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  1. I played this one yesterday at my local GC. I did a little research/internet scour and found that it sold on 8/16 on Reverb with the OEM Pups, then Sold on TGP on 11/16 with what ever is in it now. What ever they are they are super nice, the guitar sounds great. Its been played but well loved, little dimples in the top here and there, couple marks on the headstock tip, the back is pretty clean and the paint is still shiny. If your looking for a loved, played, unique colored hamer this one is for you. Weight is most likely close to 9lbs or at least high 8's. It doesn't need a thing, plays clean, looks great, sounds great. Made me want another Studio. I ask, and they said it was a local sale. The owner came in and turned it into cash. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Studio-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-114773124.gc
  2. bubs_42

    Davy Knowles Rams Head 2017

    He doesn't have too, I know what he is talking about LOL . He is very happy with the friends he has made in Chicago that are now backing him up. The Back Door Slam songs live on and continue to evolve with Davy as he evolves.
  3. bubs_42

    Davy Knowles Rams Head 2017

    @cmatthes i'd love to catch his Rory set, but Davy lives in Chicago and the local stops at The Space are always sold out and I haven't been able to get tickets. I did see Davy in Bloomington,IL a couple of years back and he was great. My wife even enjoyed the show he put on.
  4. My buddy Doug and I are at CME a while back and between trying out LP's, I leaned over to him and say "I'd feel bad if I didn't tell you Davy Knowles was standing right behind you." , he turns and looks, then leans over to me and says "I'd feel bad if I told you I knew he was.". LOL 66 Tele into an East Duality (I think the 50) into a KW 2x10 Cab.
  5. bubs_42

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Only thing that would make this better is if it was one of ours. LOL @bruce919 way to go, looks great!
  6. Thanks bford, it is a killer machine for sure. Super tone that fits just about every thing. My band plays 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, and the more I play the amp, I don't stomp on my pedals much. TRUTH!
  7. @cmatthes 2001 was a wicked year for tops wasn't it. The quilt/chambered 2001 that I had was just as nice as that one.
  8. I really liked that amp, but better amps can be had for the same money. I know @murkat didn't have a great experience with one.
  9. bubs_42

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    Their will be more to come and go.
  10. bubs_42

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    Not only do I try to protect every face, but I also try to use corner protection. If you have ever dropped a heavy box, it never lands on its side face down, it usually lands on a corner. To a combo amp that could lead to a tweaked cabinet that will never be straight again.
  11. I just got this great box from GC for shipping this amp! LOL
  12. bubs_42

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    I'm here for your entertainment.
  13. bubs_42

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    I received a call from GC last night and we had nice conversation. The email I sent through the store site made it to it the manager and it struck a blow about customer service. We talked about price adjustments, returns, shipping, he covered everything and answered all my questions and listened to my grievances. It did take longer that expected, but the end result was what I was looking for. Recognition of a sub standard job, push to serve the customer, with no excuses. We had a nice exchange, civility is not dead.
  14. bubs_42


    I love that look right there. Usually BK doesn't get the same finish treatment as WK but I think it looks great.