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  1. At that price it should, and personal delivery. Oh, almost missed it - this price is for a limited time. I wonder what happens after the limited time is over? It goes back to somewhat normal $150-200 range?
  2. Somehow I think it's ridiculous to put the note below on such a price tag. "Note - Original 59s LPs are the most iconic of all vintage instruments to both players . collectors, investors" . Does he state it for college students or serious collectors? The whole add is priceless.
  3. I guess I was wrong ( it's been a while since I filed a claim, it used to be 60 days) - The first step is to open a dispute within 180 days of your payment ( if he does not respond within 10 days you automatically win).
  4. They do, but not after 3 months. Never trust a seller that says - I'm gonna start a claim and all that. Arrived broken - goes right back. every financial institution would back you up on that one. At this point I'd have to agree - if you invest more into repair, you'll end up loosing even more, as the value after repair is gonna be even lower. Unless you do the repair yourself, which is not too hard in this particular case .
  5. Thats a good question, the politician would say. Those kind of question usually drift the subject of the conversation into the swamp of unnecessary discussion. What kind of insurance? did it cover flooding? natural disaster? robbery? oh, it was looting...well.. you see, it's not a natural disaster... and things keep going and going and going. I am not a politician. I do not put any double meanings into what I have to say. If insurance doesn't cover it, then you say - it doesn't cover it. If there is no insurance, you say - Unfortunately one didn't have an insurance. I think it's obvious. It would be pretty stupid to say - insurance didn't cover it, when you didnt' have the insurance. See, and that's how we slowly drift away from a bigger issue here :)) That's sad.
  6. Decided to spend a few minutes and actually read what that Fuller guy said. Didn't find anything offensive. I'd surely said much worse than that, given the fact that those mf's vandalized my car. So, peaceful protesters, or non peaceful protesters, GC, all those, who in their hysterical moments want to force this country to kneel - screw them all. The benefit of living in NYC below, also hit a door on the other side and put a dent into it ( btw, my friend's leather store in SOHO, from whom I bought all my leather jackets, and I have more than a few, destroyed, no insurance covers it. Gone!)
  7. Just wondering how often you ask about political views of the chef, who prepared your meal in your favorite ( or any, for that matter) restaurant...or of the guy who changed your frets or fixed your amp? or your uber driver...
  8. Blitz ( or any Explorer-shaped for that matter ) with V headstock, is like V with Explorer headstock. Can't really say if I like it or not. Just unusual.
  9. I had SL 600S, absolutely gorgeous with sound to match. Sold it in 2016 for around the same. Superb built quality. But was kinda heavy, like Les Paul Custom 79 heavy ( as most of those 70's LPCs are just disc herniation devices)
  10. One thing bothers me a bit - truss rod is sticking out from the nut a bit too much. There is only so many turns you can make and looks like it was tighten to the max. I had similar issue with one of the LPs, actually 2 of LPs in the past, where you couldn’t even put the wrench over it. That sticking out piece of trussrod wouldn’t even let the wrench sit all the way and barely touched the nut. Had to use pliers to loosen up the nut and inserted 3 washers. What happens if you put beefier strings and need to tighten it even more. Could be tricky. What do you guys think?
  11. I personally think this is For Sale thread and you should come up with the number and let the guys know what the price is or move this post to another section. At least thats what the rules here say. Guys will correct me if f i am wrong.
  12. Was gonna send an offer for $500, but then had to stop - what if he accepts? do I really need another strat?
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