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  1. Man, where to I start. I would have to say that the first time I saw Slash throw his Les Paul over the cliff that was it for me. Begged for 3 years for my first guitar. ( It wasn't a Les Paul) Oddly enough I still don't own one. HUH?! Got a couple of hamers though, Thanks RICK!
  2. GO HAMER! It's worth it, the vibe and quality are just so much better that a Gibby!
  3. When I met my wife I had aquired a collection of 12 Charvel's and was starting to make the jump into vintage instrument's, Flying V's, Hamer's, Les Paul's. After 5 years of not being able of keeping a tab of what was new and what was old, and coming home too, "I wonder what's in that box" I have been leashed. 1 Major buy a year, and I cashed in on a 4 digit, I think that was March/April. Come on 2007!!!! I NEED A HIT LIKE A CRACK ADDICT NEEDS A HIT!!!!, if you know what I mean.
  4. MIke_C, PM sent! Could not open yours due to the Virus.......
  5. I spy a 94 on the bay that i've got my eye on! Guy's most of the special's that have been offered up are sunburst and I just don't dig that color scheme. But if anyone still has any for sale bring um on! Old or new, I pickup up my Standard #221 and the vintage feel of those Good O'l Hamers are awsome! Bump's, Brooses welcome but no Beater's....
  6. How Much? What are the Pickups? Got a pic of the Back?
  7. Mike C, Zoner Pm's and emails have been sent, waiting on reply's.. No deals final yet! Keep the pics and offers coming guy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Come On, Greg C why be cruel! That's an awsome color, give it up!
  9. Thank's for the reply's! Mike C's looks awsome but I think i'm wideing my search and narrowing it at the same time. I want a natural FM, vintage or modern but if you have been reading this thread i'll take a KOA one if you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. To hell with other guitars was that a KOA SPECIAL!! Huge Fan of Koa, Hawaii, purly awsome. Tell me you did not sell that one?
  11. I would like to get one in the 92,93 range. But all with be worthy of a buy. Looking for a good color and Top. Thanks to those that have replied!
  12. Lookin good, didn't I see in another thread that this was a refin? Correct me if I am wrong.
  13. I'm dig the THIN NECK'S, I didn't used to but I had a 79 Les paul and then the Sunburst and those necks are killer. Keep um coming Guy's!! Anyone looking to part with one?
  14. Holding out for a early 90's Special Fm, same eara as my Sunburst Reissue anyone out there have one for sale? I haven't seen many of the early one's out there any body got pic's? POST UM.......
  15. The sun shines on a dog's, Well you know what! Always in the right place 5 minutes late....
  16. It is braided, and I'll do it! I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
  17. Thanks for the reply's everyone its not everyday you can actually get a guitar you dream of! About the pickups I've got one 79 dimarzio paf in the original plastic case in Double Cream and I haven't tried it out yet. I'm just a duncan kind of Guy. Mybe i'll at least give her a try or Post her Here....
  18. About the pickups, I figured if they were already changed out and not original Fair Game! I kept the Pat# pickup but the 500T i'm not worried about. Now about that Price Question, I never kiss and tell, that should be rule #1 for everyone. But one hint for the hardcore fan's, anyone out there remember the standard on ebay out a year ago with the broken neck and no hardware. It wasn't to much more than what it went for! There are people with no limits, i'm not one of those people, i'm just truley one lucky S.O.B......
  19. I gotta get better at this! That looks great!
  20. Love the Flame on that one, it rocks!!. Yep need to shrink her, let me work on that!
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