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  1. 1 hour ago, joshoowah said:

    Out of curiosity, which version OCD are you using in the comparison? My V4 (pre "enhanced bypass") is nothing like my OD11 in tone, but I haven't examined the schematic. I honestly thought an OCD was more like a Zen than an 11, but it's been years since I played a Zendrive.

    On the subject of Lovepedal and deliveries, I've only taken part in 3 sales, bought multiple pedals in 2, and everything has arrived within a few weeks of other folks reporting their orders shipped. My only complaint is that I don't get instructions or stickers with a SNS purchase 🤷‍♂️, but the internet video demos make up for part of that.

    Last question for anyone who has a BoA, especially the latest/current version (purple paint, Kzoo/OD11): can you fit a battery, or do you just go with an adapter? My BoA is too tight inside to fit the 9V with strap attached in the cutout area of the board! I don't really care, was just curious if it sounded different with an old school battery, but I can't test it with the bottom on the enclosure so I've just left it relying on my Pedal Power2. It sounds so damn good I don't care if EJ and Bonamassa both endorse it with a decaying old 9v, at this point, so the issue is moot! Still, bizarre the cutout area is a tiny bit too small for an attached battery... The only other potential QC issue I've had was the led lenses/covers weren't drilled perfectly straight, so they weren't fully clicked in position (could've fallen out) on my 200#'s. They needed a firm press to lock in, I was just surprised it shipped that way (but a crooked/loose led lense isn't gonna sour me on the pedal)... No complaints about how anything sounds or the incredible bargains you can get from those sales, though!

    Looking for more of the differences than similarity's. Where does it fit in the equation of some of the most popular pedals on the market? The OCD and the Timmy are "Staple" pedals on many boards and used for multiple styles, the OD11 sounds different than both of them. I bought an Amp11 Big Box and the OD11 that I have still isn't going anywhere, I love that pedal on its own or stacked. The only reason I bought the BOA was because i'm using the OD11 with a Klon Type Pedal for leads. So the BOA hitting the front of the amp on the OD11 Side then Boosting for solo's or a tonal shift made sense.  

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  2. 3 hours ago, geoff_hartwell said:

    Has anyone ever owned one of the Jet City Soldano licensed amps?

    They were made in China, so may not have any resemblance internally.

    Were they ever a thing to mod?

    Yes, you could even get them modded by Jet City. The JC20 sound great even at low gain and low volumes. I think IMHO they sound great with out the mods, I think most were looking to taylor the high gain stuff, and I watched people pour a few hundred bucks into an amp that cost a few hundred bucks. Maybe they should have just bought a better amp? 

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  3. 38 minutes ago, kizanski said:

    Believe me, that's a lot less expensive than the pro-active approach of paying to take it down before it falls.

    I'm lucky I live outside the city limits. We have just dropped the last couple tries ourselves. The 50Ft Black Oak is next, then 3 ash trees, all will come down in the spring before the thaw comes. 

  4. I'm building a couple of small boards that is why I was looking at power supplies. I have been using the T Rex Jr for one and could not find one at a "CHEAP" prices like I found that one. So I went with the new Voodoo Labs X4. I am going to velcro the small cable and transformer to the board, then I can un hook and store the power cable in the bag. I would use the MXR's ISO all day long, but I don't like the crappy power supplies, they wrap in the factory incorrectly and I had two of them go bad. 

    The CAE is the Aircraft Carrier of Power Supplies. 

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