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  1. Minty fresh, unused, in original packaging. These are $140. Sold. PP FF or check/money order. Will ship USPS, double-boxed. But wait, there's more! Act now, or later and I'll include an aftermarket mounting kit, a 6-dollar value!
  2. I’ve never heard of that practice but whatever works for you. I’ve adjusted quite a few saddles. I like to save a buck too but I always considered the strings somewhat sacrificial. One set for set up then a fresh set afterward. YMMV
  3. Ahhhh…. For those who remember the video, that man can buff a guitar!
  4. Could be yours for 60K or so. Fender Nocaster "Payola" Style 1951 with Original Thermometer Case! | Reverb
  5. Greg, I have a WGS G12q in a special order 4 ohms that was made for Fender amps. Not overly loud. It sounds like a Fender type…. Like new condition. 
    If you want it let me know.$45 plus actual shipping.




  6. Play it I will, sell another I must.
  7. Something a little different. Will be my 2nd Suhr. Mahogany back & neck. Burl top. 10-14" compound radius, stainless frets. Pups are Thornbuckers. 5-way switch: Position 1 - Bridge Full Position 2 - Bridge Split and Neck Split, Single coil modes combined Position 3 - Bridge Full and Neck Full, combined Position 4 - Neck Split (single coil mode) Position 5 - Neck Full Waiting on the brown truck...
  8. Not yet. Looking for the elusive 12” 4 ohm speaker.
  9. I’ve had this thing for 26 years & played through it often. About 6 years ago I took it to an amp repair guy for a once-over. Afterward it functioned but sounded wonky, even for a Champ. I removed the chassis and wasn’t impressed by the quality of the repair. Looked amateur-ish. Put it away since then. Got the urge to get it back to its old self. Brian Gerhard of Top Hat agreed to repair it for me. I’m sure he has better things to do but he was very cool about it. I bought the correct can cap per Dutchman’s suggestion. Brian called me when it was on the bench and discussed the repair. He replaced the can cap & undid the previous repair, which he said “sterilized it”. He replaced 11 components on the board. At my request he replaced the RCA speaker output jack with a ¼” jack. When he was finished Brian called me and we talked for about 15 minutes. He’s a great guy to work with. I cleaned it up and installed a replacement speaker. Vintage glass inside. The 50’s RCA 6V6 is one of a pair I bought from Jakeboy a few years back. The other is in the Swart. This amp is one from the late 70’s and the cabinet and baffle are particle board. Fender cheap-ness. Humble as it is, it’s back up & running fine. Sits next to the couch like it used to for noodling. Sounds like a tiny Fender. Sweet as pie, clean & sparkly at about 3 on the volume. Starts to break up at 5. Never use it past 6. Attached are one “before” and a couple of “after” shots. I know it’s just a cheap practice amp but I’m tickled to have it back.
  10. You can get ‘em all in the JHS Bonsai. Never tried one but check it out.
  11. Stainless frets & compound radius?
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