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  1. 2017 Republic Highway 61 Standard Resonator Guitar - Tarnished Nickel Finish. Steel hollow-body single-cutaway resonator with antique steel nickel finish. 14-frets guitar. Rosewood fretboard. Round mahogany neck Adjustable truss, Quality open geared tuners. These sound really killer. I am the original owner. 100% original - nothing touched or changed. No fretwear. Excellent condition. No dings or dents, starting to get a nice patina and will only look better with age. Sound great for getting your blues slide thing on! Comes with a really nice medium Durafoam case. $600 Shipped/PayPal'd (A PPGift would be great if you know me) Thx, Ernie
  2. FS: 2015 Gibson ES-339 Memphis Killer slightly smaller version of the ES335. With harder-to-find Block Inlays and Gloss Red, NOT the more common Satin. Excellent Condition. Extremely clean with only a tiny mark or two on it - see pics. Plays great, low action. 100% original, nothing touched or changed. No Fretwear. Burstbucker pickups, 1 piece Mahogany neck, Bone nut, Dark Rosewood bound fingerboard with 60’s Block inlays, 60's Reflector Knobs. 1.67” nut, 17 degree headstock angle. Neck carve: .83 at 1st Fret, .84 at 12th Fret. Orange Label. Nickel hardware, Grover tuners. Weight is great at 7lbs, 4oz. Only used in my non-smoking home. These are great guitars built in the former Gibson Memphis factory. Comes with its original hard-shell case and Certificate. $1,750. Shipped and Paypal'd. (A PPGift would be great if you know me) Thx, Ernie
  3. SOLD!!! 2014 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Pro Relic’d by RS Guitarworks. Excellent Condition, Plays great, low action, straight neck. Looks like the 'real deal'... Check out the pics. Roy at RS Guitarworks did an amazing job! Beautiful Medium Relic work done by the respected RS Guitarworks. Google them if you don’t know of their work. (Relic cost $750.) It’s medium relicing, tastefully done to look real and not ‘over-the-top’ and fake like some others do. I also had it PLEK'd by Joe Glaser in Nashville after the Relicing. ($200) She's loaded with a pair of Lindy Fralin hum-cancelling P90 pickups ($300.) Neck -5% under-wound Bridge standard-wind. Neck carve: .83 at 1st Fret, .88 at 12th. weight is 8lbs, 14oz. Comes with its near-mint, original hard-shell case. Kept in my non-smoking home. $2,000 Shipped/Paypal'd (A PPGift would be really nice if you know me!) Thx, Ernie
  4. FOR SALE: Some nice pieces for sale. All include shipping and PayPal. All are mint or near mint and No Velcro unless noted. (A PayPal Gift would nice if you know me - Thx!) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Vintage Relic brand 'Kluson Keystone Aged Tuners Aged Vintage Relic aged-nickel Kluson Supreme tuners.18:1gear ratio fit Gibson Les Paul 335s etc and other similar guitars. Model KTSD90SLN (KTS-3-N), 3 per side (3L, 3R), Nickel with pearl colored plastic buttons. Double-line, Single-ring. Includes 6 tuners, 6 bushings, and 12 mounting screws. These were new tuners, bought, never used. Medium age relic'd for a true vintage look. They work as new, but look 50 years old! $70. Electro-Harmonix Q-tron Pedal - SOLD! Fulltone Fat-Boost FB3 - SOLD! MXR Phase 95 Mini-size Phaser - SOLD! JHS Whitey Tighty Compressor - SOLD!!
  5. It's a really great sounding amp. I bought this first, loved it, then had Mark build me a smaller Tweed Deluxe. They are sweet amps!
  6. SOLD!! Pure Sixty-Four Low-powered Tweed Twin Head Pure Sixty-Four and Mark Giammattei's take on the Fender 5E8A 50's Low-power 40 watt Tweed Twin amp. Completely hand-wired head with the best-of-the-best components and tweaked to have more of a hot-rodded tone with a bit of extra gain on tap. The way we wished the original had! The listing is for just the head, no cab. I was running it with a single 12" Weber or a single Fane Alnico 12", both sounded sweet. This is a one-off with a Black Tweed cab. I custom-ordered it from Mark in a Black Tweed finish to match my speaker cab. Looks really great. I am the original owner. 100% original. Works perfectly - no issues. Probably less than 15 hrs on it. These sell new, direct from Pure-Sixty Four for $1,200. I tried 2 other Tweed Twins from other boutique builders and this one was just better overall. Much Tighter bottom end, not flabby at all! And a bigger, more open sounding midrange. The amp is as-new condition, barely used and kept in non-smoking home. I am only selling as I just bought one of Mark's 5E3 Tweed Deluxes. That fits my band better. The Tweed Twin is just a little too loud for me (My blues band only plays small places and doesn't play that loud) More info below and feel free to contact Mark at Pure Sixty four to authenticate that I am the original owner - Thx! SOLD! Thx, Ernie INFO FROM PURE SIXTY-FOUR: A head version of the circuit which is based on the 5E8A 50s Tweed Twin. You can have it stock or "Hot Rod" We suggest the "Hot Rod" Hot Rod was designed to bring more flexibility to the original because its a bit of a one trick pony. The amp retains all of the amazing greatness of an original TT but adds an element which makes it a perfect pedal board platform for any venue and almost any style of music. Experience endless "bell like" clean tones with your guitar volume down, step on it and the thing just sings for days...warm sweet or with a bite if you choose! The amp is shipped with 12AX7s in the pre-amp. All of the clips out there are done with the harder driving mu of the 12AX7. Make no mistake, change the pre-amp tubes to 12AY7 and the amp cleans up with a warmth and sing, with bell like highs you'll never want to stop playing! An ENTIRELY hand made amplifier...no circuit boards, custom transformers and hand made cabinet, loaded with Celestion speakers. An amp built this way, with the level of organic tone inside, this box is an absolute steal at this price! The amp stands right along side any "F" based amplifier in the world...regardless of the year or who's name is on it! Voiced by guitarists for guitarists.
  7. I'm not a fan of the multi-color finishes like PRS does on the Di Meola model, but, this rocks!
  8. I have a set of Phat Cats in an older 70's Mahogany/Maple top Les Paul Custom. The base guitar tone is a little dark, but the Phat Cats being a bit brighter and are perfect match. I totally love them. But, hey, that's my 2.5¢.
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