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  1. Hmmmm let me think...... A McKinney-Elliott Guitar Capo? https://elliottcapo.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=25 Maybe a Voodoo lab Pedal Power 2? Some vintage glass for my Princeton circuit perhaps? RCA 6V6GTA would be awesome Just throwin' things out there. I would not really be interested in any more speakers thou, Sorry Bubs.
  2. Took this out of a Princeton Reverb combo to try a more american flavored speaker. Now it sits unused. $125 shipped to your door in CONUS. Thank you.
  3. yes.... it actually loads faster on my iphone than on my PC but honestly that is the norm not just the past few days. This site is sloooooooow.
  4. Yeah Ill take it... I know its late so we can work out the details tomorrow. I returned you an email as well. Thanks. ~Chris Stokes
  5. lol... oh I see now. Thanks Tom... You really are Teriffic or is it Terrific? j/k Come'on Geoff... Be a pal and let someone less fortunate have a turn to buy one.
  6. BUMP.... I'm still searching..... and saving. If anybody would like to sale a duotone please message me here or send me an email to stokesdead@yahoo.com. I appreciate it guys. ~Chris
  7. Got a new acoustic gig and need to pick up a DuoTone. I know there are a lot of guys here on the board with them and am hoping I can pick one up. I like the 3 hole and f hole models. I would be interested in either model So whatcha got guys? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. ~Chris Stokes
  8. Thanks guys. It certainly was a long day. Worked til dark. But then I kicked back more than a few Newcastles. All in all good enough for me. Thanks again. ~Chris Stokes
  9. I have an '80 special I would consider letting go of. Let me know if your interested and i can send pictures. ~Chris Stokes
  10. Thanks Dave. guitar is not mine but a local friend's. I suspect he has his on a Taylor T5. Bad decision if you ask me.
  11. Ive seen the guitar in person (no pictures though sorry.) It is VERY clean. Would it be fair to say the Bird's Eye maple and 12 string version would add a couple hundred to the value that you gave?
  12. What would be the estimated market value on a 12-string Newport with a BirdsEye maple top? serial is 151*** so 2001 year model. Thanks guys. ~Chris
  13. thank you pirate. Search function is a wonderful thing.....duh
  14. I don't really know what I like though lol. I liked the frets on my 2001 studio really well. What were they? anyone know?
  15. OK so Im going to have my special refretted. What is Hamer using currently? What would have been original? I think I am going to go with what Hamer uses currently which I believe is Dunlop 6100. Is this correct and if so what would be the equivalent if ordering through StewMac or AllParts. What is the consensus among the Hamer FANatics? Thanks, Chris Stokes
  16. are these some how different than standard top hat and speed knobs?
  17. how did this get bumped? It says the last post was DEC. '06
  18. What I meant to ask is what was the face value of the tickets? Anywhere from face value to $160K, if the reports are to be believed. Apparently the lottery winners got a number, and people immediately started auctioning their numbers on Ebay. I see them there now from $300-$2000. ??? He's been playing them fine since the '94 Page-Plant thing.
  19. does anybody know what the tickets sold for?
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