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  1. Another pedal down, my JMP just started giving me fits. I'm going to have to find someone to fix it for me.
  2. When it comes to the gear that I use and promote, the gear that I buy and sell here on the board, I just want to be honest. Honesty has gotten me this far and I will continue to stay the course, so here we go. I think that Sean made some of the best pedals out there. His "Amp" type pedals don't sound like the recorded version of an amp they sound (if paired with the right amp) like the amp the pedal represents is sitting in the room. He got the feel right on the JMP along with high end, and the low gain sounds feel great. The Jubilee pedal that I just received has that woof to it that t
  3. Good to see that Badger set you up with some great knobs. 😀
  4. What?!? Well, it looks like I will have one OTW shortly. Lots of guys in the 70's used to take a champ, wire it for load and use it in front of another amp as pre amp. I hoping that this is the cheaper way to go! LOL
  5. I know Murkat had/has one, I had one for a short while.
  6. But DO they sound good compared to Seths? He'll never know and that will drive him crazy! LOL Now Josh is whipping me up something for my next Shishkov and if they sound as good as I think they will, then they will be perfect for Artists, Newports and anything else that needs pickups that won't get in the way.
  7. The JTM Landed this past week and I surprised at first that it didn't sound like what I thought it would. Then I realized that it was a good thing, more useful, lower gain boost, with a touch of compression around the notes, but still very open. It sounds pretty naked in front of the Carmen Ghia.
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