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  1. A nice Mirage for sale on the Denver's Craig's List. (NO affiliation at all) https://denver.craigslist.org/msg/d/denver-hamer-mirage-usa-flame-koa-ohsc/7208268459.html
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Fun tune. I needed that today.
  3. Rocktron VooDu Valve LTD Limited Edition Tube Rack Preamp Killer, Analog guitar preamp. Excellent condition. Works perfectly ā€“ no issues. Lightly used in non-smoking home studio. Some very light rack marks, but nothing bad at all ā€“ see pics. Iā€™m the original owner. This is the new Limited Edition version. If you loved the classic one, this is far superior in every way. Does great Fender Blackface Cleans to Stevie Ray tones to Hot-rodded Marshall and beyond. The EFX and advanced speaker sims with cabs, mics and placement are great too. I had an AxeFxII and I far prefer the analog tube goo
  4. I literally just finished Ted Templeman's book yesterday (He found, signed and produced VH)The book has tons of stories about them and recording them with his amazing engineer Don Landee. Great read about Ted's life as a Producer and Record exec. RIP Ed.
  5. Nobody mentioned Steve Marriott in Humble Pie. OMG. Steve just killed with his Epiphone Coronet/P90. (Humble Pie - Rockin' the Fillmore, a deserted Island record for me)
  6. Gotta' love, simple clean black axes! GLWTS!
  7. ThunderRoad Guitars in Seattle/Portland has a few Hamers newly listed for sale. (No Affiliation) just passing it along. Message them, they don't have them listed yet. https://www.thunderroadguitars.com/ The Facebook page just showed them.
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