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  1. If you buy the any of my other pedals, I will throw in the Lovepedal FREE!
  2. http://themagpiesalute.com/ No swag available either. The album just dropped a month ago and poof.
  3. They were asked about the "side projects" and Rich answered "We both doing nothing but the Black Crowes".
  4. BTW it looks like Marc Ford put his band back together and is opening a few shows for Allman Betts Band.
  5. I moved some wires this morning and it does in deed look like the above picture. So then, why in the hell are the controls so active? The middle position tone knob trick I use all the time and heck, just rolling the tone knob off is cool. Volume knob works without a treble bleed all the way to zero. The only other guitar that does this for me is my Twin Town Tele, I built using some fender custom shop pots that they don't make anymore. These two guitars just kill, the Proto has always been my favorite Hamers. For me its the Prototype and the Newport for best Hamer.
  6. I have one or two, LOL I just noticed my 82 is wired with the pickups going to the tone control and wired in with the Cap. Is that the freaking magic that we all here when you turn the Tone know off? These have all kinds of tones in them that I love.
  7. After binge listing to Gorman interviews and podcaster, I say good luck to the brothers. As a fan of the band, and not just as shallow listener who wants to hear the hits "I'm Out". I'm ok with that, and I bet they are too. When Steve talks about the "High" the you get when you play with others when its really good, it gives me goosebumps. Its amazing when it happens, and it doesn't happen nearly as often as it should.
  8. I have a G12-35XC that I bought new to try out. Its in the OEM Box and barely has any hours on it. $80 Shipped to your door. It would be a great pairing with the G1265, which happens to be my favorite speaker of all time.
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