Danniels didn't bring to the table didn't matter.....
  18. gtrdaddy -- outside of Funk, Words, & Hearted I'd say this band has not aged well. There were always issues with them -- they were a "not quite" kind of band. Slick -- super slick -- but lacking a whole lot of substance. I think that they were a confused mishmash of stylings and lacking any clear vision or cohesion as a band that their fan base could get behind. The fact that Ray Daniels was their manager hurt them too.... he just didn't have the leadership to serve them and they faltered. This band should have gone inter-stellar after more than words but grunge killed them off too as did the lack of identity and cohesion I spoke about earlier.
  19. you got that right! I think theoff- B-way gig pays better.
  20. Oh -- it was Cherone? That explains it. Dude belongs in a second tier off-Broadway revival of Jesus Christ Superstar...
  21. Imagine the same song with say Beth Hart singing.... why he'd choose a thin voiced Steven Tyler wannabe generic rock singer dude is beyond me. He should have had a black soul singer/rocker chick sing.
  22. vocals really are not exceptional -- chose the wrong singer.
  23. that is positively bad ass! Like hurt-me momma bad ass.
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