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  1. Phase One: Denial LOL House is coming along nicely.
  2. My favorite Reverb yet is the T Rex Room Mate Jr. Fantastic, but I want a smaller pedal to go on the board with the least amount of knobs possible and not an EH Pedal. I have not been happy with the signal path and noise floor quality of their pedals. It has been a while since I tried one but... Doubtful I'll try the Amp 808, i'm just not much of an 808 guy. The TS or most using that topology you have a distinct midrange and when your using a F Style Amp you want that Midrange to fill it out or push it. I'm using sort of a Brown Face Era, its has some Mids in it already and I just want more of the amp. I think the OD11 stacked with a one of the Twin Sixty will work giving me a little more and a little more than that button. Then again I keep thinking about using the Vanilla Zendrive, so i'm still in flux.
  3. So it was a White Sustainblock Trem Guitar. Oh well, not its just ugly.
  4. Do you know if we can run the OD11's on 18V? I'm laying out another pedalboard at the moment and i'm wondering if I should buy another 18v adapter. I still need two pedals to fill the board out, it will be the same size as the last one. Just to keep myself reeled in to a sound. Fender'ish Amp with two stages of OD (OD11 and ???), slap echo (Gen5), still looking for a super simple reverb pedal and a thinner tuner.
  5. @Jakeboy the Naked OD11 that I bought used never lets me down. I don't know if its just because it is not linked to a COT like the Amp11, but it is slightly less compressed yet smooth. The Delays are fantastic as well, the Echophonic Jr is my favorite, but the Echophonic with the same control set as the Jr is also great but different. The EPH3 is tape echo heaven and the Gen5 Echo does slap and the dotted 8th note and a twist of the knob.
  6. That doesn't make it any less worthy, but it does give you an out.
  7. The best ones that I have played have all had neck resets. I don't mind one that has been played in and ready to rock.
  8. And that's why you "Buy from Bubs". Or at least here on the HFC with one of your brothers.
  9. @velorush isn't that what i'm here for? It took me a bit to get it to sound the way I was hearing it in my head, that is not the issue. It is a guitar that I gravitate to when I want that sound, but it still plays me more than I play it. If you want Beano, Allman Bros, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, Bloomfield, and Free it does all that in spades.
  10. Oddly enough, I have not had any bad gas. I have been thinking of killing the Tele Project (even though I have everything) just out of redundancy. Selling my R8 that I barely touch and my Princeton and searching out a well loved Custom Shop SG. I've come to grips with my demons one by one. Its aloooong list.
  11. @ARM OF HAMER check out session 13 for a cool guitar.
  12. If I could sit back and hang with one guitar player, I think it would be Tom Bukovak. I have watched what interviews I could find, and every guitar player I like seems to namecheck Tom. Now he is doing these Corona Sessions on Youtube, even though they are raw, he is just a dude playing guitar. https://www.youtube.com/user/501chorusecho
  13. http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/repost-adam-schlesinger-from-2012
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