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  1. As far as the Grover/Friedman guitars, he is man in charge, keeping the processes and QC in check with others doing the hands on building. If I was going to buy a super strat an you wanted it done in small shop by one or two guys it would be a Wayne.
  2. And beer rings, we don't need no coasters!
  3. If for some reason I get bored, I will route it for a bucker or a Jones. I am very interested in that set up.
  4. Vintage 60's Specs, I fell in love with the fell of my MIJ Necks, the later MIJ necks like the Foto Flame is just a touch thicker. Neck size isn't just about feel, they have a specific tone tied to the thickness. For me, bigger isn't always better, i'm trying to get the best snap out of the low strings and the sweetest highs off the high strings. Balance across the strings with big chords with enough mid range to fill the tone out without loosing the "Tele" in the guitar. One day i'll do a Tele with a Maple neck, but for now i'm sticking with the Rosewood/Maple Combination.
  5. On my other two tele's I have very early Fender MIJ Necks, last year I bought an unfinished Allparts neck MIJ that feels exactly like them. So I looked and found a Tinted Allparts neck with the exact specs that I have. Down to the same style of finish, so that is what is on the way. If I through the Foto Flame up on Reverb I should be able to get a good chunk out of it, none of the ones i've seen look anywhere close to as clean as the one I have. That would give me a little money to put toward doing a Hardtail Strat down the line. That project is all laid out in my head I just have to acquire
  6. Thanks Rich, but I already have all my hardware mounted and ready to go. This particular pup is not tapped, and I have the wiring mods already on the table ready to go.
  7. Consignments are not the norm as far as pricing goes. I have bought multiple amps and guitars over the years, they treat me good.
  8. Different neck is on the way, as well as an Esquire guard. I'm going to go ahead and stick the pickup that Josh wound for me in the bridge and IF I get bored down the road I will add the matching neck pickup. I think the in the end the Foto Flame neck just didn't belong on this guitar.
  9. Package deal for both the Reverb and the Tremolo? Come on guys, the wife his home babysitting me today.
  10. What he said, the Ev however will work open, closed, or ported. You can get yourself a convertible style cab and play with multiple speakers and backs.
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