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  1. Looks like an awesome piece of wood !
  2. Minty set of Mid 80s West German Schaller mini 6 right handed tuners. They came on a pro player guitar obtained through Grover Jackson, they do not show any playing time, they were installed to replace the Gotoh that he robbed from the guitar years ago and so he could sell the piece. they do come with a sealed bag of screws but I am unsure if they are Schaller ones. I've since corrected the guitar and have no use for them , $65 plus shipping. paypal is fine. No box or foam included. thanks for looking !
  3. I'm looking for a set of black 6x right handed Gotoh Magnum Tuners dating to 1983-84. They are not the Sperzel style tuners as we see today, these have a weird hardened washer device that slips over the tuner shaft to catch the string, and a fluted/knurled barrel nut then threads on to the tuner post and can be tightened with a coin , etc. to lock the string down. Very weird over thought design. I may have a picture of a broken one from the old days, but sold my last set about 20 years ago. I'd love to find a clean set for a project I have going. PLEASE HELP !
  4. I was really hard for a while, and may eventually scratch that itch, [been doing very well not buying anything and everything.] I sold both Charvel Tl-1 Tele's [fishman guitars] earlier this year, along with a few others and have been limiting myself to '84-86 Jackson Soloists & neck through Tellys. It really came down to what I was using , and what I have no reserves playing / recording with, versus what was simply taking up lots of closet space. I think I have only 3 bolt on guitars left. Though, I've tried off/on to get L2A3 to sell me a bolt on guitar we've talked about for years.
  5. Yours has a really nice finish on the back, many had next to no clear coat shot over the gold and were buffed out in a real hurry. BEAUTY !
  6. Price seems fair having a fishman on it..
  7. peedenmark7

    The Producers in Milwaukee tonight !

    Rock on brother, I'm digging bing-bong
  8. peedenmark7

    New/Old GD: Jackson USA Custom Shop Soloist

    Single hum, single knob, non recess floyd, killer inlays.... That's how a Jackson should look !
  9. peedenmark7

    The Producers in Milwaukee tonight !

    Small crowd last night... Van had some singing issues and seemed very out of sorts. The guys covered for him though . Loose describes the show well
  10. peedenmark7

    The Producers in Milwaukee tonight !

    I've been doing a little reading, and it appears they are doing nothing off of Coelacanth which is disappointing, I've lobbied Van and Wayne for years to do some RFYL material but it seems Kyle is not interested in that. Kyle is apparently living in Madison now, which I found really weird, is there any music scene there these days ? Pretty dead in WI otherwise. I guess he's got a blues band going now.
  11. It's been a while since I've last seen or spoken to these guys, looking forward to the show tonight !
  12. peedenmark7

    RIP: Ed King

    A huge loss indeed, and a really good guy .
  13. I always liked the E'lites with shrimp fork headstock.. Obviously many want the series 2 headstock, but this one works well on this body style. Still waiting for the right E'lite or caddi like Ocaseks... This body style has always been one of my favorites, and it's odd that Ive only owned one over the years.
  14. I love that guitar, always will... Just really cool !
  15. My beater ... J068X '85 Soloist Custom. This guitar was one of only 2 Soloists that ever came into the famous Ralph Hanzel Music in West Allis WI, this one with a kahler and J070X Factory Floyd . Loved the pink , loved the shred neck, but simply couldn't do the Kahler. History goes, I had both hanging in my repair area for about a month when my boss came in and said it was time to make a decision as Princes band was in the store , and were wanting to see the Jacksons. I decided on the Floyd, and the pink one was purchased on a bad check. The guitar made its way to San Francisco and was pawned, where Nicholas Del Drago of the Alameda All Stars picked it up and had the Floyd installed, [ no nut mod thankfully] . I searched high and low for this guitar starting about 1995 on and finally found it a few years back. The guitar had PJ Marx Brad Gillis Pickups in it, [ a gift as the 2 are good friends] which I did not care for , so I shuffled them off to Brad. Today she is as close to original as I am going to go with her.. Date correct Jackson pickups installed and the Floyd work is what it is, She's blocked and I use it as a hard-tail today. She's seen better days> I thought about blocking / topping and refin, then thought why ruin a guitar that's been fixed It's funny the things you remember about a guitar , Nicki freaked when I asked if the 4th fret was cracked on the high side and if the neck single coil mounting screw was dimpling the finish through the back of the guitar on the high side... We had a good laugh and conversation and we both knew it was the guitar I was searching for. Paid too much , but it left a mark on me as a kid. A couple pics , including Brad playing it at some point.