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  1. EXCELLENT topic, one worthy of a total messageboard flood... I remember back in 1985, when I started visiting my biological father again after 8 years of absolutely no contact. (Haven't seen him since I lived with him in Seattle in 1991-1992, and haven't talked to hime since 1998....long story - BIG "issues") We were driving along in his 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo, leaqving my Mom's house on the 25-minute drive back to his house in the Belmont district of Dayton, OH. He had just acquired the latest Rush album, "Grace Under Pressure", and had made a compilation tape (as was one of his particular pleasures in life) and had included the classic "Distant Early Warning" on said cassette. Scared the SHEEEEIIIT out of me!!!!! The music was SO intense, that voice SO piercing, aqnd by the time that Geddy got to the "Absalom, Absalom, Absalom" lyric.... I. Was. Hooked. Eternally. From that point, Rush became to me the kind of music that not only could I *NEVER* ignore, but *MUST, MUST, MUST* consume en masse. The effect? Well, not only have I spent countless capital on Rush merchandise, but - in my younger years - spent innumerable hours studying/absorbing/practicing the bass and vocal stylings of Geddy Lee, leading me directly to an on-and-off 4-year stint in a Rush cover band that played various other classic rock covers (Zep, Triumph, Journey, et al) as well as a few select covers. The grand part of the story is... I recently dusted off my copy of "2112", plugged in my 4-string of choice (sorry gang, NOT my Hamer - 'tis an Ibanez Soundgear with the pencil-like neck) and jammed/wailed/sang my ass off, just to see if I "still had it." The result? You'd better believe that I can still do it - every friggen' note, and my throat didn't even flinch. And yep, the "Christ, what have you done?" lyric in Presto's "The Pass" STILL gives me shivers every time I listen to it. :-) -Bri P.S. - Any fellow Rush-philes in the SW Ohio area wanna get together and "flake" our way thru some tunes, just for shits & giggles?
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