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  1. One of my favorite ads. No short-haired redhead with bangs and feet nobody likes. (I’d do her, but I’m old.)
  2. As I recall Atquinn has or had a blue Studio Custom that I would love to have. I'll try to find a pic.
  3. Any of you like to noodle on acoustics from time to time? I have an awesome 000 style guitar I play pretty much daily, great for finger style. My dread style acoustic is pretty much toast. Cheap guitar, needs bridge re-glue and neck reset. Not worth it for that particular instrument. I’m not into bluegrass, just strumming and parlor picking. Played a J-45 or two that I liked, but they weren’t for sale. Kinda like an LP. You have to find the one that’s right for you. Played a friend’s Collings SJ recently and I loved it. Not in my budget though. What do you have and/or what would you like to have, acoustic guitar-wise?
  4. This will be displayed in the Useless Guitar Inventions Hall of Fame along with granite trem blocks and picks that count your pick strokes.
  5. Huber Orca Custom '13 Gibson R9 LP '64 Gibson SG Jr. '94 Hamer Studio Custom Hamer BCR Jr. T style Partsocaster Also an acoustic or 2 and a project or 2
  6. Scored this at a garage sale for 5 bucks. Sylvania 6V6 GT/G from 1943. Put it in the Champ and played for an hour or so. Seems fine. Not the Holy Grail of tubes but cool nonetheless.
  7. My only gear score for 2019 was Kiz's BCR Jr. Love it.
  8. A couple of things on my radar, one of which is a nice acoustic. I have a very nice 000 style acoustic and a crummy dreadnaught. Played a friend’s Collings SJ and was smitten. If the right Princeton Reverb becomes available I might bite.
  9. Merry Christmas to all! (Ho-Ho-Ho is downtown Santa taking a head count.)
  10. A few years ago Randy built me an 8 watt Pasadena. One 6V6, power scaling and an effects loop. The head shell was built by JDesigns. This one was a little more high-gain than I pictured in my head. Came with Marshall style knobs and I added the mini chicken heads. I eventually passed it on and the new owner is happy with it. As others have said, Randy isn't the best at answering email. He came through in the end and delivered as promised. It was quite a wait. The wiring wasn't as neat as it could've been but everything functioned. I don't have a gut shot. There are lots of Phaez fans out there.
  11. Gorman has a book out now titled “Hard to Handle”. He was on the Adam Carolla podcast a few days ago and said he would not be a part of any Black Crowes reunion.
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