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  1. Holy mother of badass. That is a lot of work. I bet he built the amp too.
  2. Again, this is available. With the recent Reverb two, I feel this is a fair deal. $1400 shipped and Paypal'ed and it is yours.
  3. Good luck with all of these beauties! I always wanted to try a Bakersfield, but I'm really trying to sell a guitar, not buy.
  4. Hi all, Spruce top - yes! OHSC included - yes! Thanks all for comments and posts. This duplicates too much of what I already have, although at the same time it is unique. (Those of you who have one or have played one may understand what I mean.) I will have 4 electrics, and I think that is enough for my usage, so I don't need this 5th one. However, it is a pretty incredible piece, and one day I'm sure I'll miss it. I'm trying to do more with less these days, so hence the sale.
  5. This thing is still here. I need it to go to pay for something else. Anyone take it for $1400 shipped and PayPal'ed? It has the stock TonePros hardware (okay, saddle because it has a bigsby, but it's something, right?), and it is all original except for ebony tuning buttons (which I think is an upgrade, but I can probably find the originals if you disagree). I know there was a few MIII's for somewhere in the $1300's. This is newer, and is relatively light and in really good shape. Hell, maybe I should just keep it. I'll sell a kidney instead...
  6. Nicely done! How much would this be for a regular Joe or Jane?
  7. I really did break my neck in 2001. The doctors say I was lucky that I was still able to use my hands. ("15%-er," they called me.)
  8. Stock pickups. I wish it had Lollars so I could take them out and sell them separately and actually recoup some cost.
  9. I updated the price - $1400 if I can ship it to you before or on Monday. Amazing price for the guitar, if I don't mind saying so...
  10. Thanks for the bump. If anyone wanted to give me $1500 for it, I wouldn't say "no" (shipped and paypaled or not). This is in MUCH better shape, probably lighter, and has newer TonePros hardware! than the Craigslist one, but that one is a good buy...
  11. Is that too much? It is in good shape, but no takers so far...
  12. Bump it up again. I'm not desperate (yet), but I would like to get this a good home where it would get more use...
  13. I have a Monaco III that is in great condition. The only non-stock items are the ebony tuning pegs (I think I can find the original chrome ones if you insist). I'll take $1400 shipped and paypal'ed to continental U.S. I'm happy to ship elsewhere, but it can be a pricey proposition, and I won't do the "gift" thing. Edit: If it helps anyone, this one is about 7.75 pounds or so (as weighed by Wildwood when I got the guitar). It definitely feels like a lightweight, given the bigsby, etc. Here's more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fractalbifurcation/sets/72157639954300623/
  14. Are you sure? It looks and sounds like he has a Whammy pedal going for that.
  15. Right hand!!?!?!?!?!!!! Ouch. That's the saddest part. I hope everything heals up soon, and gets back to 100%.
  16. I really didn't see the attraction of these strings. I tried a few sets a couple of years ago (I guess when he was still shipping), and they really didn't seem all that. They were slightly different, but I really like my EB strings, especially at $4 a set or less. They certainly didn't hold up any longer, either. I understand about the feel aspect, though. Have you tried Thomastik? DR Blues? I like both of those strings for their feel. (But, then again, I like the feel of my EB power slinkys, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt.) Good luck, Dave, on resolving this!
  17. Wow, that is really sweet looking. Doesn't that have special pickups? ...Drool...
  18. I bet he figured out how to remotely drain your battery so he would have to come back...
  19. Wow, RoyB, That looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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