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  1. fractal

    Sold : )

    Beautiful! Does it come with the ray gun?
  2. fractal

    Recommend: Attenuator, +/- $300 Used

    BTW, nothing wrong with the creamback speaker. I wouldn't be active for a new cab just yet..
  3. Just wanted to say "nice Power Factor Pro in the background."
  4. fractal


    I had to go out of town right after getting it, and just got back. Image how sucky that was! I have to keep this short, because I'm going to play it now. I can try to get some clips of it at some point...
  5. fractal


    Here's some shots of a guitar that just happened to show up today... I thought some people around here just may be interested...
  6. fractal


  7. fractal

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    Remember that I wanted a thick neck!!! (I can't wait, so I'm pretending he's working on mine...)
  8. Damn you people! It's right down the street from me. Must... resist...
  9. fractal

    A Man's Man Build.

    Holy mother of badass. That is a lot of work. I bet he built the amp too.
  10. Again, this is available. With the recent Reverb two, I feel this is a fair deal. $1400 shipped and Paypal'ed and it is yours.