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  1. I can have it boxed and shipped tomorrow! Get your project up and going by the weekend!
  2. $400. for it all or $275 for the the loaded body without the case.
  3. #0090 has surfaced on Facebook. We looked to the past to help guide us to future. Shishkov 2020
  4. No worries, I just added another amp, so one may have to go.
  5. Bad Bob SOLD!!!!! Lets move the Keeley, I'm headed the post office tomorrow!
  6. I haven't seen the gear market this bad since 08/09, this might actually be worse heading into 2020. Lots of things are very tempting because of the low prices, but the prices are too low to take a chance of something you may not like. Happy Hunting!
  7. Both great boost, but i'm just not using them. KeeleyKatana, has a broken screw in the back plate, other than that it is a clean pedal and works perfectly. $65 including Shipping and Paypal.
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