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  1. These are GREAT speakers peeps. I love mine. GLWTS!
  2. Lightweight is not always the best sounding. Sure, its a good selling point, but I've owned 'heavy' guitars (9.5-10 lbs)and they can sound awesome. Big Myth.
  3. I looks/feels like Rosewood. Not 100% sure, but that's my guess. I would think they are built outside the US as who else can build a Mahogany guitar for $180?
  4. You could try contacting the ebay seller and see if he can get more? It's a USA company and shipped from Ripley, MS.
  5. Being the 'Tinkerer' I am. I came across this baby. A single pickup Goldtop Lester for $180. Yes, $180. with Make an offer. New on eBay. I smell project guitar!!! https://ebay.to/2y1ueOk I love goofy guitars. Most of my favorite axes are boutique off brands anyway. I'm not much into the "It has to have a Name Brand or Custom Shop thing." When I play out, I usually play my RS Guitarworks or Warmoth guitars which nobody knows anyway. It's more fun when someone comes up and says what IS that, it sounds amazing. And, I won't get shite about it being a Chibson - haha. This thing is freakin' amazing. And for the price of a stomp box. Right out of the box, it played really well and sounded nice. If it didn't play and feel ok, bye, bye. But, no, the neck is sweet, the fret dress was perfect and it doesn't feel anything like a cheap guitar... Honest, it feels nice and smooth. Light as a feather, I can't imagine it's hollow, who would spend the time/money to drill it??? Seems fully solid to me. Pros: Lightweight Mahogany body, 7lbs, 2oz - Holey Moly! Great fret dress, Nice finish, Feels awesome. Negatives: Mahogany is not seamed in center, slightly off. Cutaway area is a little funky. Pickup sucked. Tiny pots. The Tuners were actually OK, a bit 'green' looking, but solid. I had nice Klusons sitting in my parts drawer, so they went on. Here's what I did to it. I had a bunch of parts laying around, so it didn't cost me much. - Replaced with Kluson tuners. - New Dimarzio DP210 Soapbar sized Humbucker. (I was going to put a Lollar Soapbar, but decided I wanted more tones.) - New Pots and Wiring with Push-pull Series/Parallel pot. - New Lightweight Aluminum Wrap tail. - New Knobs - I sanded down the headstock as the old KING logo was awful. Less than $Tree-Fiddy in it.
  6. If you're interested in the Slick guitar, would you consider trading for some humbucker pickups?

    1. JGravelin


      I'm parts-rich and it would be a pleasure to work out some kind of deal with you. Having a guitar dedicated to P90 platform testing would be helpful to me and if I can do something to help you, that serves you properly - let's talk!


  7. 2019 Earl Slick SL60 Aged "Black Ash" Dual P90 Pickup TRADED. Near-mint condition. 100% original, nothing touched or changed. No fretwear. Low action. Straight neck. No issues. I am the original owner. Kept in non-smoking home. These are killer for the price with all quality pickups and parts. These are really fun axes! Features: - Swamp Ash body - Hard-rock Maple neck - Dark Indian Rosewood board - Wraparound Brass tailpiece - Bronze Crown gear and Bronze pinion gear Tuners - Graphite Nut - 24 ¾ Gibson scale - 12” Radius - Exact weight of 7lbs 11oz. - 6105 Nickel Silver medium jumbo frets, leveled, crowned and polished. - 2 Soapbar P90 Pickups - Bridge is 9.6K, Neck is 8.0K - Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity for noise cancelling. - Alnico V bar magnets, Delrin bobbins, Formvar 42 gauge wire, German Silver baseplate - Tilt-back headstock for exact correct string break at the nut. - Ash body is grain filled with black pigment, to create a unique DARK gran pattern sprayed a single coat clear coat over the top and sand it back. The pores don't get clogged so the wood can breathe. - No case. Please message me with any questions. Thx, Ernie
  8. Found a nice used Lollar Bridge P90. Thx for the offers guys! Ernie
  9. Thanks Everyone. I haven't decided yet, but thank you for the offers. ernie
  10. Anybody have a used Soapbar (not a Dog ear P90) or mini Humbucker pickup lying around? It's a single pickup project guitar. It needs to be creme or chrome/nickel cover. Let me know whatcha' got. Thx, Ernie
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