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  1. One Sexdrive Down and One to Go. Think of it as the ultimate line conditioner. The Pedal that really does nothing, but you miss it while it is on.
  2. Been talking to @Travis again haven’t you? Two words: “Wrong Hole”.
  3. I agree with @Brooks that pickups and speakers care very very important “Modifications” you can make. I no long look at them as “Upgrades” because of the quality of most manufacturers are not the question, its more about what your ear is telling you in the end. If you like the cab as is, then leave it alone. The mix of the G12H30/V30 is common for good reason. You have the G12H30 that is Clear, Bright, tight bottom, slightly scooped in the midrange, then coupled with V30 has big midrange, great highs and aggressive bottom. The two coupled together fill in the EQ Spectrum and you essentially get the best of both worlds, good mix with similar output. A G12H30 paired with a Greenback is a similar mix to the V30 but the Greenback overdrives earlier so you get a mix of cleaner and dirtier tones in one cab. To not get sucked down a rabbit hole and save yourself A LOT OF MONEY, I would used one of the above mixes IF you feel that you want to try something. There is no right or wrong other than what your ears tell you. If you are a pedal player these choices are also a safe route to take. Changing speakers will have an affect on everything in your chain. Right now I have three small 1x12’s that I commonly mix. A Greenback, a Tone Tubby 40/40 (G12H30) and a G12-65. My most common mix for my tone is the Tone Tubby and the G12-65, I like the relaxed mids that allow my guitar, amp, and pedals to color the sound with their distinctive midranges.
  4. I have two in excellent condition. One with box and instructions and one without. Box silver, both have small Velcro Strips on back. $165 Shipped with Box Pitchblack X Tuner: I purchased this one brand new and it just never ended up on a board. So brand new in the box with the Battery, the rubber feet and any factory paperwork. $75
  5. I need three tones to couple with my amp without killing my base tone. So little shifts in Midrange or Feel and they needed to work great together. The Barber Pedals I have all set to really low gains, they stack well, I can turn them on and use any of them as the base tone and stack another on top. David Barber has been vary easy to work with and seems to enjoy helping you get to where you are going tonally. I wouldn’t use his pedals if they didn’t work for me and sound great. I’ve revamp my stable of gear around good tone, good people, and great customer service.
  6. The Durham FX Sexdrive and the Diamond CPR are both pretty amazing pedals. I have used the Durham FX Sexdrive on my board for about 4 years now as my always on pedal and I was a little worried about not have an EQ on the Tone Press, but as it turns out I don’t need it.
  7. I love TB, but he did two shoot outs on his channel and always picked the original and it was no contest. But when he did the blind test it was not as cut and dry. I would bet because he didn’t know which was which, and more importantly he couldn’t see where the knobs were set and only relying on his ears. At the end of the day, it’s between you and your ears. YouTube will never get across how the pedal is going to feel and react to you and your setup.
  8. Direct Drive is sold the Burn Unit is a fine Dumble’esq Pedal with a three way Midrange switch for a Flat Response, mild midrange, big midrange. I played my fair share of pedals trying to ween myself off the Vanilla Zendrive but nothing would unseat it. The Burn Unit did it within the first chord. David Barber makes amazing pedals, has better customer service, and is more than willing to get you the tone you’re looking for.
  9. Custom Order LTD Low Gain, and a V3/V4 Hybrid Direct Dive Low Gain. I asked for the 3 stage of midrange from V4, with the sensitivity switch from V3. I also purchased a Tone Press B Stock. I’m placing an order for a B Custom Low Gain Burn Unit and a Tone Bump.
  10. I bought a few Barber Pedals and just fell in love with David and his pedals. So much so I ordered B Custom, Custom Builds of his pedals and no longer need these. I’ll sell them a great price of $135 Each including shipping! 1. Burn Unit B Stock:SOLD Comes with Box and Instructions. The original Dumble Tone. 2. Direct Drive V3:SOLD Comes with the Box and Instructions. IMHO the pedal that should be on everyone’s board.
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