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  1. Damn, I’m gonna ask him to put the sticker back. I can’t even look at it like this anymore
  2. Need another sticker now....to cover all but the square for the next 10 years
  3. Asked the guy again to remove the sticker and clean it with goo-gone. And he did and updated pics. I bet now he wishes he never did that
  4. I wonder why someone would return such a rarity...
  5. That's the downside dealing outside ebay - you have to pay for S&H, with ebay - they just provide you with shipping label and take it out of seller's acct. Makes you think twice before hiding any flaws. You could always send them couple of 2x4's instead to make up for the weight 😝. Watch the tracking and the moment you see Delivered, call PP and request money immediately, before they counter claim that you damaged it. When you call, PP refunds you instantly ( or did anyway year or so ago, not sure how it works now)
  6. Screenshots of original posts and description would help your battle. And it doesn't really matter what they say, for your credit card provider you are always right. I've returned this way at least 5 times, that I remember, and 2 times my guitars were returned to me although there was nothing wrong with them - buyer just claimed it was not what he expected and that was enough.
  7. Sucks obviously. Beautiful guitar though. Not sure how much you piad, but If paid with cc over pp call pp and send it back. You ll have to pay for shipping though. There’ll be no problem with that, hope it works for you.
  8. Oh Mother.....!!!!! you know, I’m so glad you snatched it. I wouldn’t be able to provide her with such a shelter 😉
  9. Thanks guys. I got an old slammer in my stash, as well as couple old JBs. There’s a lot about his guitars on the web, but non say about PUs. That guitar of yours, Dave..... i could look at those pics for hours. 😛 and of course there is no rush. This project is gonna last for quite a while. Just getting ready for spring time, when i could start working outside.
  10. Hey guys. I'm starting this new built soon and was wondering - does anyone know what pickup he used before he put EMGs into his miniV.
  11. And as usually, if there is something going on behind the toplock, there will be no picture.
  12. Accidentally looked at few of his auctions - that custom builder and luthier Eric Schulte is some fucking luthier 😆 I think Mike Shishkov can pickup a few tricks from him, unless it's patented
  13. How could anyone ever say it sounded worse? I never heard of anyone, who'd say that after the break it sounded worse. Of course it sounded better. The only one that sounded worse after it was glued back together was Gary Moore's guitar...after it got to Kirk's hands. In Gary's hands it sounded better. I , personally can't put a price tag on it, but if it appeared on US market for $1.3K, I'd buy it the moment I saw it.
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