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  1. bubs_42


    The anticipation of this batch is indeed growing and with each passing batch the bar just keeping getting nudged higher and higher.
  2. bubs_42


    He’s just “HI” again.
  3. Ha, I wasn’t paying attention to the auto fill on my phone. I think it is still dealing with 2020’s shit.
  4. I’ve tapped out my GC limit at the moment. I’m keeping an open mind open in 2020 about the possibility of a Newport or a Monaco, but no Bigsbys
  5. I think I’m going to have a Dr Z Backline 2x12 cloned and loaded with two Celestion V Type Neos.
  6. MJT is right on its timeline, and has notified me that this body starts it journey today.
  7. I haven't liked every Z that I have played, but the more simple amps I have found to be very useful. They lead you to a different place when you play them, because they feel different. I get on different trains now and again, and when I move off of one amp onto another amp from the same company sometimes the DNA Imprint of the builder is so that they kind of all sound the same. They have shades of that but feel like they are coming from a different place. I'm still on a grand adventure, just enjoy the ride and be thankful that you unlike Hamerhead didn't ding your Shishkov.
  8. Literally in less than 16 months i've have a pile of Z stuff here in the house. The simplicity of the designs make them what they are. They sounds fucking good or they don't, they were designed to do one thing, not designed to do everything. OLD SCHOOL
  9. The 66 is currently on the bench, soon though.
  10. Don't judge me you tool bags. How about a 1st year Dr. Z Route 66 (Interstate Logo) #62. This one popped on and off GC twice so I bought it to see what it was all about and why does it keep getting returned. My guess is that if you don't have an attenuator this isn't your amp. It kind of goes from ho hum, too WOW. Once you get the amp cooking your golden, this is the only amp I have ever owned that if you dime it on 10 its still has a pretty quiet floor noise but this beautiful harmonic saturation. Hit the front end with a COT Tiki Boost and it goes over the top all you need is your volu
  11. Ya, but what does this guy have an old coil spring scale? Side note, I always step on the scale, then step on the scale with the guitar. The reason all my guitars I sell are so light, is because by default I always round down and subract 5lbs. LOL
  12. I'm glad I posted and ghosted this one. Look liked it rattle somebody's wallet loose. LOL That Top and Burst was HOT!
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