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  1. I drilled my own, not too hard. But, here's the link to Callahan Auto Parts (ur, Callaham Guitars) https://www.callahamguitars.com/bigsby_bridge_mainstringshaft_catalog.htm
  2. Just to add to this conversation. A really cool trick is the Tom Anderson Guitarworks Bigsby mod. You pull the pins out and drill holes through the bar. Way easier to string and sounds better as there is stronger string contact.
  3. Bare Knuckle "Rebel Yell" pickup set (Bridge/Neck) in Nickel finish. I am the original owner, lightly used. Full original leads - never cut. They work perfectly-no issues. Comes with Certificate, screws and springs and original box, ready to install. Only selling as I put the original pickups back in the guitar I sold. Message me with any questions - Thx $300. SOLD! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacture info: The Rebel Yell pickup was created with Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, who wanted metal and impact but with a tone that cleans up well when backing off the volume. The Rebel Yell just growls with an even harmonic richness that I never hear in other pickups. It's so full of clear bottom and perfect pick attack. These pickups are in a whole other league - they're the real deal. When Steve first came to Bare Knuckle he was adamant that the signature pickups he wanted were not just 'another metal pickup'. They had to be capable of a whole lot more. This kicked off a year of development and road testing while Steve was on a Billy Idol tour. Five of Steve’s Les Pauls were used as the vehicles for the design, and Steve also spent many hours in the studio testing the pickups. This extensive testing culminated in the Rebel Yell humbucker signature set. Closer offset coils of 43 AWG plain enamel wire retain the mid range punch of the hotter Nailbomb but produce a tighter bass response with cleaner highs and more presence. This gives the pickup an organic voice with plenty of impact, perfect for any player wanting a progressive humbucker rich in harmonic overtones and wide pick dynamics. Steve uses his volume pot a lot when he plays, so it was important that the Rebel Yell cleans up well when backing off the volume, on top of being able to push a tube amp hard for a fully saturated overdrive.
  4. Thanks. It's a sweet guitar. I'm only selling as I'm scared to death to play it. I'm a klutz and I don't want to ding it! I just grab my Heritage Lester for band practice, it's got a ton of real wear and I don't worry about bumping it.
  5. SOLD!!!! 2019 Gibson Custom Shop VOS ’60 Reissue Les Paul Standard - 

Honey Lemon color. Really nice flame for a '60, R0 model. Near-mint. No Dings, Dents or Scratches. I only played it lightly at home. 100% original. Plays beautifully, straight neck, no issues. Neck is perfect, not too fat or too thin. Specs at .828 1st fret. & .938 at 12th fret. Dark Indian Rosewood board. Has all the 60th Anniversary Gibson updates. CTS Pots, real PIO Luxe BumbleBee caps, unpotted
 Custombucker pickups (Neck 7.61k, Bridge 7.65k) Great sounding guitar with classic LP tone. Big and chunky in the bottom end, but still tight and focused. Top end is clear with great clarity with just enough bite. Perfect for lead tones. 

Nice VOS finish with slight tarnish on hardware and gloss finish. Weight is 8lbs, 12oz. 

 Comes with all the original Case Candy and Gibson certificate. $5,100. Shipped Not interested in any trades on this one Message me with any questions - Thx Ernie
  6. Quilter makes two Superblock versions. The UK (Marshall/Vox) and the US Superblock. I also have the Quilter Aviator Cub (Which is the Superblock US in a 1x12 combo) Quilter is really killing it with their new stuff. The UK rocks. Its a great little box with multiple uses. Recording, the Cab sim is great, they picked the perfect IR speaker. Sounds super realistic. The 3 amp choices are 1 Marshall, 2 Voxes. It's also a great box to carry if your amp ever goes out. The 25w built-in power amp is pretty dang loud. Overall, for $250, it's a no-brainer.
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