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  1. Wow! Any "during repair" pictures?
  2. I suppose this will get them some publicity! Gonna go home and blast "Mr. Skin"!
  3. So, how much does it cost them to go on a fishing expedition like this?
  4. Some of you may remember Spirit's "Taurus" "Stairway" lawsuit
  5. Looks like about a foot here in the Charlottesville, VA area. Sure seems like it when shoveling! (Old fashioned hand shovel, unfortunately). What are the backing tracks to your breaking backs? So far "Dark Side of The Moon" and "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" for me. Shoulda gone out every hour and shoveled instead of letting it pile up all night.
  6. Sometimes I practice without plugging in too. Definitely helps!
  7. Microcube in one room Vox Valvetronix VT 30 in the living room Tempted by the Yamaha THR 10
  8. My daughter painted this acrylic on canvas for me for Christmas! In the living room/practice room it goes! Get any musical stuff this year?
  9. I took a few lessons with a cheapo classical guitar. Wasn't interested in playing "The Volga Boat Song". A little later, I got an "E-Z" Beatles songbook. That got me started wanting to play. In college, my roommate played drums, and convinced me to get a guitar for the following year. I went out and bought a Gibson Marauder and Ampeg V-4 and 4x12 bottom. Played hours and hours a day that summer of '75. The next year we had my rig and his double bass Rogers drum set in our dorm room. We would practice in the laundry room of the girls' dorm next door. Never did get any good then, but we sure
  10. I have a 1977 double neck with the M22 pickups I bought new. It's rock maple with bolt on maple neck. Well made. Weighs a ton. Play it maybe once a year. They must know people don't like the pickups... why don't they change them?
  11. Beautiful Artist Custom! I have a Trans Red one. Where did you find yours?
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