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  1. I use regular D’Addario EXL110s. Been getting them from Amazon Prime, 10 bucks for a 3 pack delivered to my door next day.
  2. That’s a steal! Heck, I’m purging gear as well but my wallet vibrates nonetheless. GLWTS!
  3. #3) An offering for the Huber-curious among you. 2012 Orca “Custom”. Completed in January, 2013 FWIW. I bought it about 3 years ago from Django49. Spectacular example. The following are ebony: tuner buttons, switch tip, fretboard, headstock overlay, pickup rings, knobs. Sterling silver Celtic knot inlays. Flame maple neck. Huber “Exceptional” flame maple top. Color is charcoal burst. All original. Only repair is where the neck pickup ring split and Don repaired it. Pictured. No other repairs or monkey business. Overall excellent condition. Very little fret wear, no dimples. No buckle rash at all. Some pick swirls and a couple of small pick marks by the neck pickup. That’s it. Otherwise very clean. Photos are some shots from when I bought it (glamor shots) and one or 2 I took outside. Additional photos available upon request. Original Haussel 59 pickup set. Neck pickup tone control is push-pull & splits both pickups. 25” scale, compound radius, 10-14 inches. The neck profile is a glorious full C shape, .936 at the 1st fret and 1.022 at the 12th. 7 pounds, 8.9 ounces on my postal scale. OHSC, case candy and COA included. $4500.00 net to me which includes FedEx Ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Same deal I got from Don. Buyer pays any fees. I’d guess it would be twice this price to spec one like this today.
  4. Here’s one you haven’t seen for sale and two you have. The Orca thread got fractal with me adding things and wanting to add photos. Didn’t want to keep editing/bumping it. Consolidated it to one thread with three guitars I have up for grabs. I have more photos of each available for the asking. #1) 2003 BCR Junior, Vintage orange. SOLD!
  5. Don’t know if this has come up before. Old Tull video. Not very good quality and my aging eyes may deceive me but around 1:51 and beyond I think I see a Hamer mandolin.
  6. Here ha go, Tom. I keed, I keed...
  7. Good discussion. I'm glad this came up. I've been putting off getting a good soldering iron/station and improving my skills (which need much improvement). Snagged a Hakko FX-888D on Amazon. Amazon also has the exact Kester 24-6337-0027 solder Josh mentioned so some of that is on the way as well.
  8. I have more of everything than I need. My wish list, which will likely remain unfulfilled is a Newport 12 and a Collings CJ.
  9. I had no idea about the finish issues with PRS. And this thing showed up at my door this week.
  10. Money well spent. Congrats! Love my Club Royale.
  11. Unused, full length lead. 5% overwound. I haven't measured it but the website says they average 9.45K. Forgot I had this & stumbled on it today. SOLD
  12. I believe that’s factory paint. I bought a white one new in ‘93 as well, from Flynn in IL.
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