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  1. So I got this email, turns out the wife just bought our 6 year old a drum set. I'm not sure if she has been smoking something lately but this is very unlike her.
  2. Anything post 99 is pretty consistent and a great handful. So a Studio, Monaco, Jr, Vector, Newport, Standard. I don't think any of the 5 pre 1979 Sunbursts I've owned were the same, the 79's and 80's are pretty close and a nice Medium. I don't WTF happen in 81 into 82 then 82/83 was a nice medium then you start to see the shift to shedder type carves in the later part of the 80's until 91/92. Then we have the Hamer Medium care through most of the 90's. I have to think that the guys that ACTUALLY were there that hang out here and lurk more than post have got to think the majority of us are a bit off. I know i've got my mind on moving another amp so I can buy another Sunburst, but i'm leaning on trying to find an 82/83'ish to get a nice medium neck with the extra material out of the lower horn and a nice top.
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    Music/Guitar Stores

    @Stike that made me laugh out loud.
  4. #1: MXR Micro Boost, Case has a little smudging on the back, pedal is in perfect working order. One of my favorite boost. $45 Shipping and Paypal Included. #2 MXR Micro Boost Plus, its the Micro Boost with a little more flexibility and a little harder to find. If you want to be able to boost that single coil or brighten that P90 when you solo, this does it great. $70 Shipping and Paypal included. #3 Dunlop Crybaby 535Q, is a tweakers dream, Shape yourTone, Boost and Sweep . Chrome casing, with OEM Bottom but missing the battery case, also comes with a velcro loaded baseplate for mounting to your pedal board. $55 Shipping and Paypal Included. #4 RS Guitarworks Ash Tele Body. I bought it to do a natural 50's Tele, but two Tele's are enough for me and I prefer the 60' Style. Wonderful wood grain, sexy body for sure, $110 Shipping and Paypal Included.
  5. I do have Rubber Feet for the Wah if you so desire.
  6. Do to some shipping restraints I'm going to have to shave off 180lbs.
  7. That is kind of how it goes, telecasters are great and you can put just about any pickup combination in them and it works. I ordered a body from a company, made of alder and its coming in shortly. I'm going to put the offset mutt's neck on it. This will fill my telecaster needs for now, I only wish I had my favorite pots to got in that guitar.
  8. All I have is a home scale so I have to weigh myself and the body. So its 185.6lbs. Seriously though, it appears to weigh 5.2 lbs. That grain is pretty sexy and tempting isn't it. LOL
  9. I wondered why they had two pictures of a special at two prices.
  10. One of the things I like to do, it seek out off shots of bigger bands, solo records. Pride and Glory is one that I still spin, along with the Badlands Albums.
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    NGD Hamer Artist

    Simple Guitars are the best.
  12. Yes this one again, after I pulled it down last time I was asked multiple times if it was still for sale. YES it is. Owned and custom ordered by Micheal Fath, in Hiwatt Blue and White, Serial #3, 2x10 East Reference Speakers( Think EV without the weight), Half Power Switch (takes from Class AB to Class A). These are the non glam photos, it has been used but no abused. 1k Shipped, that is my bottom dollar Comes with TAD Tubes in the Power Section, new rectifier tube so no funny business. OEM Footswitch and cable included. EH EL84's, Sovtek Reco Tube, JJ Pre's. All with low hours. Comes with the OEM Channel Pedal and Cable.
  13. He saying the E String is BROKEN.
  14. MGD's had a single pup, with the OBL just like the one above.
  15. Guy walks over at work and asks what I was listening to on my radio. "Mark Knopfler, you know that song Money for Nothing?" BLANK STARE: Then I realized he wasn't born until the very late 90's. LOL
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    Friedman RUNT

    I really like the ECC83MG's, the ECC803's are a fine choice as well.
  17. I'm going to buy one, just looking to see if anyone else here plays?
  18. Your welcome, she always has a smile on her face. Now lets sell this East, I just don't need two of them. Who do I think I am Noah?
  19. bubs_42

    Friedman RUNT

    For the record guys, SD30 over the SD18 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. If your looking for a Budda or an East, the Budda SD18 is my least favorite.