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  1. Tim the Enchanter. Love it. I took a film class in college and everyone wrote their final analysis of films like Citizen Kane. I wrote mine on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I got a measly B+ but what the heck.
  2. Do you have a guitar you would never part with? For me it’s my ‘64 SG Jr. My GAS is pretty much in check due to advancing age and declining abilities but there are a few “if ever one one of these comes up” guitars that are on my radar. Is there an instrument that you would never let go of?
  3. That’s some slope shoulder goodness right there. Congrats to buyer & seller!
  4. I did a similar thing with a Vibro Champ. Head shell built by David Allen. I ran it through a 1 X 12 cab and it was a hoot. The cab is used for something else now and I'm returning the Champ to stock with the exception of an upgraded speaker.
  5. What a great idea and very cool thing to do!
  6. Faber is having a 20% off sale for a few more days. Needed a new bridge to replace the rattle trap ABR 1 on my R9 and was glad to save some money. They won’t ship until the 15th but I’m in no hurry.
  7. Song starts at 1:25 or so. Love the facial expressions too.
  8. R9, less than perfect top but a great player. And the Huber Orca.
  9. My father, a WW 2 Navy veteran was buried at sea in 2011. Obviously we couldn’t be there. The Navy sent my family a video. I watched it. Once. Apples and oranges, I know.
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