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  1. I don't think I have the right to judge any of them. LOL I enjoy Duff McKagan Geezer Butler Flea David Hood Carol Kaye
  2. I find it hard to believe you haven't tried one. I'm not sure how they sound with a Marshall but with a Fender they sound really really good. I do love those Celestion 10" Greenbacks.
  3. Album arrived yesterday, it passed the Kid Test. I think that the message and the feel of the album is just beautiful.
  4. Just keep counting your dollars your earning on those Holmes staying in that box. LOL
  5. Nice, I ended up with a Lifton Case for my 58 Reissue from Dave's last night. About a 3rd less then i've seen them go for, shipping and tax included!
  6. Damn tough crowd. $100 For the Supa Trem Jr. new in the box? Even the seconds are $135.
  7. @cmatthes, that funny. I think her drummer looks like Paul Hamer! It's an Allstar Band.
  8. I've met my guitar limit with 2 Shishkovs OTW. I need another Tele like a hole in my head.
  9. I get the feeling Kiz has been watching Travis's Mirage Fetish build right to the breaking point. Then ^^^^
  10. I've been fighting myself to NOT build another Telecaster. I would like to do one with Buckers or P90's.
  11. @Jakeboy, Mr. Scary passed a while back. I figure she no longer has a need to hang out around these parts.
  12. Then you must wait for the reveal of my new acquisition this weekend. I must get back to yard work before I get busted. LOL Three Monkey and I discussed a custom amp that did not come to be, unfortunately in the end, it was something they did not want to do. I came across another amp that I snagged for a bottom feeder price a month or so back. The builder of that amp, supplied a mod for it that put me in the ball park, of what I wanted to do with the OJR.
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