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  1. Please don't use those ground lift adapters if there's a problem. That's just asking for trouble...
  2. The gut shot is so great! I've always wanted a hand-wired Orange just to be able to open it up from time-to-time.
  3. Allen stuff is well designed and uses high quality parts. They are the real-deal for sound and durability.
  4. +1. This is a great emulation.
  5. I've built quite a few BYOC kits over the years. The components have always been of really high quality and the sounds have always been there. It is a lot of fun to go through the circuit and learn about the different effects that way. The physical layout and design seem to be better these days, plus you can get a pre-finished enclosure now so it may look nicer if you aren't a painter. If you are looking to save money, you probably won't (by much anyway), but you can learn a lot and feel good about doing something yourself.
  6. Beautiful! Does it come with the ray gun?
  7. BTW, nothing wrong with the creamback speaker. I wouldn't be active for a new cab just yet..
  8. fractal


  9. Remember that I wanted a thick neck!!! (I can't wait, so I'm pretending he's working on mine...)
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