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  1. I just can't do it, but i've been waiting for that guitar for EVER! I took that guitar, a Newport and an Artist and put them in a blender to create my Shishkov Custom Order #0070. I will weep on my pillow tonight.
  2. What you need is a Hamer Phantom from a Member that won't jack you around. This thread is pretty lean on any details or credibility. Only thing you have here is your word and if that isn't any good, I would suggest to the OP to pack your bags and hit the road.
  3. The last time I sleep, NO MORE! Fricking $600 Duotone, I need one of those for my new gig. 😮
  4. He's baiting me, its not going to work this time. I agree with ^^^^^ StOOPID Deal.
  5. The other guitar player in the old band played Tele's and a LP most of the time. So I played P90 guitars. Then he got a P90 Loaded Nash reworked LP and he wanted to play that most of the time. So I switch to Proto's and a Phantom for most of the remaining gigs we had. They cover a lot of ground and have their own sound that cuts through the mix.
  6. I just prefer my Prototypes to the Phantom. I'd love to get another 82 or 83 Prototype with a Sustainblock, If anyone is interested please hit me up. 83, OEM Slammer Pickup 10+K in the Bridge, Full Fret Job done to OEM Wire. Neck is straight, plays perfectly, all the electronics, hardware, nut are stock. Pretty hard to find with a Sustainblock. Comes with a Brand New Padded Bass Gigbag. $900. Shipping and Paypal Included. Lots of patina, its been a player, but its plays great and looks like a vintage guitar that has not been abused to death.
  7. Yes welcome back Jamie. Authorized just means they paid a fee, to be able to make the shape or exact copies. Which is what Gibson is looking for, to make $$$.
  8. The Amp11 has been my go to for rehearsals. If this band does get off the ground, it will be on my board, it takes the place of needing to stack two overdrives. It does stack very well and I can put a Klon or TS type with it for a color change.
  9. Scott was such a killer frontman.
  10. Someone finally got an extra F Hole.
  11. At leas it looks like they tried to do a good job. Nice lines on the pick guard, its the routes are good, I'd say it would be an interesting piece in the line up.
  12. As you should be. #0070 is amazing, #0090 is shaping up nicely and #0105 will be rearing its ugly mug in the months to come.
  13. I love Matt on Drums! Tuning down make a 3 Piece Section sound fuller. I'd buy that album and buy a ticket to a show, they sound great!
  14. Don't fight it, it only natural to covet thy neighbors Shishkov. 😀
  15. Which was kind of the point I was trying to decipher. That video answered a lot of questions. dragan here on the board has a really good mixture of both in his playing. I think a lot of players who dig the ABB just don't give Dickey enough credit for his part in the band. Even if you just take the early years before Duanes death, it would not have been the same band without every member of that band. Take one of them away it wouldn't have been the same. The Hittin the Note Album with Warren and Derek was also a completely different thing, but at the same time equally at the level of Duane and Dickey. They had amazing group of songs, everyone was in it and on it, and it captured a specific point within that band. Almost a rebirth or second coming musically for them. @soli'd its hard to have a bad discussion about ABB, they such a treasure. I have both Duane Allman Collections headed my way. How many damn years did Butch have to play that song, and it doesn't appear that he was phoning it in.
  16. @cmatthes the Amp11 was the only pedal I took to Wednesdays Jam. Worked great, definelty not a tone shaper it adds a little mojo to an already great sounding amp.
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