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  1. Serial# will not give you much for those years. If the owner wants: bridge volume and tone pots on those models have very long wires so it won’t be a problem to take off the knob, unscrew the nut and pull it from the f hole to see ( bridge pot, not the neck). But only if he wants to be sure. But so far it looks like after 69 Actually they were built in 69-72.
  2. Pretty hard to identify the year by the serial from that era. But they started to put volutes from mid 69. Also in 68 there was no 3 piece neck. So most likely its beginning of 70’s, 69-74. Pots would tell the story, but definitely not 68. Very nice guitar nevertheless
  3. JustKid

    Triple Threat or R9?

    If the only question is - how do they compare financially, go with R9. Although you should check that R9 with magnifying glass. Why wouldn't he sell his R9 for at least $3.5K and buy yours for $3K?
  4. Beautiful. Still keep two of those, one exactly the same, another one in white lava crackle. For a grand it's pretty good deal.
  5. I'm afraid my insurance is not gonna cover it, unless this guitar had a previous history of tuberculosis in a family.
  6. But before it goes away OFR long screws need to be swapped for shorter Schaller. MUST!
  7. In the light of a new info about the guitar location I think there should be a comma between "man" and "bag"
  8. The increment is $2.50 . Please bid again.
  9. This is not an auction site. As per rules, price must be specified.
  10. These were pretty hot amps back then ( “hot” - meaning selling a lot). I remember I purchased 2 of them. Modified one, friend of mine loved it and grabbed it from me. Bought mods for the second one and never installed them, in fact in 10 ( I think) years I never got a chance to even open it, still factory sealed. Now iooking at yours I know what i want to do with it. GLWTS
  11. I think it'll stick around for more than a few days, ...unless they are willing to negotiate.
  12. Well, actually, I did like the show. Rob was top notch, "Falcon" was great...I just can't get used to the idea of Andy on the right side, he is a good guitar player and all, but something is missing, like no connection to the band on stage. When Faulkner first hit the stage with Priest he fitted right in. Andy - feels like he is just temporary substitute. The V built perfectly, looks beautiful, and Ritchie actually played one thru the whole set, not his custom built, but actually an Epi and it sounded absolutely killer, but....it's been awhile since I seen a good fret job on an export model. I mean, they are good, large, fat, nicely installed, plecked probably, but - you could hear the scratching while bending, so they need polishing, that's the only complain so far. No biggie for me, I already polished them myself, but would be nice to have them glossy-shiny from factory.
  13. Saw Priest last week and was hoping for Glen T. to appear at the end for a couple of songs to take a last look at him and his GT( do not think I'll ever want to go see Priest again), but never happened...But bought me Faulkner's Epi V - the only Epiphone I purchased in my life.
  14. Don't be so touchy. And , No I didn't. 10 year old phone can take better pictures. And YES, I would be interested, but from what I understand, if I need to take a better look at the back of the headstock, for example, you will not be able to take a pic? It was nothing but a friendly advice, after all you've been running this for 2+years, which kinda answers the last sentence. So I'd start with new set of pics, but...you are the boss. My apologies if I scared any potential buyers