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  1. I stumble into the 75 JMP that I currently have. Sounds great, I’m still waiting for a good price on a Fryette Power Station. The amp just sounds the best dimed out.
  2. I would have hit the BIN, but I’m treading on some really thin ice here on the home front. The 50JCM800 is one of my dream amps, a friend and killer guitarist from when I was in high school had one. He loaned it too me while my Laney was in the shop. Not super gainy, just the right amount with great tight bottom end. My Dr Z SRZ65 is a Handwired JCM800, and after I sent it to DR Z for some TLC (Complete Rebuild) it sounds amazing. Nails all those classic Blackberry Smoke tone from when Charley was using a JCM800.
  3. IDK, but its only been listed for 30 minutes. One hell of a price, but I’d get murdered if I pulled the trigger. LOL
  4. https://reverb.com/item/63460939-marshall-jcm-800-lead-series-model-2204-50-watt-master-volume-mk2-head
  5. That Zemaitis is hot! Already blew my $$, but damn.
  6. @The Shark my complaint all along with reds on the reissues is they have been just too dark. Special the 90’s stuff, my SG from 98 is dark and you can barely see the wood grain. That 335 looks fantastic, my it turn out to feel as good as it looks.
  7. My guess is that 1. It’s a Hamer, 2. When you buy high and you see prices dropping and you CAN get out you do. IMHO the Korina Vectors are amazing, it doesn’t matter what year they are from.
  8. So its back, this one has been sold twice now. Prices started out around 7k before plummeting to a relatively sane price.
  9. Both the Silver Sparkle and Blue Sparkle builds were thought out down to every detail. The color, the pickups, the knobs, everything was done for a reason. @murkat handing the changeover to Sustainblock and additional routing of the neck pickup, and the color is pure magic @Stike . You cannot build one like this for the money, hell you couldn’t build one for this money when I did it. Trust me, I know. Medium 90’s Carve that is perfect, the quality of construction IMHO surpassed the 80’s builds. These were futuristic “Vintage/Modern” interpretation of what I would have ordered as custom orders if I had the chance. If you have to ask me why I sold the, then you just don’t know me.
  10. Hum, I wonder if the Tempature had something to do with it. I shipped two just like it and they arrived safe and sound. Whatcha got for sale? LOL
  11. If you want an ODR buy the ODR. It’s a flat neutral mid overdrive that works excellently with an Amps tone you already like. Making it feel like it’s part of the amp.
  12. These shows are on YouTube, but thanks for the heads up. I’d love to them on disc!
  13. Hey everyone, just rummaged through the cave to see what is laying around unused. I swear this stuff just multiplies by itself. Voodoo Lab: Voodoo Power 2Plus SOLD Voodoo Lab: 2 Knob Vintage Tremolo Great fender blackface tremolo. SOLD Gator: Power 5, great unit, I have another one that I use daily. It has an on/off switch so you don’t have to plug and unplug it every time you want to jam for 5 minutes. Just through the switch, turn you amp on and away you go. SOLD Suhr: Version 1 of the KOKO Boost. It’s the most versatile boost because you can change the boost frequencies to go in front of any amp or any pedal. You want to solo and stick out or just boost the level or gain, this is the pedal. It just didn’t make it onto the board. $135 Shipped Lovepedal: Tremolo SOLD Line Driver $35 Shipped
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