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  1. Damn, I can be really tempted by a sub-6 lb thinline. What are the pickups?
  2. Here's a quick comparison into a Princeton clone from old (neck position - tone at 5): to new (neck position - tone at 5): These are as bright as any single coil (with no hum, of course) and really are clear. I played with some gain (something I never do, really in the real world) and it sounded like AC/DC. PHEW!
  3. Hi all, Korina and Spruce semi-hollow body loves these TV Jones Magna'trons! Before: After: I realized that this guitar needed more clarity in the top end. There was a sale... The rest is a bunch of solder wick and a bit of elbow grease. Love it even more now.
  4. I think I've bought three guitars from Wildwood (including a Hamer!), so I was a reasonably good customer. I called them a few months ago though, and they said that I should call back because "they have someone really famous they're selling a guitar to right now." Fuck 'em.
  5. I like it. I have no idea why (drums similar?) but this video came to mind when I was watching it:
  6. Just an update to say that the Ukulele is gone (knock on wood I don't get it back - although it was a pretty good uke!). Others are available. I can do better for the HFC. Thanks everyone!
  7. Wow, that looks nice (yes, I read about the refinish part...).
  8. Sounds like a joke, but I have 3 items for sale. Let me know if you are interested, and I can do better than the listed prices by a touch. https://reverb.com/item/28353857-maton-concert-ukulele-2015-natural-with-b-band-pickup - This one is sold. https://reverb.com/item/28352642-gretsch-g6120rhh-reverend-horton-heat-signature-hollow-body-with-bigsby-2018-orange-stain-lacquer https://reverb.com/item/24990634-suhr-classic-t-2014-black-custom-order-huge-neck Sorry no Hamers, but a Suhr and a Gretsch almost make up for it... Thanks for looking!
  9. Studios always have bookshelf-like monitors (usually NS10s) and car-like monitors (usually Auratones) so that the mixing engineer can hear the mix on home-like systems and car-like systems.
  10. How much is not expensive? The Elektron Model:Samples is a great unit that is really easy to program. I think it is about $400 though.
  11. The main thing I noticed with a replacement block is how much smoother the trem arm was when rotating it. Sound wise? Maybe a bit of fullness gain...
  12. Just be careful with comparison recordings to get the mic EXACTLY at the same spot relative to the cab. An inch difference of placement of the microphone (even less, really) can result in an entirely different sound. It is actually pretty surprising the tonal change just by moving the mic around.
  13. The list looks like software synths. Audacity doesn't load virtual instruments. (It doesn't do MIDI.) Garageband should work though.
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