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  1. If they could just change the headstock to Gibby shape and put Epiphpne on it, they'd sell a million more guitars.
  2. santellavision

    Rick Nielsen Recording Class

    Mark Hornsby was really good. He knew his stuff, especially about microphones and ProTools. I learned a lot about mic choice and placement. The Robben Ford class was cool, because Robben was going after an old-school Chesky vibe with lots of room tone on drums and guitars etc. And that Dumble... OMG, he played it so fucking loud, you could hear it outside the studio, down the hall!
  3. I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Sweetwater is offering a recording class with Rick. Spend 2 days in the studio at Sweetwater. I did this class last year with Robben Ford, total blast. Had a great time, learned a ton about recording, got to hang with Robben for 3 days with his Dumble!!!! http://www.sweetwaterstudios.com/mc-rick-nielsen-11-02-18/
  4. santellavision

    Just bought back my old Robin Ranger

    I saw an ad in the back of Vintage Guitar mag a few months ago looking for employees to start the company back up.
  5. My 3 Andersons... Atom, Cobra & Bulldog. All custom ordered. Killer guitars.
  6. santellavision

    WTB: Hamer Junior

    There's this one on Reverb. Overpriced, but it's been there FOREVER. Might be worth a message and an offer. https://reverb.com/item/1529367-hamer-special-korina-jr-natural-korina
  7. Saw Neil Geraldo play these all night live recently and he just killed with great tone. His favorite guitars. GLWTS.
  8. santellavision

    DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cables

    I felt more like this guy - hahaha
  9. santellavision

    DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cables

    I didn't message them. I think I will. I've watched their videos on how to cut and thread the cables correctly. I had good luck for a while, then when the one power cable shorted, the entire pedalboard went down. Not good to try to trace which one of 10 cables to replace during the middle of a set.
  10. santellavision

    DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cables

    It's a One Control unit. Really nice. I have had a couple of different ones. My current on is the XENAGAMA, which is 3 loops and Tuner out. They work great. I've also had great luck with a simpler one from Road Rage pedals.
  11. santellavision

    DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cables

    I like it, it's been on all my boards for years. It's just great to have 6 effects right there. I only use time-based effects like Delay, Flange, Trem, Reverb etc. I run it my EFX Loop. It's pretty clean in the signal path but, a tiny bit of tone degradation. Live, you'd never hear the slight difference in tone in the loop. The convenience is way worth it. I've been toying with sending it to this company JVH3 to mod it. (It's supposed to make it a bit cleaner.) I just haven't had time to pull it off and send it. One other minor nag is it has a A/C power supply that you have to deal with under your board. (You can see it in my last pic above)
  12. santellavision

    DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cables

    I wasn’t running the 9v cables daisy-chained. They were all single cables running to my 10 output Decible Hot Stone Deluxe power supply. Even one single cable shorting out, shut down the entire rig. Bad!
  13. santellavision

    DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cables

    They make a TRS version too!