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  1. Can't upload photos. Yes, I resized them and they're not too big. I get a message that says "6 please contact us for assistance".
  2. That finish is the shit! Please show us pics of the finished guitar.
  3. At least it has a 12 degree radius. Mr. “Basically a luthier/builder” should know fretboard radius isn’t measured in degrees.
  4. Hmmmm... Nik posted pics of his booth and everything he had out on display had a “sold” sign on it. Maybe he had others that weren’t on display. Can’t wait to see the reveal.
  5. It would be my '94 since it's the only Hamer I have left. Killer top. Cell phone pics don't do it justice. Ebony board, bound headstock. No Hameritis. To paraphrase what the (HFC) seller said, "I'm sure there are others but I haven't seen one". Bought this in '11 and I'm hanging on to it.
  6. You are correct, sir and I apologize. Didn't mean to offend anyone.
  7. Very cool guitar! When I was a kid actually had one of those Uncle Fester’s light bulbs as seen in the ad on the back. To be like Uncle Fester on TV and make it light up by sticking it in your mouth, you kept a strip of aluminum foil on your tongue.
  8. Everything has been pretty much covered. I’ve had 8 sales transactions and one purchase on Reverb. +1 on having all your packing materials & box ready to go. My last sale was the Hamer Studio GT P90 I posted here for sale a few weeks ago. After posting it here I put it on Reverb for 1399 + 50 shipping. Literally in less than an hour someone offered me 1300 + shipping and I sold it. Fastest transaction ever for me. +1 on packing well. I pack extremely well inside the case and out and have received compliments on packing. A few years ago I bought a bundle of 5 electric guitar boxes from Uline and they have served me well. If I get a real lowball offer I’ll decline it with no counter. +1 on being patient. I had a G&L sit for months. Once a local buyer contacted me and we did a cash deal. I still paid Reverb their commission. Recently I bought an R9 on Reverb from a seller with stellar feedback. Great online reputation. He stated “I pack just like I would if I was shipping to myself”. WTF? The box looked as if it had been used 10 times before, had holes in it and was loosely taped to prevent it from falling apart. Very little packing material inside. Looked like it was packed by a chimp on crack. Fortunately the guitar arrived undamaged.
  9. Don’t know how many were made with the Dano headstock but haven’t seen one for sale
  10. Up for consideration is an ’05 Hamer USA Studio P90 GT Custom, or at least that’s what the catalog calls it. Extremely clean guitar. No nicks, dings, breaks, repairs, fret wear or buckle rash. There’s a bit of Hameritis (pictured) where the neck meets the body but none at the fret board or nut. There are a few pick swirls just behind the neck pickup but nothing significant. I got this off of Craigslist from the original owner. Said he played it a few times and put it away. Judging by the condition, that’s plausible. The frets were dull, strings rusty and all 3 knobs were cracked. Knobs were replaced but other than that it’s all original. Guitar was cleaned, frets were polished and it has a fresh setup with .010s. Good to go. Vintage carve neck profile, it’s a nice handful but not too chunky. .864 just behind the 1st fret, .974 just behind the 12th fret. 8 lb, 6.1 oz on my postal scale. Included are OHSC, hang tag, owner’s manual, truss rod wrench, COA and ’05 Hamer catalog. $1300 PP and shipped to lower 48 only. Sorry, no international sales. Will ship FedEx ground, direct signature required.
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