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  1. On 5/2/2019 at 8:41 AM, tbonesullivan said:

    Yeah, I am trying to avoid the rabbit hole. I'm already in the amplifier, tube, and speaker rabbit hole, albeit only slightly. I just took delivery of my first "boutique" guitar speaker, a Scumback J75-LD 65 Watt. I'd wanted to make some passable recordings of the changes I get when changing it for the stock Vintage 30 in one of my amplifiers.

    Everything is so subjective, but with this at least I could really get some comparison recordings from various speaker cabinets.

    Just be careful with comparison recordings to get the mic EXACTLY at the same spot relative to the cab.  An inch difference of placement of the microphone (even less, really) can result in an entirely different sound.  It is actually pretty surprising the tonal change just by moving the mic around.

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  2. I've built quite a few BYOC kits over the years.  The components have always been of really high quality and the sounds have always been there.  It is a lot of fun to go through the circuit and learn about the different effects that way.  The physical layout and design seem to be better these days, plus you can get a pre-finished enclosure now so it may look nicer if you aren't a painter.  If you are looking to save money, you probably won't (by much anyway), but you can learn a lot and feel good about doing something yourself.

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  3. 23 hours ago, cmatthes said:

    However...if I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody (usually on TGP) look at a photo posted on the internet and claim they could tell it was Brazilian (which you can't tell from a photo, sorry), I'd be retired in a tropical paradise right about now.


    ...surrounded by rosewood trees.


  4. Hi all,

    Spruce top - yes! OHSC included - yes!

    Thanks all for comments and posts. This duplicates too much of what I already have, although at the same time it is unique. (Those of you who have one or have played one may understand what I mean.) I will have 4 electrics, and I think that is enough for my usage, so I don't need this 5th one. However, it is a pretty incredible piece, and one day I'm sure I'll miss it. I'm trying to do more with less these days, so hence the sale.

    Spruce top? OHSC included?

    How many of us have said or heard this before: I need to sell my ABC before I can buy your XYZ. That's where I am.



  5. This thing is still here. I need it to go to pay for something else. Anyone take it for $1400 shipped and PayPal'ed? It has the stock TonePros hardware (okay, saddle because it has a bigsby, but it's something, right?), and it is all original except for ebony tuning buttons (which I think is an upgrade, but I can probably find the originals if you disagree).

    I know there was a few MIII's for somewhere in the $1300's. This is newer, and is relatively light and in really good shape. Hell, maybe I should just keep it. I'll sell a kidney instead...

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