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  1. Sorry to hear that :unsure: My neighbour just died because of cancer, just yesterday. It's not easy to see those you love pass away, but that's something which most of us will just have to experience... sigh, but yeah... my condolences again

  2. If you beat drug addiction, you're a hero.

    If the drugs kill you, you're turned into a "tortured genius" icon;  elevate to god-like status

    If you say "No" to drugs,  you're a loser.  We'll do a different show about people like you.

    Lol, that's exactly how it goes, at least the two first one, third is not so true, but then again I'm sure that was somekind of a joke or sarcasm. I appreciate musicians who don't use drugs many times more than those who use it. I've never used drugs, don't even smoke or never even used to do that. Not going to use drugs either, it's just so stupid, I think.

  3. Yes, many of these great musicians were great allready before they used heroin so it's not about heroin, but heroin may give you an inspiration, it brings a new world for you. The Beatles used a lot of LSD when they made their best songs, but it's still not worth trying out. :) You might instead try if you can get your inspiration when sleeping :) and drugs might just be an escape from reality to those "real geniuses."

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