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  1. Love the Contour knob. Rolls off the Bass a bit, not in a bad way, a good way to make it cut a bit more. Check out this video to see. Starts at 5:34ish.
  2. Yes, it has the Blues Power switch. The amp is very versatile for a small combo. Between the two channels you get 4 different gain/tone settings PLUS, the ISF knob for further tweaking.
  3. I had it on Reverb too, but there, I have an extra $50 shipping. I can do $525 with shipping here. Thx, ernie
  4. SOLD!!!! Blackstar JJN-20R MkII Tube Guitar Amp Near-mint condition. I am the original owner, only used in a non-smoking home. Looks almost brand-new, only a couple of TINY marks, nothing bad at all – see pic. 100% original, nothing touched or changed. Works perfectly - no issues. Comes with a Jared Nichols signed certificate, 2 button Foot-switch and Power cable. I also have the original Box. Features: - 2 channels - 2 voices on Each channel - Reverb - EL84 Power - EFX Loop - ISF Tone shaping control to even further tweak the tone. - 12” Celestion speaker - Power red
  5. Reverend Airsonic HC W Metallic Alpine Roasted Maple & CaseThis is totally groovy axe. Love the see-through holes! Near-mint condition. 100% original. Nothing touched or changed. I am the original owner, kept in my non-smoking home. Bought from Wildwood Guitars here in CO. I went over it from top to bottom and there’s not a mark on it. There's still the Plastic on the control covers. No fretwear at all. Plays beautifully and sounds great. A nice mix between a Les Paul and a 335. Super light at 7.10oz. Comes with original case candy and an OPTIONAL $120 Reverend Tuxedo case. Features:- Ko
  6. All pedals are now sold! ------------------------------------------------------- Neo Instruments Mini Vent Rotary Cabinet Simulator Great Rotary speaker simulator. Very Good Condition. Works perfectly and sounds amazing. These get great reviews for both Guitar and Keyboards. Slow and Fast speed with ramping for an authentic feel and sound. Sounds great in both Mono or Stereo. Works perfectly. Comes with original box and a power adapter. Check out the video demo! Has 2 Sonicake footswitch buttons and clean velcro on the bottom. Has some marks and scratches on the sides and the but
  7. SOLD!!! Two Notes Torpedo CAB Speaker SimulatorNear-mint condition, works perfectly - no issues. Used in non-smoking home studio. Two Notes has the absolutely best Cab IRs you can find. From Celestion to Fane speakers to Vox, Fender and Mesa cabs and more. Tons of cabs and mics to choose from. Plus, power amp simulation too. The Two Notes software is really easy to test and swap different cabs, mics and mic placement. Comes with its USB cable and A/C Power supply.$200. Shipped/paypal (A Paypal Gift would be nice if you know me) Not interested in any trades on this one - Thx Ernie
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