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  1. It might've very well sold ( which I do not really believe), or it might be a part of some scheme. The way it usually works is, guy#1 wants to buy an expensive and rare guitar. Finds a Seller somewhere and seller gives him ridiculously high price. Since the guitar is rare, the guy#1 has no luck in finding the history of previous sales. So while he is digesting the offer, the seller asks someone he knows who's got similar guitar ( or he has two of those which is not uncommon, I personally had few of them, or just a few pics from years ago, ) to put it up for sale at about the same ridiculous price on ebay or reverb and couple days later makes a "sale", which he later cancels. Guy#1 sees how fast the guitar sold and bites the bait. To me it seems like a lot of work to sell one guitar, but I know guys who's done it...successfully...not necessarily in guitar business. Or seller simply creates a Sale history for future sale. Not saying that's exactly what happened here, just sharing some tricks sellers pull, in order to move rare things at higher price...
  2. Nah. Don’t think it sold. Most likely it was just a feeler.
  3. Sounds like a good deal to whoever might be interested. https://www.stewmac.com/tonewoods/shop-tonewood-by-instrument/acoustic-guitar-wood/acoustic-guitar-necks/honduran-mahogany-neck-blanks-10-pack/
  4. Considering that too. I actually got couple more necks in need of similar repair, so a bulk deal might be in order Depends on what the $$$ verdict would be
  5. Yup, no skunk. I've done quite a few repairs myself, but never the truss rod issue. The whole steaming thing sounds a bit scary to me...until the moment I actually take the steamer into my hand and start doing it :)) Good point about weakening the neck. Thanks.
  6. The time has come to decide what to do with it. So I got this Hamer USA neck from, what I believe is Cruise Bass. The problem is, somebody with very strong hands decided to make this neck useless and broke the whole truss rod nut piece along with the threaded part of the rod. It's been sitting in my cave for don't even know how long. Now the question is - do I repair it, or do I just sell it. And if I decide to go for repair, what do you think the best way to approach this would be - steam the fretboard out and change the truss rod, or try to open threaded part of the truss rod, diggin' about 1/4in into the wood and try to put the new nut on, probably something like a bullet or jackson style... What do you think?
  7. Looks like truss rod nut is tightened pretty much to the limit
  8. “Very rare Hamer Chaparral in Fire Crackle finish including case. I couldn't find a second one online. Year of construction 1987” I think I know the reason he couldn’t find another one like this - it’s repaint. Professional, but still a re-paint.
  9. No need to apologize. Common practice, whether we like it or not. Veni, vidi, vici Congrats on a beautiful guitar.
  10. And....it's gone :))) I'm guessing, the guy's got so many cash offers, that he just cancelled the whole thing. It would be fun to see a final number...
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