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  1. Really $75 and no takers? That is shipping and PayPal included folks.
  2. Thanks to @Jakeboyfor the heads up, but I did not partake in this round of the sale. I think i've official OD'ed on guitar pedals for the time being. I think Sean was trying to compete with my SNS, and he definitely sold more pedals than I did. LOL For those to purchased the JMP Eleven, that was a killer deal for $100. I already have two.
  3. This is what Google was invented for. Well so most people think. https://www.mahoganyrush.com/jim_glynn_guitar.htm
  4. I think you’ve punished yourself enough. LOL
  5. A gainy sound is not that hard to replicate, and the technology keeps getting better. Vic has used for a long time a Bray Head that has been in a few different headshells. Sammy’s Red Voodoo’s were slightly modded and gain down a touch. The Blue Voodoo’s were not bad amps, if you turn the gain down. If anyone has one, do me a favor and try it with a 12at7 in V1. That lower gain tube really lets you used the gain knob and not turn your sound into a box of angry bees. Unless you like that sound then forget I mentioned it.
  6. I set out my pedals for building up two more boards. Here are the extras, and there possibly may be a couple stragglers at a later time. Lovepedal OD11: Well I ended up with 3 OD11’s because that is how I roll. This is the only one I have with the box and instructions. It does have Velcro on it. $75 PayPal/Shipping included. Lovepedal JTM: A unique boost that adds a touch of compression, softens up the bottom end, it adds a bit of mojo, but this one really adds the feel of an old Marshall. Jakeboy says that “Its glourious with the neck pickup of a Stratocaster”. SOLD Shipping/PayPal included. Lovepedal Champ: One of the hidden secret amongst 70’s guitar players is to plug into a champ, and feed it into a larger amp like a preamp. So Sean put this into a pedal. For the guy that loves to plug straight in but needs a little something to punch up a lead or crank it open and play slide. $75 PayPal/ Shipping included Visual Sound Buffer: A buffer, you know what it is and a very popular buffer to boot. $20 PayPal/Shipping included. Thats it for now!
  7. He was also interviewed on the No Guitar is Safe Podcast.
  8. Yep, it’s moving pretty fast. After calling a GC today on a piece of used gear, I was so turned off by the service I received I actually walked away.
  9. I remember the first tour after the keyboard player exited the band. Vic arranged the piano parts on Right Now for guitar, he was playing it while Sammy told the story behind the song and when they launched into it he just killed it. I'd have to go back and see how much actually played on the 2nd and 3rd album, the first album was done before Sammy assembled the Waboritas. I miss that era of the band. Actual Show: I was there.
  10. Happy Birthday Travis. Vic is one of the most killer guitar players out there.
  11. Great move right now, the prices are just crazy good. All the "newbies" to the game are only seeing the up swing in guitar related investment gains. Even though i've been on a buying spree lately, the plan is and that I will continue to stick with is to only keep what your going to use. I'm currently labeling, sorting, taking pictures of everything that has been sitting. Most likely my "vintage" vehicles are going as well.
  12. Already remove the wifes name from the guitar? That was quick LOL Nice shots of the gig, I hope that you enjoyed every minute of it.
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