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  1. I can’t keep track, but I think I have had one.
  2. The Marshall in a box for me is the JMP11. Seems to be the one that do both gainy and subtle.
  3. Beefy Brown Deluxe, tight bottom end, never harsh highs, and enough midrange to fill out the sound. It’s a stout 22watts. With a Zendrive is does a great Dumble. Sounds bigger than it is. It may be sold but no money has exchanged hands yet.
  4. Going for a certain "Vintage". That late 90's, 2000/2001. The non master volume stuff, Z28, RT66, Ghia, ect. Still searching for A Gold Panel Z28 from 2000, the one above was to dip my toes in the water and see if I actually like the amp. Killer amp, totally dig it. Also a Version 1 Mazerati which is the Ghia's bigger brother, and before Dr Z made some changes for Brad Paisley. No difference between the older ones and the newer ones, just esthetics. I have yet to purchase a Master Volume Dr. Z that I like as much as the non master. I rather just use the attenuator.
  5. Calm down haters, i'm actually replacing this Z28 with another one.
  6. I'm hunting for a couple of Z's that are on my "Wish List" so i'm going to let this one go. I took shots of everything, if you have any questions feel free ask away. The Power Tubes are strong, low at home playing hours. If your a Z Guy, you need a Ghia and a Z28 they are must haves period. Princeton on Steroids, EF86 sucks pedals in, the amp stays tight, its loud, and tight bottom end to die for. P= 2005 if your into that info. If you can't follow the links, then feel free to view all my images over at the TGP were I have it listed. Or over at the ZTalk Forum. Only knick is shown
  7. With most of them running around with a bigsby, somebody had to ADD one to this one. LOL
  8. You mean you could actually pick just one just like the OP requested? Lol. For me it’s Frampton, most original of his class, and still being original and true all these years later.
  9. I don't agree, the binding separation is a deal killer when you can get a straight one for a few hundred more. I've been waiting to pounce on one that isn't freaking amber burst. I did just miss that Natural one last week. Oh well, I just ended up buying more amps. LOL
  10. The fracking housing market is nuts here. I was strongly thinking of doing some sprucing and selling. Then the wood went through the room and good luck finding another house. LOL
  11. Just about 1/2 way up the wall, and more like 3/4 of the way to insanity.
  12. I've earned the criticism, you all can still for Fuck Yourself though. LOL Now the important part, I can no longer go wider, so I guess i'll have to build a self and go up? LOL There must have been a reason I build that bookcase on the left, the wide was almost too perfect.
  13. Do you guys NEED pictures of speakers in a box? LOL
  14. Another road trip today, work up at 6am, took a shower, and hit the road by 7:45. Headed to STL from Peoria, stopped in and had breakfast with my Mom for Mothers Day on the way down. 6hr round trip, but it turned out to be worth the trip. The amp sounds different but just as good as my other one, possibly a little better. I found this one on STL Craigslist last year and before I could get down to get it, the original seller jacked the price up on my $150 so I passed. 1 year later I bought it from the buyer that purchased it last year. I also paid $200 Less than I would have last year, so
  15. Building materials are a whole different thing, BUT that being said, it has already started inflate Cabinet Builders. Prices have already gone up twice this year and some of the bigger builders are getting notices from suppliers that prices are going up again soon.
  16. 12”, 16 ohms, like new in the original packaging. These have been in the box for the last 12 years. A friend bought them, tried them and put them away. They are perfect. $225. Each Shipping and PayPal included.
  17. He means his check was cut by a guy in the USA.
  18. At some point if Fender keeps doing well with the Tone Master, I think that may be the Way to pay forward old designs. I still love the smell of tube amps.
  19. I am, they do, but it doesn’t ruin my day. I can take them or leave them.
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