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  1. I agree with Gorch, but I understand how many feel "certain" builders and emps made for a special time during the later years. To be honest, as well as the New Hartford guitars were made, I wasn't impressed with either of the 2 later Standards I owned only because they felt nothing like a 4 digit neck . For me that was everything. Things change. Off topic, I totally understood Jol's philosophy of wanting to move forward and come up with different designs etc. What a man builds during his 30-40's is likely not to his tastes into his 50-60's . What I will never get is while certain models were fetching astronomical money in the used market he refused to revisit those on a custom order basis. They had the cad files or templates, why not prop up the bottom line instead of cork screwing the company into the ground ? Then again, it's pretty easy to arm chair quarterback a business model, when it isn't your money or name on the line Washburn brought Hamer back to ILL, paid dearly for the name I'm sure, and if they build the guitars at least as well as before the Kaman buy out late 80's, while bringing back some iconic models "faithfully", I don't care who is building them. The factory pic I shared does not give me much confidence that the 80's models are coming back any time soon and that is the limit of my interest in the brand.
  2. Looks like a monaco, a tally and whatever the F hole model is... I saw no flat top sunbursts , standards, birds, or virts , SO I have no real interest, but who knows what the plan is , but yes Hamer USA is back in some incarnation, this was in the works already when I posted the last time. I asked my friend if there were any former emps or namesakes involved and I haven't heard back, but I'd guess no. The Washburn stuff that Grover Jackson did with them back in the mid 90's was top notch, other than silly headstocks... I had a bunch of the Laredo's and they all were well built, well fit together nice playing sounding guitars.. I doubt Washburn will crap on a prestige brand.
  3. I guess my source a while back was right, as here are some one off USA Hamers at the ILL factory...
  4. It's called Karma... You guys did many great things for a good many people and that will eventually come back to each of you. I'm still sick over the loss of Hamer as a brand, it makes me dislike FMIC all the more, when you actually begin to think about the folks it affects, especially having picked up stakes from ILL. One door closes, rest assured another will open. Best to all of you guys !
  5. Almost makes you want to cry ,Fender getting their grubby mitts on Hamer.
  6. Yep just like it... There was a cool limba backed one on ebay for a few months, it finally sold..beautimus !
  7. The late 80's Chandler stuff is FANTASTIC ! So under rated and under valued . I'd love to have a 90's Telepathic !!!!
  8. Man time flies...Seems like just yesterday that I picked up my first 2104 combo... R.I.P. Mr. Marshall, and a big thanks for making my playing days a memorabal one.
  9. I'll bite..... maybe you can get further with jol than I did... '77 sunburst reissued to the letter... I tried to get this to happen for the 30th anniversary of the sunburst, limited to 30 guitars...but there was no interest in doing so on hamers part... if you can make it happen, put me down for one.
  10. wow, I believe you may have out done your self greg..
  11. I am sure this has been covered during the replies here, but my take on terrible hamer resale over the years has been the lack of 100% original hamer design ideas. thats not to say that other brands are devoid of copped fender/gibson ideas, but if you look at the hamer catalogs one theme keeps repeating over and over and that theme is the lp jr. call it an artist, give it a numerical designation, its still the sunburst/special of old with an exotic fancy wood top, new inlays or pickup configuration. granted this has been a proven seller for them, but how many ways can you reinvent the mouse trap before we see it for what it really is ? I really saw the writing on the wall for hamer by say 1986. when the sunburst/special began to wain in sales, they jumped the jackson bandwagon [as did everyone else] copping the soloist in the form of the chaparral and the cali. [great guitars] but again a spin on someone elses success. some command money and then some but for the most part the masses still say who cares ! aside from the original standard which though a copy guitar is in a class all by its self and by way of the ultimate fender or gibson "copy guitar" commands crazy bucks today..., so take a look at what hamers usually command better money, its the ones that are hamer original body designs. the proto-1 [my fave hamer], phantom,virtuoso, even the scarab and scepters typically command more money and interest, that is if hamer didnt slap on the "common" candy apple red or metallic shit blue on them, susblock trem them or the unthinkable adding a kahler [the death nail of many a fine guitars value]. [no digs serial ] its not that hamer ever built a bad guitar, as even what many collectors and player/fans would claim as hamers worst attention to detail years , come out in the wash as still far better than the worst of other companies that skyrocketed during the same time frame. whether you love the old ones or the new ones, the fact is today hamer builds a better guitar. compare them to the old ones side by side, unless jaded and skewed one would be sore pressed to make the claim that the old ones are better made. the tooling back in the day was overworked and run down. yet resale on the newer ones is abismol as well... why is that ? the guitars are priced high for what you get in my opinion. the up charges are through the roof for the simplest of deviations from the fries and shake catalog offerings IN COMPARISON WITH OTHER MANUFACTURERS who have all of their production year quirks on a cad file and dont ask for your first born to make a change.... AND the designs in my opinion are still not trend setting . hamer is still beating the lp jr drum.... and though the hollow body monaco and whatever else theyre doing along those lines may take some money away from gibson, I think its a bit late to change direction and not a good business move to alienate the base core that grew up with your product as there are only going to be so many new comers finding your product as time marches on.. I will say that I really dig the recent Tally, its again a spin on another brands guitar and somewhat a rethought TLE of old , but hey.... I am down with it... its fresh for a hamer. simply put the guitars "to me" the new hamers are geared towards an older player, maybe even a more mature player, jazzy looking and feeling... now at 40 something, I am not jumping around the house in my underwear with a graphic'd vector spilling beer all over my mothers furniture jamming to judas priest, but I would like to see some of the things that initially brought me to hamer still being offered. plainly put, the standard if thats all is left is great, but not practical at least to me. however, I still consider myself a "core base" hamer fan..... I just grew tired of the same ole same oleand like many moved on . I love old hamer guitars, but find that every few years I liquidate almost in entirety my collection as I grow tired of playing 24 3/4 scale guitars . lets face it they cheap to add to a collection . I do gravitate towards strat and tele 25 1/2 style guitars though I'll be quick to add that I have no interest in fender garbage. though I always had them laying around,I left the hamer ranks in '84 for jackson,..they built a better guitar and it suited my needs to the letter at that time. today some of those guitars sit in the closet as my style and tastes have moved forward and on to other brands. in the end beauty is in the eye of the beholder, its great that we all have different tastes and needs as players, whats the end all be all to one is shit to another..... after 30 some years I believe the masses have made it clear that they wont [at least for now] be spending heavily for most hamer designs on the used market.
  12. guys snap that bound top vector up,, you dont see many of those
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