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  1. @0054, only thing i've read on it about issues was the gear page. That was also from early on in the first run of the Original Black Magick, maybe just a hick up in production?
  2. 1. How many amps company's can Mitch Colby run, start or be a part of? 2. If I add another amp to the line up it will be a Supro Black Magick Reverb. Version one was great, but with the added master volume and reverb that nailed it for me. The only question is Combo or Head and Cab?
  3. The last trip home was pretty dicey, it took me 45 minutes to get out of town after that was trying to stay ahead of the highway closings. STILL ALIVE!
  4. Compared to the Studio the Newport feels much bigger. Having had an Elite, Supro, Studio and Newport the size increase feels about the same. So if you like a longer scale the Supro is a fine choice. I even had a Spruce Top Superpro, one of only two guitars I regret letting go of.
  5. Yep, if you don't need the extra tones then go with the push back lead. If you have one guitar and want multiple tones then get the 4 conductor and have some fun. In my Les Paul its just standard braided leads, but I used 4 conductor in my old PRS Mira to get a mixture of tones in one guitar. What you will find is you won't use every tone, but you may find a few you like that you didn't know you liked.
  6. bubs_42

    3 Monkers - One Year Later

    I asked about doing a Oranutan Jr Plus, basically a 20 to 25watt version of the Jr with 6v6's and a Master. They told me its just does better when its loud and I have to agree it was the only amp that I cranked up and it was glorious.
  7. This is what he does, so maybe its just all tooled up and all the hard work is out of the way already.
  8. Agreed. That # to me seems ridiculously low. Like its for the bridge with no saddles. If that was a repo bridge, lock, stock and barrel up for the whole 20 and charge you guys more. LOL
  9. bubs_42

    Another Tele Saved!

    I have a Seymour STK3 Bridge, I may order a PGjr to go in the neck. We may try that combination out, but we may not either. I have gotten two requests to build offset guitars, but I know as soon as I give them the price they will back off. I've been lucky enough to have parts, but doing a build out from scratch is good money, you can just buy an offset or telecaster and swap pickups.
  10. bubs_42

    Another Tele Saved!

    A rail pickup will never dawn another one of my guitars. I wanted to like them but I don't like the tone they produce. The Hot Area T manages to give me something between a Tele and a P90 that I love. The 67 in the middle is bright enough to make that second postion quack but not ice picky when its by itself. I'm always torn if I should put strat singles in the neck, but the sound I get when the bridge and neck are together out way that just having the neck sound that I wouldn't use as much as the middle position.
  11. bubs_42

    Another Tele Saved!

    I wired the three way switch and put the middle and neck pups on their own selector mini switch. So I can B/BM/M or B/BN/N. My next project just arrived Friday and routing it open for the neck at this point I think i'm going to go with a Humbucker with a series/split/parallel switch.
  12. I've kinda just can't stop sometimes. What better to hone some skills thought by putting humpty dumpty's back together again. Introducing the Lott Tele. What to do? Whats this? Maybe this? This is why men buy tools. This is why some people shouldn't have tools. Lucky I got 98% of a chop job out. A former owner chipped the paint and just a slight nick in the corner didn't clean up. I decided to route the original guard for a strat middle pickup. I think it turned out great! I know it sounds damn good and its itched the strat bug. I did have to leave one little reminder from the previous owner. But you can't get a better guard "aged" to match a guitar thats lived with the pickup since birth.