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  1. That’s great news, Tom! Best to you!
  2. I was thinking Ventures tribute band but on 2nd thought, Surfaris it is. I also have this Swart thing pictured inbound tomorrow, which should pair well with the green thing. Is the pedal board too much?
  3. Been thinking about getting an Strat type thing for awhile. This one's a used 2019 model and I couldn't find a mark on it. UPS delivered it in the pouring rain. In this area they deliver from a golf cart towing a little trailer. From the looks of it the guitar rode around in the rain for a few blocks. Box was soaked to the bone. All I've done so far is crack the case open, tune it and inspect it. Had to go back to work & looking forward to spending some time with it when I get home.
  4. Greetings I decided to give my poor, neglected SF Vibro Champ some love. Haven't fired it up in ages. Seemed fine the last time I did. So... bought it a new Weber 8A125 speaker and some vintage glass. Gave the grimy tolex a mild cleaning and she looks good. Removed the chassis and pictured is what I see. Note that I am electronically challenged. I knew someone had been inside before but never looked. See the cluster of capacitors glued to the chassis and to each other? The way they're connected? What am I looking at? Looks to me like the work was done by a drunken chimp.
  5. Apologies if it’s been mentioned here before. No affiliation. Has the skeleton guy on the control cavity cover. Look familiar to anyone?https://reverb.com/item/35514923-hamer-studio-2000-s-burst
  6. Never been there. https://newschannel9.com/news/local/pandemic-forces-chattanoogas-songbirds-guitar-museum-to-close-for-good
  7. One of my favorite ads. No short-haired redhead with bangs and feet nobody likes. (I’d do her, but I’m old.)
  8. As I recall Atquinn has or had a blue Studio Custom that I would love to have. I'll try to find a pic.
  9. Any of you like to noodle on acoustics from time to time? I have an awesome 000 style guitar I play pretty much daily, great for finger style. My dread style acoustic is pretty much toast. Cheap guitar, needs bridge re-glue and neck reset. Not worth it for that particular instrument. I’m not into bluegrass, just strumming and parlor picking. Played a J-45 or two that I liked, but they weren’t for sale. Kinda like an LP. You have to find the one that’s right for you. Played a friend’s Collings SJ recently and I loved it. Not in my budget though. What do you have and/or what would you
  10. This will be displayed in the Useless Guitar Inventions Hall of Fame along with granite trem blocks and picks that count your pick strokes.
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