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  1. @ptm1diver that is some heavy fire power you have going with the Lucky 12 and Arena 50.
  2. I think you should ask more, then maybe it will sell. Now we'll get the Cork Sniffers on board! Every week this thing goes UP!
  3. I think the Tele Partscasters are the most addictive guitars on the planet. I'm on my fifth on and i'm already trying to plan out another one. I too need a thin line.
  4. Killer Rig Alert! @draelyc @Travis I had a few Mirages (imagine that), one that BCR Greg Modded with 3 P90's. That one is living in Canada now.
  5. Thanks, great pickup, someone should jump on that deal, but i'm looking for a 78.
  6. Anyone have one laying around? I acquired a guitar with a JB in the bridge and its just too hot. The 78 is one that I haven't tried yet and would like to get my hands on.
  7. I don't think anybody here can point fingers at anybody but themselves. I know I have issues, sit down, shut up and just enjoy the ride.
  8. I have more techs than I care to admit. Sad really, even they think I have issues.
  9. Check it? PHOTOCELL TRIMMER: There is a trimmer inside the pedal that we carefully set to get the optimal sound and feel from this tremolo device. There’s no need for you to touch this trimmer! If it is turned CW the current to the photocell’s LED is increased, which can intensify the tremolo effect up to a point. Turning this trimmer CCW will decrease the tremolo effect. We mark the “factory setting” with a line or dot on the PCB, in case you adjust it and then want to return to the stock setting
  10. Stick in in your shorts and see if that help? I'd put it on the soft setting first. LOL If it is true that is temp sensitive, its a photocell issue. My vibe was temp sensitive but to the point of not working, just sounded different.
  11. Waiting to get mine back from a my local tech, in the mean time, those Limited P90 SG's are killing me! LOL Fortunately I have my bases covered in Shishkovs!
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