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  1. The Echophonic Jr, is my favorite delay. For everyday use the EPH is too noisy for me.
  2. I have been neglecting this one again, but by the end of 2019 we will be playing gigs again!
  3. Damnit, that is what I didn't like about the Zen, the compression.
  4. Transparent OD teamed up with the COT Boost. Its my #1, for the Princeton. I use it for multiple levels of gain and boost, and team it up with a Klon/Clone for leads. The JMP most likely is not going to be as transparent. I bought the JMP, because it I'm sure it will be a great match as well with the Princeton. These are very good with Fender Style Amps, and feel like a part of the amp and not a pedal in front of the amp.
  5. I hate that I cannot get his albums on CD. What a voice, player and songwriter in one package.
  6. bubs_42


    ^^^^^ I second that motion. ^^^^^
  7. bubs_42


    RIP Ray, you were one of my favorite HFC'er and friends. We had an instant connection, a shared passion for knowledge of how things work. I will never forget how your voice sounded on the other end of the line when you call me with a deal or just to see how things were going. I am deeply saddened about your passing and I will miss you.
  8. Just what I needed! A Tele, ES336 and Duane's Goldtop into a 50's Tweed Deluxe and a 50's Vibrolux.
  9. Honestly, I thought this would be gone a long time ago. $825 Shipping and Paypal Included, just in case you missed that part. Brand New heavy duty gig bag, because the cases or a case to fit this guitar are impossible to find.
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